The new Shimano Baitrunner XT-A LC is here!


When you're looking for reliability, durability and great distance casting when buying a reel, Shimano Baitrunners are synonomous with these qualities. The Big Baitrunner LC was iconic in this category.  However Shimano have done it again and given the LC a dramatic facelift to create a reel that pushes the boundries again the Shimano Big Baitrunner XT-A LC.

The XT-A LC has a new design however still maintains the strong image of it's predecessor.  The integral parts are stronger and smoother, the oscillation speed has been reduced by adding more gears internally and the cap bail is replaced by a cone type that directs the line more easily to the line roller.  The XT-A LC also features an AR-C spool with slow oscillation Aerowrap II line lay.  All of this resulting a reel with superior casting performance.

The Shimano Baitrunner XT-A LC is the ultimate long range carp and specimen reel and is certain to be a sure-fire winner with anglers.