The Best Daiwa Pole Deal EVER!!!!

The Team Daiwa SR3 14.5m, one of the best selling and most popular poles of all time. With all round ability and stacks of power this 14.5 metre pole is the perfect choice for close and long range. Whether you are targeting tench or carp in the margins or lumps ‘under cover’ across at the island the SR3 has the tools for the job. Incredibly well balanced at all lengths the SR3 is extremely light at 10, 11.5 and 13 metres, couple this with the awesome balance and you have a pole that can be fished with comfortably all day at the longer lengths. At 14.5 metres the SR3 pole weighs only 1215 grams, that’s just over a 100 grams more than Tournament Pro X which carries a retail of £3000!

Designed by Daiwa to meet the needs of the UK commercial pole angler, the TDSR3 boasts many of the classy features attributed to its more expensive stablemates. It has a long section design for improved strength and balance, a section alignment system, and a slide-easy finish from the No5 joint upwards. It’s also supplied with a clever mini extension that fits anywhere from the eighth section of the pole to the butt to give you lots of length options when faced with an enclosed swim or fishing to far-bank features. It also provides an extra bit of security, making it unlikely that you will squash or crack the end of one of your more expensive sections.Rated to a maximum 20 elastic through the power kits, the pole is supplied with an integral Match 3 kit (rated to 14 elastic), four Power top 2 kits, cupping kit, reversible Mini Extension (usable from No8 to butt section), a pole holdall and protective tubes.

said about the SR3: “At full length it remains as straight and true as some poles I’ve used costing a couple of hundred quid more, and it has the strength to handle the largest match carp.”

 said about the SR3: “I can confidently report that the TDSR3 has good forward balance matched with an overall weight of only 1,215g at the full 14.5m. And that makes short work of fishing at distance.”


 DAIWA YANK & BANK 10m Pole RRP £225!! 

The best margin pole ever produced, weighing only 695 grams at 10 metres this extremely powerful ultra slim pole is the best selling margin pole of all time and easily justifies its £225 price tag. Get yours FREE with the TDSR3!