Thursday, 31 May 2012

Fish of the month entry June

So we have started our fish of the month competition again and already two entries one from marcus morris and this one from Daniel Carey....

I'm a coarse fishermen, at home with my pole on canal fishing for roach and bream, anyway last year had an operation and was out of action so a friend offered to take me out carp fishing with him. So off we went him carrying all my gear lol I used the bravest tackle I had, a pair of 1.5lb tc fox barbel rods, my shimano Sahara loaded with 8lb line, and a bag of 10mm cell which man friend almost cried with laughter about that day he blanked, I caught two fish, 18lb common and this stunning 26lb 8oz mirror.

Awesome catch Daniel remember to keep the entries coming and you maybe the next on our blog!

Fox 300 Series Sun glasses

The Fox Series 300 Sunglasses

The FOX 300 Series polarised eyewear range offers protection from harmful U.V.A. and U.V.B. Light rays. Supplied is a stylish Matt Black frame in a choice of Amber,Grey and Brown Tri-acetate lenses all designed to reduce reflected glare specifically for fishing.
  • Scratch resistant lens
  • Rubber nose pads
  • Rubber arm anti-slip pads
  • Lenses conform to EN 1836 (1997)
  • 2 year frame guarantee against breakage in normal use
  • Free sports band
  • Free high quality cleaning pouch

RRP £29.99

NOW ONLY £14.99!!!!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Fox Supa Brolly

Introducing the revolutionary new Supa Brolly from Fox International, which is set to change the face of carp umbrella's forever!

The uniquely shaped Supa Brolly features our revolutionary STS mechanism, which is combined with a flatter, wider back section and extended side skirts to offer the type of internal space normally associated with a bivvy not an umbrella! In addition the fiberglass pole construction gives incredible strength yet makes the Supa Brolly unbelievably light at the same time. Ladies and Gentleman we give you the Supa Brolly – an umbrella that thinks it is a bivvy!

Key Features

• Features unique STS mechanism (Self-Tensioning System), which gives lots more head room than traditional brolly’s. In addition this mechanism is built with nuts and bolts and therefore is much stronger than a traditional central boss on an umbrella also. 
• Constructed from the awesome Ventec material with fully taped seams
• 8mm Fibre Glass Frame – strong yet lightweight
• As with our range of new bivvies for 2012, the Supa Brolly features a flatter, wider back so your bedchair can sit further inside thus giving more usable space at the front
• Extended side skirts provide extra protection from the elements
• 4 back Ribs touch ground, which greatly aids stability, especially in strong winds
• No bell cap at back – an area that on other makes of traditional umbrella has been prone to leakage over the years. 
• Optional Fibreglass front support rib supplied, which can simply be slipped into place to give further stability and create an Apex peak at the front for better drainage when it rains
• Front drain pipe – diverts rain from dripping off the front of the brolly

5.8kg without g/s
8.4kg with g/s 

Other Features

• Short central pole allows for easy erection
• Supplied with looped locking collar, which is great for hanging items such as lamps and receivers
• Supplied with 2 x 24ins storm poles, which do not need to be removed when packed down (they simply clip inside the brolly)
• 4 storm caps (you can add longer storm poles on the front should you wish even more stability)
• Adjustable pegging points to allow height variation 
• Supplied with 10 heavy duty pegs
• Heavy duty groundsheet supplied.

All This At a price of £159.99!

And below is Fox tackle guru Scott Day gives you the low-down on the revolutionary new Supa Brolly, which is set to change the face of carp umbrella's forever!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The All NEW Korda Kutter

Another revolutionary product from Korda the 'kutter' is a tool designed to slice boilies in half/ you simply scoop a tube full of boilies the push them through the tube with the plunger provided, the boilies simply come out the end cut into two halves.

An efficient tool to prep boilies ready for feeding weather its in your spod, pva bag or just loose feeding this tool is ideal.

The Korda Kutter is available in three sizes:

Small : 16mm
Medium : 20mm
Large : 25mm

Priced at £9.99!

To order now please follow the link provided.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Huge Bank Holiday Summer Sale.

Chub Neuron T3 - T5 Alarms.

Chub Neuron T3 & Armour Case

The Neuron T3 has been designed for the 21st century and the ultra compact and stylish case hides a number of electronic enhancements exclusive to Chub. First and foremost is the new E-Motion sensing technology (patent pending) that offers exceptional sensitivity and durability. It also allows for outstanding long life battery performance. The electronics are also protected by a two stage ultra-sealed case with coated components for ultimate reliability.
  • Sleek, stylish, robust and reliable; the Neuron T3 is set to take budget bite alarm performance to another level.
  • E-motion sensing system
  • Electronic Ultra Seal protection
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Volume control
  • Tone control
  • Twin Ultra bright Red LEDs

The Neuron T5 is the second alarm in the Neuron range and has a host of additional features. The sleek modern casing and class leading electronics set a new benchmark for bite alarm performance at this level. Hidden within the case is an advanced version of our E-motion sensing technology (patent pending) which offers exceptional sensitivity and durability. It also allows for outstanding long life battery performance
  • E-motion sensing system
  • A.V.R. Audio Visual Replication
  • Electronic Ultra Seal protection
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 8 Position Volume & Tone control
  • 8 Position Adaptive Sensitivity with direction indication
  • Twin ultra bright LEDs

Thursday, 17 May 2012

An Epic Alarm

Behold: Smaller,neater,better and decidedly lightweight. It's Wychwoods four years to get 110% spot on bite alarm and it's deliciously lovely.

Unlike hamburgers, gold bricks and, er, Pokemon, less is more these days when it comes to bite alarms. It seems the smaller they are and the more features they pack in, the more desirable they become. So the legions of boffins in tackle manufacturers’ engineering departments around the world toil away, wearing white lab coats hoping to make their bite alarm smaller, more functional and ultimately, better than their competitor’s. For that, we are thankful. When a Wychwood Epic Bite Alarm prototype image landed in our editor’s e-mail account way back in the November of 2010, the whole office erupted. It was a totally unique design: almost flat and, as Wychwood Marketing Manager Nic Brown commented in said e-mail, “it’ll even fit inside a cigarette packet!” Now, some two years since that fateful day and a further two more since Wychwood actually set out to create the ultimate bite alarm, we’re pleased to report The Epic Bite Alarm is now on-sale. Whilst most alarms do an okay job of telling you when you’ve got a bite, only this new alarm has been built from the bank up to delivery what can only be described as the Audi of bite indication: wonderfully made and works faultlessly. To help those white lab coat boffins build this, they’ve listened to you – the man-on-the-bank – to find out what’s important to you and then made a 110% reliable alarm with a brilliant specification, which, more importantly, is simple to use. For those who like features then this is a dream: six changeable LED colours on the alarm heads, five volume settings, six tone settings, sensitivity from 15cm to 5mm, unique fixing for most bobbins on the market, twin nightlights, neoprene case, automatic power save function, metal outer shell for robustness and enhanced water resistance. And breathe… There’s still more, as you can pair up to six alarm heads at any one time and the receiver takes the tone of the head it’s paired with. It’s been a long wait, but now it’s here, it’s been well worth it.
“Gimme”: A set of three and receiver, £369.99; set of four and receiver, £459.99; single alarm, £95.99; receiver, £98.99

Monday, 14 May 2012

Mirrox Pellet Waggler Customer Review

Thanks to Anglers Mail and Chapmans angling

 I won a Mirrox Pellet Waggler rod two weeks ago.Christened it today it handles twenties with ease caught a cracking 22lb common!!! using a crystal waggler float set at two feet (fishing in eight feet of water) , Fluorocarbon hooklink and a size 8 Korda curze shank B hook with a large piece of bread flake. I cast in front of the beast at about two feet from the bank took fifteen minutes to tame. 

Thanks again A.M and Chapmans angling...

view our range of Mirrox rods here


Thursday, 10 May 2012

Scorpion Zigs!

A comprehensive collection of highly effective bugs for Zig fishing, developed by combining decades of experience by the world’s most prolific and high quality fly manufacturer with the unique and specialist knowledge of some of the UK’s top carp anglers.

For years the top carp anglers have been experimenting with an assortment of fly patterns, but have been frustrated by the
fact that the perfect combination did not exist for Zig fishing.
The new Scorpion Zigs have been specifically designed and extensively field tested for mid water Zig style fishing. The super buoyant foam keeps them right in the zone, the high quality materials and workmanship ensure extreme longevity and value, and the superb hooks have been carefully chosen to ensure maximum strength without sacrificing buoyancy.

To ensure you have the right choices, there are 11 different ‘patterns’ of bug, each available in either barbed or barbless size 10 hooks. Each pack consists of 4 identical bugs.