An Epic Alarm

Behold: Smaller,neater,better and decidedly lightweight. It's Wychwoods four years to get 110% spot on bite alarm and it's deliciously lovely.

Unlike hamburgers, gold bricks and, er, Pokemon, less is more these days when it comes to bite alarms. It seems the smaller they are and the more features they pack in, the more desirable they become. So the legions of boffins in tackle manufacturers’ engineering departments around the world toil away, wearing white lab coats hoping to make their bite alarm smaller, more functional and ultimately, better than their competitor’s. For that, we are thankful. When a Wychwood Epic Bite Alarm prototype image landed in our editor’s e-mail account way back in the November of 2010, the whole office erupted. It was a totally unique design: almost flat and, as Wychwood Marketing Manager Nic Brown commented in said e-mail, “it’ll even fit inside a cigarette packet!” Now, some two years since that fateful day and a further two more since Wychwood actually set out to create the ultimate bite alarm, we’re pleased to report The Epic Bite Alarm is now on-sale. Whilst most alarms do an okay job of telling you when you’ve got a bite, only this new alarm has been built from the bank up to delivery what can only be described as the Audi of bite indication: wonderfully made and works faultlessly. To help those white lab coat boffins build this, they’ve listened to you – the man-on-the-bank – to find out what’s important to you and then made a 110% reliable alarm with a brilliant specification, which, more importantly, is simple to use. For those who like features then this is a dream: six changeable LED colours on the alarm heads, five volume settings, six tone settings, sensitivity from 15cm to 5mm, unique fixing for most bobbins on the market, twin nightlights, neoprene case, automatic power save function, metal outer shell for robustness and enhanced water resistance. And breathe… There’s still more, as you can pair up to six alarm heads at any one time and the receiver takes the tone of the head it’s paired with. It’s been a long wait, but now it’s here, it’s been well worth it.
“Gimme”: A set of three and receiver, £369.99; set of four and receiver, £459.99; single alarm, £95.99; receiver, £98.99