Scorpion Zigs!

A comprehensive collection of highly effective bugs for Zig fishing, developed by combining decades of experience by the world’s most prolific and high quality fly manufacturer with the unique and specialist knowledge of some of the UK’s top carp anglers.

For years the top carp anglers have been experimenting with an assortment of fly patterns, but have been frustrated by the
fact that the perfect combination did not exist for Zig fishing.
The new Scorpion Zigs have been specifically designed and extensively field tested for mid water Zig style fishing. The super buoyant foam keeps them right in the zone, the high quality materials and workmanship ensure extreme longevity and value, and the superb hooks have been carefully chosen to ensure maximum strength without sacrificing buoyancy.

To ensure you have the right choices, there are 11 different ‘patterns’ of bug, each available in either barbed or barbless size 10 hooks. Each pack consists of 4 identical bugs.