Thursday, 28 June 2012

Club Korum Kits at Chapmans Angling

Club Korum is a new initiative designed to give new/young anglers advice and help on starting angling. With a comprehensive website packed with information you can become a member of Club Korum now! Club Korum tackle consists of THREE easy-to-use fishing tackle packs to help get you started. They're perfect for modern coarse fishing.
"These kits will provide your first step into angling, giving you kit to use that actually suits UK fishing methods and techniques. Each kit comes with a DVD and two booklets to guide you through your angling journey - it truly is the best way to get started in fishing."
Visit the Club Korum Website now. You can order your Club Korum fishing kits below!

Korum Feeder Fishing Kits

  • HOW TO FISH DVD and Booklet
  • Wildlife Spotter guide
  • 10ft Elements Float Rod
  • 3000 Rear Drag Reel pre-loaded with 6lb line
  • Nylon carry bag for rod and reel
  • Club Korum tackle box

ONLY £59.99

Korum Float Fishing Kits

  • HOW TO FISH DVD and Booklet
  • Wildlife Spotter guide
  • 10ft Elements Float Rod
  • 3000 Rear Drag Reel pre-loaded with 6lb line
  • Nylon carry bag for rod and reel
Club Korum tackle box
  • 2x Waggler Float 2AAA
  • 2x Waggler Float 3AAA
  • 2x Hook to nylon
  • Mixed size split shot
  • Disgorger small and large
  • 2x Depth finding plummets

ONLY £59.99

Korum Pole Fishing Kits

  • HOW TO FISH DVD and Booklet
  • Wildlife Spotter guide
  • 7m Elements Pole, Pre-elasticated and ready to fish
  • Nylon carry bag for pole
  • 8x mixed complete pole rigs ready to fish
Club Korum tackle box
  • 3x Mixed size CAD feeding pots
  • Disgorger small and large
  • 2x depth finding plummets
Elastication kit consists of: Preston Innovations No.8 elastic, Maxi Stora Bung, Size 5 External Bush, Micro Connector and comes with Extractor Rod for re-elasticating

ONLY £59.99

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Preston Innovations X3 Special Limited Edition Seatbox

The X3 Special Limited Edition Seat-box features the following:
  • Nylon Groundbait Bowl on Hoop
  • Padded Pole Seat
  • 2x Winder Storage units
  • Winder Storage unit
    • 1x 13cm Tray (20 winders)
    • 2x 18cm Tray (30 winders)
    • 1x 26cm Tray (10 winders)
  • 1x Deep Side Tackle drawer unit
  • Deep Base unit
  • 2x Small Keepnet Arms
  • Ultra Stable Non-slip Footplate
  • Non-marking Legs
  • Large Side Tray
  • Telescopic Front Legs
Offbox Accessories worth over £50
Winders worth over £30

FREE Stillwater SWP3000 Front Drag Reel and Stillwater 8ft Pro Carp Wand.

Monday, 25 June 2012



Marukyu pride themselves on bringing you the best quality bait in the world – designed and engineered specifically for UK waters. Marukyu boilies and baits are designed to help you catch more fish. Whatever your standard and abilities are, we honestly believe that Marukyu baits will help you catch more. In fact we know they will! And for a limited time we have all Marukyu boilies at an incredible half price!

Marukyu has worked long and hard to develop a range of baits that are both nutritionally of value to the fish, and trigger them to feed.
The result is a complete range of baits that have instant fish appeal, and, due to their complex ingredients, can be used time and time again without triggering the fear factor in fish.

ABR 1110,1115,1120 NORI BOILIES
Special excusive Amino Acids make Marukyu Nori Boilies species specific.
They will target all Cyprinids but if your target is Bream or Tench then Nori Boilies will give you the edge. They are available in 10mm, 15mm and 20mm sizes.

Most boilies currently on the market have less than 9 main ingredients; Kani boilies have 13 main ingredients, many exclusive to Marukyu.
These Marine and Crab flavoured baits contain specific Amino Acids to attract all cyprinids - but the emphasis is on larger species.
An all temperature formulated boilie but has faster flavour releases at higher temperatures. Kani are available in 15mm sizes.

This all-weather all temperature boilie has proved to be devastating at low water temperatures. Extremely fast water-soluble unique attractants make this possibly the best all round boilie available. The strawberry and milk flavoured bait contains 12 main ingredients plus a whole host of secrets. It is available as a 15mm bait.

Similar to Ichigo but a combination of ingredients that UK fish have definitely not seen before! The oriental fruit flavoured bait has proved to be exceptionally good on well-stocked waters where the fish have seen everything.
Shisho is available as a 15mm bait.

Without doubt a selective big fish bait, Sanagi boilies use unique and exclusive ingredients.
Marukyu's scientifically formulated Sanagi has amazing drawing power in medium to high water temperatures.
Sanagi boilies are available in 15mm size.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Fox Duo-Lite Fx Rods

Fox Duo-Lite FX Multi Tip Barbel Rod

The perfect rod for the modern river specialist offering a 1.75lb solid tip ideal for all barbel fi shing techniques from touch legering to heavy feeder work and bolt rigging. The quiver section accepts two push in tips rated at 4 and 6oz for upstream barbel work or extra sensitivity when chub fi shing.
With a 3K/2K carbon wrap giving real power through the middle to tame big fi sh quickly but with enough sensitivity in the tip to pick up bites when touch legering and to cushion hook holds the Duo-Lite FX Multi Tip is a classic river allrounder.
Get this Reel FREE!
Fox FS7000 reel
Priced at £144.99
Follow this LINK to order yours now!!

Fox Duo-lite FX Specimen Barbel Rod

Re-vamped for 2011, the new Duo Lite FX barbel rods are impoved on their predecessors the Duo Lites, but at a lower price.
This superb twin tip version has 2 x solid tops to cope with all but the most extreme river conditions. 1x 1.75lb and a 2.25lb top.
The 1.75lb top is ideal for all barbel fishing from touch legering and rolling meat to heavy feeder work and bolt rigging. With the 2.25lb top fi tted the rod is a more powerful animal capable of launching heavy feeders on big rivers, anchoring 6oz of lead in a winter fl ood and dealing with the biggest barbel.
With double legged guides throughout for durability and a delightfully powerful through action combined with a steely lower middle to butt section this is the ultimate big fish rod and it is equally at home on the big pits as it is on the rivers.
Superb quality finish and beautiful looking rod.
40-44cm high grade full cork handle Fox Double Legged SLIK Guides throughout.
Get this Reel FREE!
Fox Stratos FS10000E
Priced at £119.99
Follow this LINK to order yours now

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Fish of the month June.

Jay Oxenham Entry:

I caught this Huge goldfish while carp fishing at Frobury Farm Lakes, Kingsclere, Hants. I was using PVA bag with sweetcorn on a hair rig. The goldfish weighed 1lb 4oz. Probably the most bizarre catch of my life.

Remember guys and girls to enter follow this LINK upload your picture with a description of the method and equipment used with a chance to win £50 in gift vouchers!!!!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Fish of the month Entry June

Fish of the month entry JUNE!

Alistair OSullivans entry:

Had this stunner from a Hull  District water, from a pva bag of mixed pellets in on a small clear patch the thick weed. Took alot of time  effort, but it all paid off really made up with this one 25lb 6oz.

Remember guys and girls to enter follow this LINK upload your picture with a description of the method and equipment used with a chance to win £50 in gift vouchers!!!!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Fish of the month entry June.

Fish of the month entry JUNE

Craig Scattergoods Entry:

20lb 3oz grass carp - first ever grassy.
Caught at broadlands lake hampshire.

Bait -  was an 18mm cell dumbell bottom bait over a bed of mixed size cell boilie.
Rig - size 6 kaptor curve shank rig tied blowback style to around 10inches of Korda Ntrap hooklink material. this was used in conjunction with a lead clip setup with a 2.5oz square pear lead. The rig was cast tight to an over hanging tree on the island margin.

Remember guy and girls to enter follow this LINK upload your picture with a description of the method and equipment used with a chance to win £50 in gift vouchers!!!!

Friday, 15 June 2012

June the 16th the Rivers Open!

Rivers on fire!!!

Barbel ,chub and carp promise best sport for years!!

Anglers look set to enjoy a bumper start to the river season, with running water venues across the country reported to be in the ‘best condition for many years’.

Like thousands of other fishermen awaiting June 16, some of the sport’s biggest names have been walking the banks of their favourite stretches, witnessing perfect water levels, healthy weed growth, and shoals of big barbel, chub, carp and silvers. Angling times columnist Des Taylor and river fishing legend Dave Harrell both revealed that the River Severn is in the ‘best nick in recent memory’ and expect huge numbers of barbel and chub for specimen anglers, plus bulging mixed nets for those visiting the famous waterway in the opening week. Des said: “I haven’t seen the Severn in such fine conditions this for a very long time – it just looks full of life, and I know the fish will be on the feed big time. I’ve spoken to friends throughout the country and they’re saying exactly the same about their local stretches.” Further north, anglers on the mighty River Trent are also confident of great opening weekend catches being made by match, specimen and pleasure rods alike.

Taken from angling times issue 3061

With this in mind why not start the season as you mean to go on with the perfect river fishing rod at only HALF price!!

Supplied with 3 separate, Avon style top sections rated at 1.5lb, 1.75lb and 2lb test curves, this configuration allows the angler to tailor the rod to suit the venue and conditions. For targeting barbel or chub in low and clear conditions, the 1.5lb top will give maximum sport while providing enough power to safely subdue large fish once hooked. If fishing snaggy venues, or tackling big commercial pool carp or hard fighting tench from weed choked gravel pits, the 1.75lb is ideal. Alternatively, when the rivers are bank high and ripping through, the 2lb top will fish a lead and large bait down the edge. It is also ideal for baggin' waggler use on carp pools, surface fishing with a controller float and even dead baiting for zander.
Each rod comes with the following features:-
  • §  High modulus carbon blanks, with powerful butt section.
  • §  Full cork handles with EVA screw down top section.
  • §  Screw winch reel seat.
  • §  Low profile SIC lined rings.
  • §  Laser etched Sonik butt cap

* Note the tri-tip comes with 3 avon tops and no carrier/quiver tips.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Fish of the month entry June.

Fish of the month entry.......June

Here we have another entry to the fish of the month competition, this one comes from Scott Roper.

Here is his account of the catch:

I caught this lovely scaled pattern mirror weighing at 16lb 5oz at the urban fishery Summerhayes Fishery located in Bridgwater, Somerset. The specimen carp lake had been fishing hard recently but this beauty fell to a 18mm mainline cell boilie, tipped with a piece of pop-up, glow in the dark corn, casted over a bed of hemp, corn and different sized coarse pellets that was soaked in water the night before.

Awesome catch Scott to like this photo follow this LINK and like the picture.

Remember guy and girls to enter follow this LINK upload your picture with a description of the method and equipment used with a chance to win £50 in gift vouchers!!!!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012




Here’s your chance to win a trip to this year’s World Carp Classic Final at Lake Bolsena in Italy, courtesy of the event organizer ANGLING SPIRIT, title sponsors JRC, and new retail partner CHAPMANS ANGLING!
Simply by spending £20 on any JRC or Berkley carp products from CHAPMANS ANGLING, during May, June and July 2012, you will automatically qualify for a chance to enter our GOLDEN TICKET prize draw. Spend £40 or more, and you get 2 tickets for the draw, spend £60 and you get 3 tickets. So each time you spend £20, you have more chances of winning !
The GOLDEN TICKET will entitle the winner and his chosen team partner, to the following benefits:

  • Entry into the 2012 World Carp Classic (£1200 value)
  • Fish against the world’s best carp anglers (130 pairs in the event)
  • In the WCC final you could win cash prizes up to £10,000, plus tackle and equipment to a total value of £70,000
  • 100kg Gulp! Carp bait (£1100 value)
  • Complimentary ferry travel (£200 value)
  • Media coverage of the Golden Ticket winning team throughout the contest
  • Recruitment as Field Testers into to the Gulp! Carp Army

So grab your chance today to become a part of carp angling history, and win the most prestigious of carp titles – see you at Lake Bolsena !

  • Qualifying purchases must take place in either May, June or July, with the draw taking place on August 1st, to allow time for the lucky angler to prepare for the ultimate carp journey in September, and on the road to a £70,000 prize table.
  • Competition not open to employees of Pure Fishing Ltd, Angling Spirit or Chapmans Angling

Here are some photos of the fish caught at the last event:





Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Chapmans Angling Summer Course Catalogue! OUT NOW.

The Chapmans Angling Summer 2012 coarse catalogue 


Request yours now by clicking here and filling out your details and we will get one sent straight out for you.

Or why not view it online by clicking here

Monday, 11 June 2012

The Stillwater Pellet Pump

Stillwater Pellet Pump

Every angler should own a pellet pump! This new set from the Stillwater Pro range is one of the best on the market. Designed for pumping expander pellets to make them sink and creating big blown hard pellets, this set of two high quality vacuum tubs (400ml and 700ml) is easy to use and comes with clip lock lids for added security. Simply drop your pellets in the tub, fill it three-quarters full with water, replace the lid and pump away – you’ll have soft, sinking feed and hookbait pellets in seconds. The set can also be used to keep hookbaits like casters, meat and corn fresh – once you remove the air from the tub they’ll last for ages!

This superb bait pump is dishwasher
safe too!

Here are instructions on how to use it properly:

1.Pour the required amount of
expander pellets into the pump.
Expanders come in sizes from 2mm to
11mm, so pick a size suitable for the
fish you are targeting.

2.Add water to the pellet pump.
Expanders can be prepared at
home using tap water, or some anglers
prefer to prepare them on the bank just
before they fish, using lake water.

3.Keep adding water until the pump
is almost full. This makes them
easier to pump in the next step. If you
want to flavour your pellets you can
add liquid flavouring to the water.

4.Attach the pump to the top of the 
tub and pump a dozen times until
it becomes difficult to pump any more.
Most of the air will now have been
drawn out of the pellets.

5.Release the air from the tub
simply by lifting up the green
seal in the centre of the pellet pump lid.
The prepared pellets should now all
sink to the bottom.

6.If some of the pellets float, pump
them again. You may get a few
pellets that won’t sink, no matter how
many times you pump them, so it’s
best to throw these away.

7.Remove the lid from the pellet
pump and drain the water from the
pellets, leaving them just covered in
water. Leave for a few minutes until
they’re soft enough to hook.

8.Once they’re soft enough to hook,
completely drain the pellets. When
fishing with expanders, hook the pellet
across the ‘barrel’ of the bait. This
makes them stay on the hook better.

Friday, 8 June 2012

The Stillwater BP Extreme Reels.

The Stillwater BP Extreme Reels

Stillwater Extreme BP12000 Reel

Stillwater’s Extreme BP12000 is a high quality Big Pit reel which punches massively above it’s £99.99 price tag, and is now on offer to Go Fishing users for just £59.99.
It has been designed with the help of some of the sport’s top carp and specimen anglers and ticks all the boxes in performance, design, and looks.
With £40 off the full RRP it also comes at a sensible price too, especially when you see the extras which are standard
The Stillwater Extreme BP12000 has an incredible 13+1 Ball Bearings and comes with two long cast alloy spools, a choice of two handle options, a matt black rubberised finish and a Power drive gearing system for greater strength and higher torque.
“This reel may not have a ‘big’ brand name stuck to the side of it but believe me it knocks many of them for six,” confirmed Angling Times’ Steve Fitzpatrick.
“You also get a heck of a lot of reel for your money with two long cast alloy spools, a choice of two handles, and finely crafted insides which boast 13+1 ball bearings.
Big pit reels are a must-have for carp, pike and specimen fishing these days as they give you loads of power for playing fish but more importantly they offer a huge spool size which helps to aid longer casts.
The choice of handles is a nice touch too. Some carp anglers position their rods so close on pods they prefer to use reels with folding handles and this reel comes with a choice of two handles which means you can fish with a traditional power handle set up or a quick fold power handle.

Tech Spec
  • 13+1 Ball bearings
  • Great line lay
  • Supplied with two handle options with ergonomic wooden handles - 1 x forged aluminium and 1 x quick fold
  • Supplied with 2 long cast alloy spools - 1 x long range large capacity, 1 x shallow for 300m of 17lb mono or braid
  • Line friendly spring loaded line clips
  • Classic matt black rubberised finish with subtle gunmetal cosmetics
  • Instant anti reverse
  • Computer balance rotor
  • Power drive gear for greater strength and higher torque.

Stillwater BP Extreme Spod Reel

The all New Spod/Spomb Stillwater reel has been designed to help you achieve extra distance to put your baits further than you ever thought possible. Cold forged Heavy duty gears and a quick retrieve make this reel absolutely perfect for serious spod/Spomber. We think this is the best value, high quality and toughest big pit reel ever produced.

Tech Spec
  • High quality bearings give solid hardwearing performance
  • Long cast spool make distance casting so easy
  • Smooth reliable drag
  • Superb line lay
  • Fast retrieve makes spodding so easy
  • 2 high impact line clips
  • 13+1 ball bearings
  • Computer balanced rota

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Amazing offers on the Stillwater Carp Rods!!

Amazing offers on the Stillwater Carp Rods!!

Stillwater Mirrox carp rods have already set the bench mark for being the best rods in there price range with their top quality full carbon blanks providing the optimum combination of casting capability and fish playing action. These rods are superbly finished with quality fittings throughout including gun smoke reel seat, guns smoke collars and butt cap coupled with double legged lined guides and minimal classy cosmetics these rods not only look like more expensive carp rods but also perform that way. Priced at only £39.99 on an offer of buy one get one FREE these are a must for anyone looking for an affordable but top quality carp rod.

The stunning new range of carp rods from Stillwater that are quite simply the best rods ever introduced for the price. With slim blanks and classy cosmetics these rods look fantastic, finished in matt black with abbreviated duplon handles, laser etched butt cap and quality components throughout they perform way above the price tag. The blanks themselves are fast recovering made from high modulus carbon fibre giving them a progressive through action whilst retaining plenty of power in the butt to control the fish. With all this in mind the BPX offer a combination of casting ability and fish playing action never before seen at this price point.
We are so confident that you will love both the Mirrox & BPX rods we will refund the full purchase price (excluding postage costs) if you are not delighted with them. 

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Fish of the month entry June

Fish of the month entry June

On the 2nd of June 2012 i was fishing at my local syndicate lake on the Isle of Wight. After a couple of hours i landed five carp ranging from 7lb to 13.5lb.  After two or three hours i had not even had a bleep on my bite alarm and i was debating whether to re-bait or not, which was until i had a screaming take and i rushed out of my chair - i was not to know this fight would last 25 mins. After, 20 mins i first saw this scrapper and my knees started to shake it was the fish another angler told me gave him the best fight of his fishing life. I landed the fish and was overjoyed. The fish weighed 16.2 lb, which was 17.4lb the last time it was caught- i would have loved to have caught her then.

Adam Bessant aged 16.

Nice fish adam and a very good write up keep up the good work mate.

H-Gun 2 leg Bedchair.

Nash H Gun  Carp Gear is aimed at the starter carp angler. We noticed that the quality of the cheaper ranges of carping tackle and equipment was not up to coping with the rigours of carp fishing.

For just a relatively small outlay, the starter carper can set up with a carefully designed product that will give years of reliable service and enjoyment.

The whole Hooligun range carries the Nash logo as a guaranteed pedigree hallmark.

Hooligun Bedchairs:

* Super strong frame enhances rigidity and support.
* Double braced legs to improve stability on uneven ground.
* Super hard-wearing mattress, reinforced for optimum support.
* The mattress is luxury-padded, with integral pillow.
* Adjustable legs feature our easy lever adjuster with keyed inner tube for enhanced grip and alignment.
* Mud-feet.
* Nash, hand-wheel ratchet system, cleverly designed to minimise hand-wheel jamming.

All this for an unbelievable price of £49.99

To order one please click here