Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Fish of the month entry June

Fish of the month entry June

On the 2nd of June 2012 i was fishing at my local syndicate lake on the Isle of Wight. After a couple of hours i landed five carp ranging from 7lb to 13.5lb.  After two or three hours i had not even had a bleep on my bite alarm and i was debating whether to re-bait or not, which was until i had a screaming take and i rushed out of my chair - i was not to know this fight would last 25 mins. After, 20 mins i first saw this scrapper and my knees started to shake it was the fish another angler told me gave him the best fight of his fishing life. I landed the fish and was overjoyed. The fish weighed 16.2 lb, which was 17.4lb the last time it was caught- i would have loved to have caught her then.

Adam Bessant aged 16.

Nice fish adam and a very good write up keep up the good work mate.

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