The Stillwater BP Extreme Reels.

The Stillwater BP Extreme Reels

Stillwater Extreme BP12000 Reel

Stillwater’s Extreme BP12000 is a high quality Big Pit reel which punches massively above it’s £99.99 price tag, and is now on offer to Go Fishing users for just £59.99.
It has been designed with the help of some of the sport’s top carp and specimen anglers and ticks all the boxes in performance, design, and looks.
With £40 off the full RRP it also comes at a sensible price too, especially when you see the extras which are standard
The Stillwater Extreme BP12000 has an incredible 13+1 Ball Bearings and comes with two long cast alloy spools, a choice of two handle options, a matt black rubberised finish and a Power drive gearing system for greater strength and higher torque.
“This reel may not have a ‘big’ brand name stuck to the side of it but believe me it knocks many of them for six,” confirmed Angling Times’ Steve Fitzpatrick.
“You also get a heck of a lot of reel for your money with two long cast alloy spools, a choice of two handles, and finely crafted insides which boast 13+1 ball bearings.
Big pit reels are a must-have for carp, pike and specimen fishing these days as they give you loads of power for playing fish but more importantly they offer a huge spool size which helps to aid longer casts.
The choice of handles is a nice touch too. Some carp anglers position their rods so close on pods they prefer to use reels with folding handles and this reel comes with a choice of two handles which means you can fish with a traditional power handle set up or a quick fold power handle.

Tech Spec
  • 13+1 Ball bearings
  • Great line lay
  • Supplied with two handle options with ergonomic wooden handles - 1 x forged aluminium and 1 x quick fold
  • Supplied with 2 long cast alloy spools - 1 x long range large capacity, 1 x shallow for 300m of 17lb mono or braid
  • Line friendly spring loaded line clips
  • Classic matt black rubberised finish with subtle gunmetal cosmetics
  • Instant anti reverse
  • Computer balance rotor
  • Power drive gear for greater strength and higher torque.

Stillwater BP Extreme Spod Reel

The all New Spod/Spomb Stillwater reel has been designed to help you achieve extra distance to put your baits further than you ever thought possible. Cold forged Heavy duty gears and a quick retrieve make this reel absolutely perfect for serious spod/Spomber. We think this is the best value, high quality and toughest big pit reel ever produced.

Tech Spec
  • High quality bearings give solid hardwearing performance
  • Long cast spool make distance casting so easy
  • Smooth reliable drag
  • Superb line lay
  • Fast retrieve makes spodding so easy
  • 2 high impact line clips
  • 13+1 ball bearings
  • Computer balanced rota


  1. Spode reel, essential information for me is the gear ratios, how much will I have to crank to retrieve my Spode? Lik e the idea of two line clips..


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