The Stillwater Pellet Pump

Stillwater Pellet Pump

Every angler should own a pellet pump! This new set from the Stillwater Pro range is one of the best on the market. Designed for pumping expander pellets to make them sink and creating big blown hard pellets, this set of two high quality vacuum tubs (400ml and 700ml) is easy to use and comes with clip lock lids for added security. Simply drop your pellets in the tub, fill it three-quarters full with water, replace the lid and pump away – you’ll have soft, sinking feed and hookbait pellets in seconds. The set can also be used to keep hookbaits like casters, meat and corn fresh – once you remove the air from the tub they’ll last for ages!

This superb bait pump is dishwasher
safe too!

Here are instructions on how to use it properly:

1.Pour the required amount of
expander pellets into the pump.
Expanders come in sizes from 2mm to
11mm, so pick a size suitable for the
fish you are targeting.

2.Add water to the pellet pump.
Expanders can be prepared at
home using tap water, or some anglers
prefer to prepare them on the bank just
before they fish, using lake water.

3.Keep adding water until the pump
is almost full. This makes them
easier to pump in the next step. If you
want to flavour your pellets you can
add liquid flavouring to the water.

4.Attach the pump to the top of the 
tub and pump a dozen times until
it becomes difficult to pump any more.
Most of the air will now have been
drawn out of the pellets.

5.Release the air from the tub
simply by lifting up the green
seal in the centre of the pellet pump lid.
The prepared pellets should now all
sink to the bottom.

6.If some of the pellets float, pump
them again. You may get a few
pellets that won’t sink, no matter how
many times you pump them, so it’s
best to throw these away.

7.Remove the lid from the pellet
pump and drain the water from the
pellets, leaving them just covered in
water. Leave for a few minutes until
they’re soft enough to hook.

8.Once they’re soft enough to hook,
completely drain the pellets. When
fishing with expanders, hook the pellet
across the ‘barrel’ of the bait. This
makes them stay on the hook better.