Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Stillwater Video Sunglasses.

Capture all your fishing moments from a first person point of view recording the moment you strike into the first to getting it onto the bank!!

Introducing the Stillwater Mobile Eyewear Recorder available in both Standard Definition and High Definition, this sleek lightweight mobile digital Sunglasses have a concealed camera which can be used for recording video or audio as well as taking still pictures. And with a price from only £49.99 you are looking at a camera/video camera at a fraction of the high street price!!

  • Quality Polaroid Lens from brand makers
  • User friendly operation button for easy control
  • With extended memory slot for TF/Micro SD card
  • Easy connection with PC/Laptops, no driver needed
  • Sleek and elegant design suits both men and women
  • Real time recording never let another memorable catch pass you by again
Technical Specs:
  • Battery: 5V DC/450 mAh
  • Video fromat: AVI
  • Read > 700kbs, write >500Kbs
  • Resolution: 640*480 or 1280*960
  • Photo: 1280*960 or 3264*2448
  • Support TF/Micro SD Card 1GB-8GB
  • Built in 450mAh Li-polymer Battery
  • Power duration 4-5 hours
  • Physical weight: 39g
  • Working Temperature: 0°C~60°C
  • Storage Temperature: - 20°C - 80°C
  • Operating system: Win98/ WinMe/ WinXP/ Win2000/ Windows Vista
  • Mobile Eyewear Recorder
  • Carrying case
  • Cleaning cloth
  • USB power adapter for charging
  • User manual

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Half Price Fox Polarised Sunglasses!!

The Fox 300 Series polarised eyewear range offers protection from harmful U.V.A. and U.V.B. Light rays. Normally retailing at £29.99 they are now available at a cracking price of £14.99. The ideal addition to your kit for the long awaited summertime the polarised lenses greatly reduce reflected glare from the surface of the water.  Supplied with a stylish Matt Black frame in a choice of Amber, Grey and Brown Tri-acetate lenses all designed to reduce reflected glare specifically for fishing.

- Scratch resistant lens
- Rubber nose pads
- Rubber arm anti-slip pads
- Lenses conform to EN 1836 (1997)
- 2 year frame guarantee against breakage in normal use
- Free sports band
- Free high quality cleaning pouch 

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

New Barbel Championships

Specimen match series set to start next year will be fished over three premier UK rivers.
A brand new match series to find the UK's best barbel anglers has been announced to take place on three of the UK’s premier rivers.

The British Barbel Angling Championships is aimed solely at specimen anglers, with competitors battling it out to target the single species over a series of qualifier event.

Planned to kick off at the start of the 2013/14 season, the BBAC will be fished on three of the best barbel rivers in the country; the Wye, Trent and Severn. Each waterway will host a 24hour qualifier that will see anglers fish in pairs with the aim of banking the highest weight in fish over that time period as possible. Being a specimen competition, none of the barbel caught will be retained, just weighed and returned with a running total being recorded for each competing pair.

From those qualifiers the top five pairs will go through to a grand final set to be fished on the river Trent in September 2013. The angler who captures the biggest fish from the qualifiers will also go through to the final.

“We’re looking for around 60 teams to enter the first BBAC,” said a spokesperson for the company organising the championship, Barbel and River Angling Events UK. “There will be a large cash prize for the winners, trophies and of course the prestige of being crowned BBAC champions.”

The Championship is currently looking for major sponsors for the event, and individual sponsors for the qualifiers. Clubs that have suitable venues on the rivers are also being asked to get in touch.

Anglers, sponsors and clubs interested in getting involved with the British Barbel Angling Championships can contact the organisers through their Facebook page here, or via email at riveranglingeventsuk@hotmail.co.uk a new website for the Championship is set to go live alter this year.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Fish of the month entry July.

Maggie Chapman's entry:

I went fishing with my boyfriend and he just caught a 25lb common of fthe surface and it looked very exciting so i wanted my fair share of the exctment so i took the rod and cast towards the fish on the surface and i saw some fish taking the dog biscuits and my boyfriend said strike it and i was in trembling with nerves i played the fish for around 10 minutes and my boyfriend netted my capture a a lovely 24lb mirror i was very happy i will try to beat his next time.

Remember guys and girls to enter follow this LINK upload your picture with a description of the method and equipment used with a chance to win £50 in gift vouchers!!!!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Sundridge Optonic G3 Smart Bite Alarm

Sundridge Optonic G3 Smart Bite Alarm

It is a well known fact that the best ideas are obvious; after you see it done of course! Three heads, one circuit, one battery, one bar. Three alarms in one...obvious? Originally, Optonic produced the first ground braking alarms, setting a standard of performance and reliabitilty for others to aim at. In the years that followed, optonic continued to produce highly reliable bite alarms, superb functionality, excellent electronics and have above all delivered remarkable value. Therefore the G3 Smart Alarm is Optonic, in one single design. The integration of the three heads that share a single circuit, one power source and the smart bar is simply...smart!!! This revolutionary device comprises three integrated micro alarm heads and sensitivity selector buttons but uses one power source, a single radio transmitter all of which is contained in one buzz bar system. 

  • The G3 Receiver offers volume and tone control and has a range of 500m
  • Each head features and led that latches for 30 seconds or can be activated to 'night light' mode.
  • the battery housing cover features a recessed edge to halt water intrusion.
  • The G3 uses a single power source and single antenna.
  • The run length detection of each head can be adjusted to detected 2cm or 4cm of movement.


Friday, 6 July 2012

Another Monster fish caught on Prologic DD-Baits

Fresh news just received from Pro-Logic Finnish consultant Henrik Korkeamaki ! Here the full story from Henrik: "I had been pre-baiting my swim for a week with Prologic Feedermix and boilies. A few kilos of Freshwater Snail Feedermix and about 2-3 kg of boilies every other day. The boilies I choose for pre-baiting were the Banana & Crustacean and Red Bull Guana. I was really looking forward to fishing the spot, as I have succeeded there almost every time.
The night of fishing came, but it was actually a night of terror, as mosquitoes were trying to take over the world. Literally, there were hundreds of them just waiting to feed on me. Taking some pain and around hundred mosquito bites, I managed to set my rods and my bivvy. So it was just a waiting game then. I managed to get some sleep, and around 4 am, I woke up to my alarm going off!
I hurried to my rods and saw the right rod going off in a good speed. But I also found out that my left rod had lost 100 m of line and it was pointing to another direction I cast it to… I took the rod on the right and landed a beautiful mirror carp. It was in really good condition after spawning, and by the looks of her, the boilies had been very tasty…
After that I started to work with my left rod. The rig was probably stuck in tens of waterlilies, so I pulled the line to cut off the lilies. One by one, I managed to get the rig closer. It took around 15 minutes, and I put very heavy strain on the Prologic XLNT Camo monofilament. Suddenly the rig was loose of the weeds, but I also realized that the fish was still on! My situation was quite tricky, as I had my landing net occupied with the previous carp… After some hectic (and not so educational) close quarters battle with the carp, I managed to get her also in my landing net. A landing net can get crowded… But to cut a story short, the lean and mean fighting machine common carp was 12.3 kg. Both of the fish were caught with a combination of Prologic Red Bull Guana and Banana Crustacean boilie. Get Your Prologic Red Bull Guana and Banana Crustacean Boilies now at half price! As part of our exclusive DD Bait Promotion! Click Here to order yours.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Prologic DD Bait Crustacean & Bechalan Boilies

Here we are with another great report from Chapmans Anglings very own Rik Johnson (Pro-Logic consultant) "Setting up after work on a Sunday for a quick over-nighter paid off. I had been visiting the lake at least once a week to bait up using DDs Crustacean & Belachan 16mm boiliesThe lake had been quite through the week end with only a couple of fish coming out . I settled down to get set up before sunset. Fishing just short of a gravel bar at about 60yds i baited up a large 10m area with the New Prologic spod rod casting out 1kg of hemp and pellets , over the top of that a applied 2kg of the Belachan boilies. With all three rods clipped up to the same distance i casted all the marks to the baited silt bed, 45 minutes later my WUSB alarm screamed as i had my first take which resulted in a scrappy 19lb common. I carried on catching about every hour 
after that and with every three fish another 1 kg of the Belachan was fed. Just before darkness i had a really slow take , as soon as i picked up the rod i was shocked at the power of the fish i had connected with, as the the 12ft 3.5 CC 30 rod took the strain i realised i was playing a lump of a fish which result in a stunning 31lb 4oz mirror, this turned out to be a fantastic session catching some stunning fish all falling to the ready made Belachan. Rigs use were 10inches of XLNT spectrum floro carbon in 20lb tied to size 8 C4 hooks with the baited hair being made from viper braid.”

You can get your hands on the DD Baits Crustacean & Belachan boilies that Rik recommends so highly now at half price! Aswell as all the other flavours in the incredible DD Baits boilie range! Save up to 80% off ready-made boliies, pop-ups, liquid dips, powders, tasters and more! Click here now to see the full details and order yours!