Another Monster fish caught on Prologic DD-Baits

Fresh news just received from Pro-Logic Finnish consultant Henrik Korkeamaki ! Here the full story from Henrik: "I had been pre-baiting my swim for a week with Prologic Feedermix and boilies. A few kilos of Freshwater Snail Feedermix and about 2-3 kg of boilies every other day. The boilies I choose for pre-baiting were the Banana & Crustacean and Red Bull Guana. I was really looking forward to fishing the spot, as I have succeeded there almost every time.
The night of fishing came, but it was actually a night of terror, as mosquitoes were trying to take over the world. Literally, there were hundreds of them just waiting to feed on me. Taking some pain and around hundred mosquito bites, I managed to set my rods and my bivvy. So it was just a waiting game then. I managed to get some sleep, and around 4 am, I woke up to my alarm going off!
I hurried to my rods and saw the right rod going off in a good speed. But I also found out that my left rod had lost 100 m of line and it was pointing to another direction I cast it to… I took the rod on the right and landed a beautiful mirror carp. It was in really good condition after spawning, and by the looks of her, the boilies had been very tasty…
After that I started to work with my left rod. The rig was probably stuck in tens of waterlilies, so I pulled the line to cut off the lilies. One by one, I managed to get the rig closer. It took around 15 minutes, and I put very heavy strain on the Prologic XLNT Camo monofilament. Suddenly the rig was loose of the weeds, but I also realized that the fish was still on! My situation was quite tricky, as I had my landing net occupied with the previous carp… After some hectic (and not so educational) close quarters battle with the carp, I managed to get her also in my landing net. A landing net can get crowded… But to cut a story short, the lean and mean fighting machine common carp was 12.3 kg. Both of the fish were caught with a combination of Prologic Red Bull Guana and Banana Crustacean boilie. Get Your Prologic Red Bull Guana and Banana Crustacean Boilies now at half price! As part of our exclusive DD Bait Promotion! Click Here to order yours.