Prologic DD Bait Crustacean & Bechalan Boilies

Here we are with another great report from Chapmans Anglings very own Rik Johnson (Pro-Logic consultant) "Setting up after work on a Sunday for a quick over-nighter paid off. I had been visiting the lake at least once a week to bait up using DDs Crustacean & Belachan 16mm boiliesThe lake had been quite through the week end with only a couple of fish coming out . I settled down to get set up before sunset. Fishing just short of a gravel bar at about 60yds i baited up a large 10m area with the New Prologic spod rod casting out 1kg of hemp and pellets , over the top of that a applied 2kg of the Belachan boilies. With all three rods clipped up to the same distance i casted all the marks to the baited silt bed, 45 minutes later my WUSB alarm screamed as i had my first take which resulted in a scrappy 19lb common. I carried on catching about every hour 
after that and with every three fish another 1 kg of the Belachan was fed. Just before darkness i had a really slow take , as soon as i picked up the rod i was shocked at the power of the fish i had connected with, as the the 12ft 3.5 CC 30 rod took the strain i realised i was playing a lump of a fish which result in a stunning 31lb 4oz mirror, this turned out to be a fantastic session catching some stunning fish all falling to the ready made Belachan. Rigs use were 10inches of XLNT spectrum floro carbon in 20lb tied to size 8 C4 hooks with the baited hair being made from viper braid.”

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