Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Sundridge Optonic G3 Smart Bite Alarm

Sundridge Optonic G3 Smart Bite Alarm

It is a well known fact that the best ideas are obvious; after you see it done of course! Three heads, one circuit, one battery, one bar. Three alarms in one...obvious? Originally, Optonic produced the first ground braking alarms, setting a standard of performance and reliabitilty for others to aim at. In the years that followed, optonic continued to produce highly reliable bite alarms, superb functionality, excellent electronics and have above all delivered remarkable value. Therefore the G3 Smart Alarm is Optonic, in one single design. The integration of the three heads that share a single circuit, one power source and the smart bar is simply...smart!!! This revolutionary device comprises three integrated micro alarm heads and sensitivity selector buttons but uses one power source, a single radio transmitter all of which is contained in one buzz bar system. 

  • The G3 Receiver offers volume and tone control and has a range of 500m
  • Each head features and led that latches for 30 seconds or can be activated to 'night light' mode.
  • the battery housing cover features a recessed edge to halt water intrusion.
  • The G3 uses a single power source and single antenna.
  • The run length detection of each head can be adjusted to detected 2cm or 4cm of movement.


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