Friday, 31 August 2012

Amazing TFG Classic Centre Pin Deal

Designed by TFG experts in the UK. This reel is a definitive example of the classic centre pin model. Smooth, free running and lightweight, it is a joy to use. One of our best selling centre pin reels over the last two years now available at the incredible, almost unbelievable price of £39.99! This is without doubt THE best centrepin deal available today! Get a top quality centrepin from a known brand you can trust for just £39.99, and save a whopping £195!

Marukyu Krill Liquid And Powder

Marukyu is taking a little while to forge a reputation with often fickle carp anglers (it’s already hugely popular on the match scene), but trust me when I say that this stuff is absolute top quality.

I have used half a dozen products from the Japanese company thus far, and the krill stands out a mile. So much so that it now goes into 90 per cent of all my stick or bag mixes. I use the SFA 450 liquid krill and the SFA 400 powdered krill in combination, as well as individually in other mixes.

There are a lot of krill-based groundbaits and liquid out there, but quite often it can be bulked out with cheaper ingredients. This stuff is 100 per cent high-quality krill and the results when I’ve used it – no blanks so far when adding it to my mixes – have been phenomenal.

Marc Coulson
As featured in Total Carp Magazine

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Middy MTDI XK55

Now back in stock! The incredible and highly sought after Middy XK-55 16m World Pro Pole!
One of, if not THE best 16 metre pole ever made! Almost always sold out everywhere since release,
We now have a few available. Have a read of the Pole Fishing Magazine review below to help you make Your mind up!

Middy's MTDI XK55 put through its paces by Tom Scholey and Jon Arthur.

Tom On The Middy MTDI XK55
I have been fortunate enough to see this pole at various stages of its development because Middy consultant Rob Wootton has been using prototypes on his Wootton’s Way features for several months. This has really made me appreciate how much work went into developing what has turned out to be an excellent finished product. I have seen Rob fishing with three or four models over the last 12 months, all of which have been gradually improved upon. To his credit, Rob really has gone to town, making numerous little tweaks and adaptations to ensure that everything is spot-on before the pole was released to the public, and even before I was allowed to get my hands on it!

The XK55 is the flagship of the broader ‘X’ range. With the pole expected to sell in the shops for around £1,300, it is considerably cheaper than a lot of other companies’ flagship models. It is comparable with the very best on the market, though, being light, stiff and, most importantly for modern commercial fishing, very strong.

Warren Pool at Meadowlands Fishery proved the perfect testing ground, even though conditions were a little tougher than normal because the carp were spawning!

For this reason, I opted to try and catch as many species as possible by fishing soft pellets long on the bottom. This would also prove a real test of performance because you really do need a stiff, responsive pole for this kind of work, especially in a crosswind. If your rig is blown about too much your pellet ends up coming off very quickly.

My session couldn’t have got off to a better start because I hooked and landed a 7lb common on my very first put-in! I needn’t have got too excited, however, because all I could catch for the next hour was small skimmers! Still, I was getting a bite every put-in and really enjoying my day’s fishing, especially as Jon wasn’t really catching and I could see a big golden nugget coming my way!

I was particularly impressed with the finish of the pole; the glossy 13m, 14.5m and 16m sections, and the matt finish No4 to No7 sections slid easily through the hands and the slim-profile joints didn’t once catch, even when shipping back and forth at speed.

I was just about resigned to the fact that I was only going to catch skimmers for the rest of the day when another carp put in an appearance. This one was a lot angrier than the fish I landed earlier, which was probably something to do with the fact that I had managed to hook it up the bum!

It gave me a chance to really test the strength of the pole, though, especially when it decided to go under the leg of the platform next to me! I somehow managed to steer it to the net with the rig still in one piece and I can genuinely say that after that experience I would be happy to use the pole for any kind of carp fishing!

Jon had started catching carp by now and as our two-hour match came to an end I began to worry that my earlier confidence of taking Jon’s £1 may have been misplaced! Fortunately, the scales went my way; with my mixed net going 36lb to Jon’s 32lb. Get in!

In previous reviews I have made a point of saying how impressive a lot of £1,000 to £1,500 poles are right across the board. However, this pole really is something special and I would go as far as to say that I haven’t handled a better pole.

Granted, the spares package is not as comprehensive as more expensive flagship poles but the saving grace is that all sections from other poles in the X range are fully compatible with the XK55, giving you the option of potentially buying a cheaper pole and gaining spare sections and extra top kits, or just ordering extra top kits on their own.

If you’re in the market for a new pole, I would urge you to get out and have a look at one of these. I’m sure you will be impressed!

Jon On The Middy MTDI XK55
Middy has perhaps not been a serious contender in the pole market for some time, but that’s all set to change with the new X series. Like Tom, I know how much effort Rob and Middy have put into the entire range and the XK55 really is the jewel in the crown. It’s purpose built for UK waters, so it is strong throughout but still stiff and perfectly manageable at 14m-plus lengths. The three types of top kits is a great feature and the fact that they all measure the same once the No1 section is removed is a nice touch. Welcome back to the pole arena Middy!

Middy MTDI XK55

Stated length:
Actual length: 16.08m
Closed length: 1.8m
Top-two length: 1.9m
Top-three length: 3.17m
Top-four length: 4.59m
Top-five length: 6.21m
Top-three length with No1 removed: 2.48m
Karp 2 Kit length: 2.48m
Match kit elastic rating: No16
Pro kit elastic rating: No16
Karp kit elastic rating: No22
12.7m butt diameter: 47mm
14.4m butt diameter: 49mm
16.08m butt diameter: 49mm
Weight at 12.7m: 860g
Weight at 14.4m: 1,160g
Weight at 16.08m: 1,519g
Other features: Built on X Series mandrel, MTDI Angle Technology, Fusion joints, S Slide Finish, VC-X baking process, CS3 Bonding process
RRP: £2,075
SSP: £1,399
Package: 16m pole, one spare match top three kit, one Pro 2 kit, two Karp 2 kits, Cupp Kit, four elastication kits, short No4, holdall, tubes
Spares: Pro 3 Kit £89.99; Pro 2 Kit £79.99; Karp 2 Kit £39.99; Short No4 £59.99; extension £199.99

Thanks to Pole Fishing mag


Phil's big barbel catch
Last week was finally time for me, Abbie and my five year old son Alfie to head across to the West Country for a weeks holiday near the banks of the awesome River Severn.

We had so much planned for the week ahead to keep Alfie happy, such as a trip to the safari park, a day out on the Severn Valley Railway and much more. But come each evening I planned to escape down to the banks of the river to hopefully catch some of the very hard fighting barbel that it’s known for.

As we arrived near to our holiday cottage after a long 200 mile drive we crossed one of the many roads that cross the river and the conditions looked perfect, a nice bit of colour and plenty of flow. I was itching to get down the river that evening to see if the barbel would bite. After we had unpacked the car and settled into our home for the next few days Abbie didn't have to tell me twice when she said "Go on, why don't you go down the river for a few hours?"

The trend on the river Severn seems to be to use big feeders and hair rigged pellets, everybody you see seems to be casting huge clumsy feeders out that hit the water like a house brick! Although i know this method catches plenty of barbel I seem to do much better fishing with the Korum K Grip Swivel Leads ranging from 2-4oz and long hook lengths with hair rigged meat. The new Korum running rig kits make this type of fishing so easy. Everything you need is in the kit other than the hook length material and hook.

My hook lengths are tied up knotless knot style about four feet long using the super tough new Xpert Power Mono in 8lb and the Xpert Specimen Hooks in size 10. I think it’s important to use a bait stop that holds the meat on the hair when casting out in the fast flow; the Korum medium Pellet Stops are perfect. My rods are the 1.75lb t/c Neoteric XS coupled with the KXI reels loaded with a prototype 10lb reel line that I am testing.

A huge edge for me this year on the river was the Flavour Shakers from Sonubaits; i would cut my meat up the night before and shake the Flavour Shaker onto the meat then leave it in the fridge over night to absorb the flavours into it. The Super Octopus and the spicy sausage seemed to work brilliantly.

My barbel fishing couldn't be simpler, I use two rods both on the flavoured meat and if i haven't had bite from a swim within 45minutes I move on. I sometimes scatter a few cubes of meat up river so they roll down river in the flow but I'm so confident the barbel will search out the smelly meat I don't worry about baiting too much. One cube of meat in the right spot has always worked for me on the Severn.

Any way back to the first evening... I settled into a very fast flowing swim that looked perfect for a bite, 4oz of lead only just held as the river was carrying a little extra water. I didn't have to wait long at all before the rod tip flew round and the spool of the KXI burst into life. To anyone who hasn't caught barbel from fast flowing rivers it’s hard to describe how hard they fight, the first fish was probably around 6lb but pulled my arm off.

Three more barbel ranging from 5-7lb came my way the first evening and a chub of around 3lb snatched my cube of meat seconds after i had cast in.

Probably the best evening of the week was on the Tuesday when Alfie and Abbie joined me. It was a beautiful sunny evening. The rod tip kept flying round time after time and I shared the bites with Abbie as we took turns enjoying the powerful fights.

But the biggest fish of that evening came to Alfie when he asked if he could have a go. The swim we were in was snag free, and there would be plenty of room for Alfie to try to land his first barbel. So the next time the rod doubled over in the rest i passed it to Alfie with the clutch set so if, or should I say when, the barbel flew off on a run he wouldn't end up in the river. With some help from his Dad Alfie soon had a perfect river Severn barbel in the net that weighed 8lb 7oz... Well done indeed! We managed 8 fish that evening before returning back to the cottage for a well-earned cider or three!

By the end of the week 32 barbel had been landed, three chub, and an eel that took a liking to my meat! The biggest barbel came on Thursday evening at 10lb 2oz and I was very happy with another river Severn double.

I met up with Adam from Korum HQ on the Friday evening to try to catch a barbel for the camera's and although time was tight I managed a couple and Adam also had his first taste of river Severn barbel and now is itching to get back for more.

By Korum

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Map Parabolix Rods Review

As Reviewed by Match Fishing Magazine

This month, Joe Carass runs the rule over a rod range set to take the market by storm!

During my time at Match Fishing I have been privy to most of the new gear available and have certainly looked at my fair share of rods this year alone. This range from MAP, however, has caught my eye and I have seen them going through the testing stages for over a year now, having watched MAP-sponsored anglers Andy May and James Dent putting the various prototypes through their paces on magazine features. Having seen the rods in the different stages of development I couldn’t wait to give the finished articles a bash, but more of that later.

Parabolix is a name that has long been associated with quality so there was definitely some pressure on MAP to produce the goods with these and it looks to have succeeded! There are nine rods in the range, varying from an 8ft F1 bomb rod to 13ft waggler rods, so there really is a rod to suit everyone here.

I will start with the 8ft and 9ft F1 Bomb rods, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that these are pencil thin! They are the slimmest blanks I have ever seen and weigh virtually nothing. These rods look to be perfect for short chucks on commercials where small carp and F1s are the target. The blanks bend right through in a beautiful arc, yet have that little bit of power needed for casting.

The 10ft Bomb is slightly more beefed up and is the perfect tool for targeting proper carp. Again it has a perfect action for carp but will still cope with smaller fish. The next rod is the 11ft Feeder; this rod will be great for fishing at ranges of up to 50 metres as it has plenty of power through the middle sections. The 12ft model is a different animal altogether and has much more power, allowing feeders to be cast a long way with ease. All of the feeder and bomb rods come supplied with three carbon tips of varying grades to cover your options.

The waggler rods have been designed with commercials in mind but certainly have the finesse in the tip sections that will make them good for silver-fish work too. There is a 13ft Light and a 13ft Medium in the range and two Pellet Waggler variants at 11 and 12 feet. All are very slim and light which makes them a joy to handle for a full five hours. They never lock up and just keep on bending to the butt. These really are great rods and testament to the time and research that it has taken to get them right.
The graphics on the Parabolix STI rods ooze class and make the rods look fantastic. Nice little touches to the handle also help with the rods’ looks and they really are a tackle tart’s dream!

For my test day I took the rods to the fantastic Glebe complex, and I decided to cherry-pick two rods and give them a thorough test, opting for the 11ft Feeder and the 13ft Light Waggler. It was a tough day but I caught some cracking carp and skimmers on both rods. The 11ft feeder saw the most use on the day as I fished a small feeder to the far bank. The rod has a good action but it is quite powerful and in my opinion is a little stiff but I know some anglers like this type of action. The 13ft waggler offered a much lighter action and made fishing with light wagglers a treat.

Joe Carass

All Parabolix rods are now in stock! Available from only £124.99 Free Postage on all models. Click here

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80% off Prologic DD Bait

Up to 80% off all Prologic DD Bait at Chapmans Angling

TFG Classic Centre Pins for under £40

Get this amazing TF Gear Classic Centre Pin Reel for under £40 at Chapmans Angling

Designed by TFGear experts, this reel is a definitive example of the classic centre pin model. Smooth, free running and lightweight, this TFG Classic Centre Pin Reel is a joy to use.

Machined from premium grade aerospace aluminium
Easy maintenance
Friction free rotation
Lightweight and balanced
Refined classical styling

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Matrix Evolution Feeders & Squeeze And Feed Method Mould

(As Reviewed By Match Fishing)

Innovation is hard to come by these days with so many companies hotly competing for the same goal. So, here’s why Matrix’s latest feeders impressed Alex Bones.

So, picture the scene; you’ve been responsible for one of the most influential products of modern fishing – the push-button Method mould. You’ve patented the design to the hilt so it can’t be copied by anyone! Then you move to another tackle company where you’re presented with a blank drawing board. You need to design a new Method feeder and mould that’s better but doesn’t infringe any of the existing protection in place. Like the sound of that challenge? How would you go about coming up with a solution?
Well… that’s exactly what Ricky Teale, the man behind the new Matrix range, was faced with as one of his first assignments!
And these, the Evolution Hooped and Open Method feeders and Squeeze And Feed mould, are his answers.
The first hurdle with Matrix launching a feeder and mould is that many other companies already produce them. So, to be a success they’re going to have to be significantly different, while still offering the angler the same, or increased, benefits. You simply cannot launch a Method feeder these days without a Method mould, so getting the aptly named Squeeze And Feed right was just as important as the feeders.
Preston Innovations’ patent protection is the reason why many moulds, including the Guru model I designed and the Matrix version, are made from a malleable material. This actually produces what is, in many respects, a better product than the rigid push-button model. There are various benefits to the manufacturer, but for anglers it also results in a super-simple-to-use product that’s virtually indestructible.
Where the Squeeze And Feed excels is that it’s deep enough to allow you to pile on plenty of bait. It’s the opinion of many of today’s top anglers that current moulds don’t allow you to put enough bait onto the feeder frame in one hit. This one does!
As with many other Method moulds you can press the feeder into the bait as hard as you like to vary the breakdown of the feed once it’s in the water. However, it’s where this mould gets its name that’s the clever part – you simply upturn it, squeeze the sides and out falls the loaded feeder.
So, what about the feeders then? I was privy to the early prototypes and got to fish with them last summer.
There are two types available, both inline models – Open and Hooped. Ricky and his team identified that you need a feeder to perform different jobs in different depths of water. The Open version is for fishing in water up to three feet deep and the Hooped is for water deeper than three feet. The design of the feeders also allows your hook bait and hook to sit right on the feeder frame without the risk of it tangling around any bars. Both types of feeder are available in 15g, 30g, 45g, 60g and 80g versions. The leads are also indented to give what Matrix call a ‘gripper base’ to help them grip on steep slopes.
The aerodynamic shape is very easy to cast accurately and the inline nature means they conform to all fishery rules where Method feeders are allowed.
The attachment of the feeder to the line is yet another innovation, though! There’s a slot on the underside of the stem so your reel line can easily slot in and out allowing you to change the feeder style or weight in seconds. It also means you can transport readymade rods without the risk of a heavy feeder hitting your rod blanks. A tail rubber locates over the feeder stem to prevent the feeder coming off the line in use. To attach your hooklength you simply need a quick-change-type bead, which locates at the rear of the feeder making it effective, yet unobtrusive.
They’re only available in a medium size at the moment, but I understand there are other sizes to come, including a small version.
All in all, brilliant products that set the benchmark for many of the other innovations to come in the Matrix range.

Evolution Method Feeder Inline (all types) £1.99
Squeeze And Feed Mould £2.99

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

FOTM August Entry

Fish Of The Month Entry August:

Ray Pricketts Entry:

I Caught 3 carp in one session at Baden Hall the first was a 18lb Common the second was a 20lb plus mirror and finally a 34lb common (as pictured). All caught on maggots on a size 6 mugga hook with a 15lb sink skin and 15lb mainline i ended up using 1 gallon in total of maggots and 5 kilos of hemp.

Remember guys and girls to enter follow this LINK upload your picture with a description of the method and equipment used with a chance to win £50 in gift vouchers!!!!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

FOTM Entry August

Fish Of The Month Entry August

Darryll Slaters Entry:

After introducing my Girlfriends son Brodie to fishing recently, he wanted to try the buzzers and get some bigger fish. He couldn't have picked a better day to come see me. This is one of 31 carp to 18.8lb in just over 12 hours he help land, hug and return at a local Godalming Angling Society water. Can you spot him All fish were caught at 60 yards to the edge of an island on a boilie I have specially made using quiet a bit of tackle I purchased for Chapmans Angling on ebay. 

Remember guys and girls to enter follow this LINK upload your picture with a description of the method and equipment used with a chance to win £50 in gift vouchers!!!!

Preston Innovations Banjo Feeder.

Preston Innovations Banjo Feeder

(as Review by match fishing)

Feeder fishing for carp is one of the most popular approaches these days, so when a clever new feeder turned up at Match Fishing HQ, Joe Carass couldn’t wait to give it the once-over.

Since the inception of commercial fisheries there has been one man who has arguably come up with more fish-catching devices than any other… Andy Findlay!

Andy has revolutionised feeder fishing and his previous three creations – the flat Method feeder, pellet feeder and pellet cone – are responsible for taking some huge weights of carp every year. But, Fin being Fin, he couldn’t stop there, hence his latest creation: the banjo feeder.

The banjo came about a couple of years ago when many of the fishery pellets were of a spongy consistency. Andy was getting fed up of not knowing whether his pellets had come off his feeder or not, so he decided to invent something – and the banjo was born!

This new feeder offers an even better form of presentation than the Method. It encapsulates the bait, allowing the moulded feed to reach the bottom intact. This is a great feature because, when using a Method feeder in deep water with pellets, the pellets often fall off without the angler realising. 

Once this banjo feeder reaches the bottom, the bait then breaks down into a lovely neat pile where your hook bait sits perfectly in among the small pile of pellets just waiting for Mr Carp to slurp them up! 

Well, that’s the theory out of the way. Preston has taken Fin’s original design and tweaked it so that it can be loaded via new purposely designed moulds. The arrival of the Method mould has changed feeder fishing for carp and made the approach more accessible to every angler; the banjo moulds are the same and make using this awesome feeder effortless. 

One of the main benefits of this feeder is how well it casts. It’s available in two sizes – small and large – with both types having quite long stems and weight-forward designs, so they cast extremely straight and true; like a dream in fact! 

This feeder is primarily designed for use with pellets of 4mm or less but it will work with groundbait too. I have used this feeder quite a lot recently and have had plenty of success by using dusted 2mm pellets and a small 4mm pellet hook bait. I believe this is perfect and suits the delicate presentation that the banjo offers. 

The feeder is available in small and large sizes in both inline and elasticated versions. There are three weights available too, with 15g, 30g and 45g allowing just about every distance to be covered.

To sum up then, banjos won’t replace the Method feeders in my box – they aren’t meant to – but I will always carry a set for when I want to offer a different kind of presentation to the carp. Yet again, Preston, and Andy Findlay, has come up with a winner and I am sure that there will be countless matches won on this fiendishly clever feeder.

Elasticated feeder: £2.25
Moulds: £2.99
Sizes available: Small, large
Weights: 15g, 30g, 45g

Monday, 20 August 2012

FOTM Entry August

Fish Of The Month Entry August

Irene Peacocks Entry:

My 71 year old Nan with her best of the day caught at our club waters , New Lake at Ockley. Freelined with her own recipe paste. A lovely 12lb common.

Remember guys and girls to enter follow this LINK upload your picture with a description of the method and equipment used with a chance to win £50 in gift vouchers!!!! 

FOTM Entry August

Robert Fenn's Entry:

I caught this 32lb mirror  at Barley lands in Essex. And time of fishing it this is one of the hardest waters, I caught this on12lb mainline shimano low visibility on a safe zone lead hook link was 15lb entrap down to a size 8wide gape hook This was the fourth fish of the session all caught on my homemade boilies.
When: 10 Aug 2012
Where: Barleylands, Essex

Remember guys and girls to enter follow this LINK upload your picture with a description of the method and equipment used with a chance to win £50 in gift vouchers!!!! 

Map TKS 125 Pole Carptek Deal

Map TKS 125 Pole Carptek Deal

Here is your chance to grab one of the best sub £400 poles on the market and also get yourself a top class reel, holdall, carryall and cool bag! The TKS 125 is a cracking pole, super stiff and weighing only 690 grams at 10.5 metres. The Carptek reel is a slick looking reel new for 2012 that features the Map Auto clip line system, 9 ball bearings & two handle options. The Carptek luggage also new for 2012 is specifically designed for commercial fisheries, high quality luggage that looks super smart in black and red.
What do you get:

Friday, 17 August 2012

Sonik SK3 and SK4 Carp Rod Deal

Chapmans Angling Rod deal. Buy 2 Sonik SK3 Carp Rods OR Sonik SK4 Carp Rods and get one rod FREE Plus get a free stillwater margin rod!

Sonik SK3 Carp Rods

SK3 carp rods have powerful casting actions that are easy to compress and will therefore adapt to a wide variety of casting styles. Manufactured from the finest Japanese Toray carbon fibres, the advanced tapers produce rapid dampening properties to ensure long, accurate casts time after time. Having achieved over 200 yards in testing with a standard off the ground cast, they are superb, all round big pit rods that are also equally at home when playing fish in the margins, thanks to the forgiving tip. Available in 12' 2.5lb, 2.75lb, 3lb and 3.5lb to cover the vast majority of UK fishing applications.

  • Smooth, matt grey carbon blanks with powerful casting actions.
  • Slim, contoured full Duplon handles for extra comfort and grip when playing fish.
  • Gun smoke aluminium end cap, laser engraved with SONIK logo.
  • Custom SONIK graphite Soft touch reel seat with gun smoke aluminium collars at each end.
  • Smooth Carbon Line Clip.
  • Lightweight SIC Guides - 40mm butt and 30mm rings are double legged, remainder single leg for reduced weight and improved response to the tip section.
  • Black whippings with best quality low build varnish finish.
  • Supplied in quality cloth bag.
  • Backed up by the SONIK Product Warranty and RAPIDEX immediate replacement service for total peace of mind.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Sonik SK4 Carp Rods

Sk4 carp rods are slimmer, lighter, more responsive and better specified than any other carp rods on the market at this price. Period. You only need to pick one up to realise how well balanced and responsive the blank feels. Beautiful for playing fish, but still with plenty of 'gas in the tank' when it comes to launching a fully loaded PVA bag to the horizon. We guarantee that once you have tried them you will find it difficult to justify spending any more on a set of carp rods. Superbly built with a careful attention to detail that typifies the SONIK approach to rod design.
  • Smooth matt grey high modulus carbon blanks incorporating a 1K carbon weave between the handles for extra hoop strength and durability
  • Ultra slim, abbreviated handles with Japanese shrink wrap on lower handle for comfortable grip
  • Gun smoke aluminium end cap, laser engraved with SONIK logo.
  • Genuine Fuji DNPS customised with soft touch paint for secure and comfortable grip
  • Gun smoke aluminium collars with fine machined hole decoration
  • Smooth carbon line clip
  • Lightweight SIC Guides - 40mm & 30mm double legged, remainder single leg for improved tip response
  • Supplied in quality cloth bag
  • Backed up by the SONIK Product Warranty and RAPIDEX immediate replacement service for total peace of mind
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

FOTM Entry August

Fish of the month entry August.

Jack Harris's Entry:

Ii decided to do an evening session down a local day ticket water, and fished in the margins with a float rod for the larger carp, and I legered a cell 15mm boilie with a little stick of a special mix what my sisters boyfriend made up for me. I fished about a rod length to the right to me tight to a reed bed.  and then scattered 15 cell boilies over the top. Around 15 minute wait the rod arched over,  came of my rod rest and i was into a very nice common. It took me a good 30- 35 mins to get in,  as soon as it head hit the surface he plowed down and would not give up. I was only using 6lb line with a size 10 hook, so took it slow and easy. Then it slipped over the net I was so happy with a lovely 14lb 14oz common carp.

Remember guys and girls to enter follow this LINK upload your picture with a description of the method and equipment used with a chance to win £50 in gift vouchers!!!!

FOTM Entry August.

Fish of the month entry August

Dean Johnsons Entry:

Caught this beautiful 11 pound mirror carp on Saturday at Beechwood Park, Derby caught it by stalking a few carp that were basking in the sun next to some lilly pads. Dropped a little cube of luncheon meat next to a lilly and off it went.

Remember guys and girls to enter follow this LINK upload your picture with a description of the method and equipment used with a chance to win £50 in gift vouchers!!!!

Map Quick Change Feeder System

(as reviewed by match fishing)
Match Fishing’s Joe Carass takes a look at a new feeder range from MAP that is one of the most versatile on the market.

As regular readers of this magazine will know, we are huge fans of what the lads at MAP are doing. They keep coming up with clever and innovative products that are a little bit different from the norm. All of these products aim to solve a problem that exists in the world of match fishing.

The latest MAP products to hit the Match Fishing office are Quick Change feeders. With venues now insisting on inline feeders of one sort or another it has become a pain to swap and change feeders on rods that you set up at home. And this is where the MAP boffins come in, with their clever design process.

The feeders themselves are based around an inline tube system. This, along with a tail rubber, is threaded onto the line and is left on there permanently. There is a slot along the bottom of the feeders, which are then placed over your main line and then slid down over the tube and secured in place. This is a very neat, versatile and simple system, and I can’t help but wonder why nobody has done it before!

As far as the feeders go, there are three different versions, all in three different sizes and several different weights. The first is a nifty little pellet feeder, which features a nice recess at the front that allows the pellets to be compressed nicely into it. These are then pressed against a rear wall that only allows the bait to spill out one way and then surround your hook bait. I must admit the smallest size looks lovely for cold-water commercials where minimal bait is needed. 

The next two feeder designs are a cage feeder and a more standard open-ended version that has no holes in it whatsoever. These are general, all-purpose feeders that will cover a variety of situations where an inline feeder will be better than a standard paternoster-style rig. This is particularly effective when you want to fish short hooklengths of up to 12 inches as the inline system gives you a bolt-rig setup. One thing that I particularly like is the length of the tubes. In my experience having a longish stem really does help your casting and makes the feeder fly as straight as an arrow. 

The only criticism I have about the range is that it is crying out for a Method feeder that works with the tube system. This would then make it the most versatile system on the market and you could have all of your rods set up with just a tube and then select the correct feeder on the day. However I did speak to MAP and they told me that there is going to be a Method feeder added to the range at a later date, which is great news. 

All in all I really like this range of feeders, and they make setting up and choosing the right feeder for any situation easy. They are a great price too, which will appeal to a lot of anglers, so make sure you check them out.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

New Korum Products Just in!!

Thinking Tackle Digital Mag OUT NOW!!!



Korda are very proud to introduce the latest addition to there media portfolio, Thinking Tackle Digital – Kordas first digital magazine. Rather than just produce what is effectively normal magazine on your desktop, Korda have tried to push the boat out a little, engineering a degree of interactivity into TTD, including scrolling sequences, moving elements and films within many articles. What’s more, it’s completely, FREE, and it always will be.

TTD gives us the opportunity to explore the tactics that Team Korda use on the TV show in much greater depth, giving you the tips and edges that we can’t fit into the shows! You’ll get an exclusive glimpse into the off-screen angling that the likes of Danny Fairbrass, Ali Hamidi and Adam Penning do, giving you the inside track on how they catch the fish that you see on the screen. There are also reviews by the team members, giving you their opinions on the kit that they choose to use.


So, how can you get hold of this magazine? Well, there are three main ways. Firstly, you can view it online at Secondly, you can download it from the AppStore for your iPad – this is a big file, but downloading allows you to view the mag and all it’s films offline – wherever you are! Finally, you can access TTD through the Korda Facebook page. All you have to do is click on the box that’s called Digital Magazine, right next to Korda’s videos. Please note; the TTD is not for use with smartphones.

TTD is set to go from strength to strength as we improve it and learn more about what you guys want from TTD. Look out for issue two in the autumn and if you’ve got any comments about issue one, then let us know by emailing Remember, if you like it, then make sure that you share it using the envelope button in our little toolbar, which you’ll find on every page, and pass on the magazine to your mates!!


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

FOTM August Entry

 Fish of the month entry August!

Michael Christie's Entry:

I caught this 41lb common after chasing it for a year and a half from a notoriously hard lake in kent. Jo chan boilies from the nuts bait fished snowman style and korda super natural wiv a size 8 wide gape did the trick for me this was attached to a 3oz fox lead fished straight through on 15lb sensor main line. 

Remember guys and girls to enter follow this LINK upload your picture with a description of the method and equipment used with a chance to win £50 in gift vouchers!!!!