Fish of the Month August Entry - Tom's 30lb common

This is a picture of a 30lb 2oz river carp and was Tom’s 1st 30lb common and 1st carp from the river. He caught it from the river Nene in Northamptonshire.

Tom said “I stalked a small shoal of large carp for around two hours and continually fed them over this time before this beautiful carp took the bait. I used a size 12 hook, 8lb line, and a small home-made stick float that i trotted a small piece of floating bread from. Once the bread went over the other carp in the shoal a large framed fish come out of the weed at the back of them and snaffled the bait. I had the fish on for over 15 minutes and it weeded me up several times. It really was a special occasion to have a river thirty of such amazing size and beauty. A great example of what the rivers and lakes in the Nene valley hold and i was very grateful to have caught a few special old carp from the area”