Maver Elite Carp Pole

There are loads of carp poles available on the market, but with this new Maver pole claiming to raise the bar Joe Carass just had to check it out!
Working at Match Fishing we get to see poles on an almost daily basis, and I must admit very few really raise the eyebrows. Most are so good these days that I have come to expect quality and usability at just about every price point. 
However, just recently I had heard rave reviews about the Maver Elite Carp. The internet forums were alive with chat about this new pole, and we just had to get our hands on one. 
I spoke to Joe Lowe from Maver and he told me about the retail value of this pole. Although all of the Maver poles carrying the Elite label have considerably high price tags they are unbelievable bits of kit, so when Joe told me the RRP of the Elite Carp was over £2,000 I wasn’t surprised at all. Just as I was about to carry on with my work he then said: “BUT, Maver will sell it for £699 for the 13m, or £799 for the 14.5m package.” My first thoughts were how could this be, and is it really a £2,000 pole? 
I couldn’t wait to give it a go, and quickly arranged a session at The Glebe Fishery to really put the pole through its paces.
The Elite Carp is available at 13 or 14.5 metres and as soon as you get it out of the luxury holdall it is supplied in you just know it is one hell of a pole! Its graphics are awesome, and eye-catching to say the least. When I put the pole together for the first time I couldn’t help but notice just how slim it is. It is extremely comfortable to fish at length and has awesome wall strength. It is also surprisingly stiff; I must admit I thought this pole could be a bit of a floppy brute, given its reputed strength, but my fears soon vanished as this pole is stiff and beautifully balanced, and that’s with the supplied power kits attached. 
Well, with that out of the way I just had to catch a few carp on it and try to pile on the pressure to see just how strong it was. I chose to fish on Peg 30 on Lake One, a corner peg where I decided to fish at 14.5 metres along the bank. One interesting thing I did was to use elastic with just a standard bung, which would mean that I would have to play the bigger fish on a top four and really give these, sometimes weak, sections a workout. 
To cut a long story short, it was solid! I caught loads of big carp that required considerable force to land, the pole came up trumps and to be honest I couldn’t believe just how good it is. If all I did was go fishing for large fish then this would be right at the top of my list of poles to look at, but that’s not to say that it isn’t good for anything else. In fact, Maver Midlands angler Wayne Mellings was using his on the canal in the recent Drennan Knockout Cup, so it is a pole that can easily do anything. 
I can see now just why the Elite Carp was causing such a stir if anybody is in the market for a pole in this price range then definitely check it out, because I know you will be impressed!

14.5m RRP: £2,100 
Special Offer Price £799.99

4 X Easy Flow Power Kits 
Cupping Kit and Cups
Mini Extension
Holdall and Tubes
Clean Caps
Instructional DVD