Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Middy White Knuckle Rod

Middy White Knuckle Rod 

(as reviewed by Tcf)


TCF checks out the Middy 10ft White Knuckle Carp Waggler Rod.

As the summer heat raises the water temperature, carp in commercial venues move up in the water, and that’s the time to get the pellet-waggler rod out. The trouble is, many of the rods out there can be a little on the long side when tackling small waters where you are casting short distances, making it difficult to control the flight of the float.

Middy has come up with a tool that will deal with the problem – the 10ft White Knuckle Carp Waggler. It’s a two-piece rod, rated for lines up to 10lb, and a quick play with it in the office indicated that it has a smooth, progressive through action and plenty of power on board to play fish. It also has the feel of a rod that can cast an 8g-plus float to a longer distance. But what is it like to catch fish with?
I set the rod up with an 8g pellet waggler and set off for a local water, which responds to the tactic. Before fishing in anger I decided to test the sort of distance I could reach with such a short rod. The conditions were a little on the breezy side, but I could comfortably hit 40 metres with the weighted float and a 6mm banded bait on board.

After feeding a mark at about 25 metres for 15 minutes or so with half a dozen 6mm pellets, I made my first cast. There was certainly no issue with being able to cast accurately, but the wind forced me to recast a little more frequently than I would have liked. Ten casts later I got the first bite, a small fish of about 2lb, and it was at this point I discovered that the rod had a pretty stiff tip action, as the fish put very little bend into it.

Take note of the line rating of this rod – 10lb main line and 8lb hook link. I certainly wouldn’t fish too light, especially at distance, as the effort needed to strike home the hook, would, I believe, result in a breakage. In all honesty, I don’t really think it’s an issue, as the rod will happily cope with bigger fish on 8lb-plus lines. I certainly wouldn’t fish any lighter if 5lb-plus fish were the target!

This is a cracking little rod, which in my opinion would benefit from a shorter handle if a Mark 2 version were to hit the market. However, it easily handled the small carp I bagged during the session. And for the price, it’s well worth a waggle in your local tackle shop.

10ft White Knuckle Carp Waggler Rod

Sections: Two
Line rating: 10lb main line, 8lb hook link


Monday, 24 September 2012

Fish of the month entry September

 Fish of the month September.

Anthony Tierneys Entry:

My biggest common from a club water at 25lb, I Caught this one on the Prologic DD  Baits Monster Crab Crunch boilies 20mm popup with a 20mm bottom bait making a snowman rig. I also used the 30mm boilies chopped in to 4 as loose feed in a PVA bag. I caught the fish from 70 yards next to a reed bed. I cast out the lead system on its own so I could get within inches of the reed bed, then clipping on the rig for the final cast. well happy as this was the first time I used the bait.

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MAP Launch New Pole Range

MAP Launch New Pole Range

(as reviewed by pole fishing)

 Midland match brand MAP have launched there new ‘01’ range of poles, with a state of the art video aired on You Tube. The video showcases the new features that the range has to offer, including a new anti friction finish, and improvements to the already popular TKS system.

They told us: “For the last two years we have really pushed the boundaries on pole development. Using new and exclusive mandrels and the very latest in carbon technology, we have created a range of poles that not only offer outstanding performance, but also offer a host of innovative features.”

Each pole comes supplied with a comprehensive spares package as standard. TKS retailers have the ability to swap the top kits to suit your own needs, giving you the ability to choose your own spares package.”

There are a total of eight poles in the range, going from the budget priced 13m TKS101, to the flagship TKS 801 that sells for £2,100.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Just Arrived Today!!

Fish of the month entry September

Fish of the month entry September

Martin Chandlers Entry:

I caught the pictured 39 pound mirror carp on one of my own homemade popups fished on a kd rig over a small spread out bed of my homemade boilies. The fish beat my previous pb by over 11 pounds and it put up an amzing fight lasting about 20 minutes and really tested my tackle to the limits. The carp was caught at Willowcroft Fisheries, Wisbech, Cambs and has topped an amazing year for me catching a lot of quality carp all on my own bait.

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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Fish of the month entry September

Fish of the month entry September

Joe Aucotts Entry:

After 40 years of not fishing restart after retiring with the help of 2 good friends get my best ever fish of 30 lbs 2ozs on private water in Devon. I used Shimano rods baitrunner st reels Korda end tackle.
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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Fish of the month entry September.

Fish of the month entry September:

Dean Talbots Entry:

16lb 8oz mirror from brimsham lake in yate near Bristol came on a snowman of tigernut boilie and cathedral city chedds just 10 minutes of being at the free lake, had a small hooklink of n trap on a fox saftey lead clip and a small pva stick mix to add a lil attraction. lovely

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Adam's carpy tales
Well my fishing time has taken a turn for the worst! After the birth of my little boy on June 9th, I can safely say I’m angling on limited time.

The last week in July was the Preston Innovations Week at White Acres fishery, as part of National Fishing Month the top match fishing consultants travel down to the stunning Cornish holiday venue to give non-anglers, beginners and even some experienced match anglers tonnes of hints and tips to improve their fishing. I managed to sneak a rod in on a couple of days and bag myself some cracking little carp along with some skimmers and tench.

Now onto the good stuff! The first full week in august each year see’s the countries best junior carp anglers trying their best to become the British Young Carpers Angling Champion at Linear Fisheries, Oxford. The Event which is run by Angling Publications, my previous employer, allowed me the chance to meet up with old friends and even manage to bag myself a night’s fishing on one of the complex’s lakes.

Hardwick/Smiths is known in the specimen fishing world to hold some cracking tench that run into double figures.  That would do me nicely. To say I was looking forward to my first night in over two months was an understatement. I even had some worms from White Acres left over for added tench attraction. I was up early on Saturday morning to load the car with my gear. Upon opening my carryall ii was hit by a smell that is worse than any other; I can deal with rotting fish, bad toilet odours, even mouldy particles but nothing in the world compares to the smell of dead worms! It was time for a change of plan. Out came a tin of Sonubaits Hemp ‘n’ Mini Maize, a bag of 6mm Elliptical Pellets and some 50:50 Method Paste Groundbait. This would have to be my best option.

Arriving in my swim at 8.30pm, I quickly through up a brolly, threw my bedchair under and proceeded to sort my rods. I put out the bait mix to a silt patch at 40yards and cast two small Refresha Pop-ups over the top.The night was quiet but at 4.45am I had a take on my left hand rod, picking up the rod I felt a series of strong taps – very much like those of a good tench! After 20 minutes of playing the fish through various large weed beds I managed to slide the net under a huge… ball of weed. Was there a fish inside? At this point I had no idea. Peeling back the weed revealed a short dumpy mirror carp. Not my intended quarry but I was happy not to have blanked. A quick lift onto the scales showed that it weighed 11lb exactly – a gorgeous linear that will look great when it puts on a few pounds. Unfortunately that was my only fish of the session, but going home with a fish smelling net put a smile on my face!

Last weekend I think the missus had a funny turn; after waking up on Sunday morning she asked me if I was going fishing! My jaw hit the floor, this had got to be a wind up. It wasn’t and before she could change her mind I was in the shed sorting some gear for an afternoon stalking.I chose a small lake not too far from my home in Telford; it’s only a small lake but holds 5 very old carp. I’m not going to name the venue, but let’s call it – the reedy pond. On arrival at the reedy pond I grabbed my gear, and had a walk around the lake looking for signs of carp. They were not hard to find. The unmistakeable white and orange dorsal of an old Koi breaking the surface gave away their position. I crept right up to the fish, and carefully flicked a trimmed down, free-lined pop-up near the fish. Three of the 5 carp came right up to the bait, studied it can turned away; after an hour of fishing all I had managed to do was alert the fish that something was not right! Not the cleverest of things to do on a small, gin-clear lake.

I had to change my approach, and with the Swans and other birdlife not present, I went for the visual approach. From my time at Sparsholt and time spent watching carp from trees I have found that they are very curious and very receptive to colour! I chose a bright white Sonubaits Hot Chocolate Pop-up, this would look similar to bread fed to the ducks, one of these carp’s main food sources, but also stand out well on the dark bottom.
I flicked my favourite pop-up rig out to the far reed line where the fish were patrolling, slackened off the line and sat back. Not even half an hour passed before the line lifted and started to shake. A quick look out to the spot, showed an angry carp on the surface, trying to rid itself from the super sharp size 6 Xpert Specimen Hook in its bottom lip.

The fish fought extremely hard, powering up and down the lake, trying its best to get free. You could tell that this fish hadn’t been hooked in a while. After a 10 minute battle the fish was lying in the bottom of the landing net. Peering into the net, I had to look twice. Lying in the bottom of my landing net was the best looking fish I had ever hooked. Black across the back and chestnut coloured on the underside laid a long lean zip linear. I quickly weighed and unhooked the fish. 17lb 2oz it weighed, not big but this fish was much older than me. With nobody around I took a few self-takes of the fish; then slipped her back to join the others.
On such a small lake and with the fight I had just had, I didn’t think I would catch another so decided to pack my gear away and return home to celebrate with a cold can of beer!

Hopefully I can earn some brownie points and get back to the reedy pond. After all there are 4 more carp in that lake that I’m missing from my photo album.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Fish of the month entry September

Fish of the month entry September

Alex Falconers Entry:

I caught the fish Monday 3rd September 2012  Loch Shiel, our boat made an unscheduled stop at a local pier to clear a blocked bilge pump, first cast, bang, what a result It is my first ever double figure fish and one of a lifetime. There were no scales available, but its estimated to be around 18lbs a member of the party fishes loch Shiel regularly and has taken ferox to 15lbs, and this was much bigger. It took around 25 mins to land, and was safely returned to the water to fight another day Several others witnessed the first being caught, landed and returned  I had several notable firsts that day, first trip to Loch Shiel, First Fishing Trip this season, First Double Figure fish  landed on First Cast  Used shimano spinning rod, okuma reel  tazmanian devil.

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