30 plus Multi-Chair Leg Adaptor at Chapmans

Coming Soon Multi-Chair Leg Adaptor

Relaxing back on a chair is a great way of fishing, but it can leave you a little isolated from your rod(s).

It is really ideal if you can drop your hand over the rod the instant you see any signs of a bite. 30Plus have now come up with an adaptor that allows you to convert your chair to allow you to do just that. The Multi Chair Leg Adaptor can be simply clamped around round legged chairs and convert your chair into a fishing station.

Once you have bought the adaptor you can add numerous accessories including feeder arms, trays, back rests and so on. If your existing chair is comfy and has never let you down then invest in the low cost of one of these adaptors and bring your chair into the 21st century. You will not look back, having everything at your fingertips while sitting back waiting for that fish of a lifetime is a great feeling.

Once the adaptor is fitted it will neatly fold away when not in use and does not stop a chair folding down for transport. It's a brilliant little gadget that should have been thought about years ago!