Middy White Knuckle Rod

Middy White Knuckle Rod 

(as reviewed by Tcf)


TCF checks out the Middy 10ft White Knuckle Carp Waggler Rod.

As the summer heat raises the water temperature, carp in commercial venues move up in the water, and that’s the time to get the pellet-waggler rod out. The trouble is, many of the rods out there can be a little on the long side when tackling small waters where you are casting short distances, making it difficult to control the flight of the float.

Middy has come up with a tool that will deal with the problem – the 10ft White Knuckle Carp Waggler. It’s a two-piece rod, rated for lines up to 10lb, and a quick play with it in the office indicated that it has a smooth, progressive through action and plenty of power on board to play fish. It also has the feel of a rod that can cast an 8g-plus float to a longer distance. But what is it like to catch fish with?
I set the rod up with an 8g pellet waggler and set off for a local water, which responds to the tactic. Before fishing in anger I decided to test the sort of distance I could reach with such a short rod. The conditions were a little on the breezy side, but I could comfortably hit 40 metres with the weighted float and a 6mm banded bait on board.

After feeding a mark at about 25 metres for 15 minutes or so with half a dozen 6mm pellets, I made my first cast. There was certainly no issue with being able to cast accurately, but the wind forced me to recast a little more frequently than I would have liked. Ten casts later I got the first bite, a small fish of about 2lb, and it was at this point I discovered that the rod had a pretty stiff tip action, as the fish put very little bend into it.

Take note of the line rating of this rod – 10lb main line and 8lb hook link. I certainly wouldn’t fish too light, especially at distance, as the effort needed to strike home the hook, would, I believe, result in a breakage. In all honesty, I don’t really think it’s an issue, as the rod will happily cope with bigger fish on 8lb-plus lines. I certainly wouldn’t fish any lighter if 5lb-plus fish were the target!

This is a cracking little rod, which in my opinion would benefit from a shorter handle if a Mark 2 version were to hit the market. However, it easily handled the small carp I bagged during the session. And for the price, it’s well worth a waggle in your local tackle shop.

10ft White Knuckle Carp Waggler Rod

Sections: Two
Line rating: 10lb main line, 8lb hook link