Prodigy Tackle Base Rucksack

(as reviewed by total coarse fishing)
There is a huge choice of new gear and accessories in the new Greys Prodigy range, which has been well received by the angling public.

I reviewed the Klip-Lok Tackle Base back in April of this year and gave it a big ‘thumbs up’. In fact I’m still using it now for my barbel sessions, as it holds everything I need to set up my rigs.

That brings me nicely to the Prodigy Tackle Base Rucksack. From its name you will have gathered that it ties in somewhere with the Tackle Base and you would be right, as the front pocket of the rucksack has been designed to hold one. But, that’s just part of what this luggage offers.

Starting at the top, there is a shallow pocket, which is ideal for short banksticks, buzz bars and alarms – mine fit perfectly. Below that, there is a medium-capacity, built-in cool bag to ensure your bait is kept fresh throughout the session. On each side of the luggage there are three pockets. You could describe them as small, medium and large, which I have used to carry reels, and larger accessories like my bag of leads and feeders.

That takes me on to the main compartment. It’s big, but not such a silly size that if you packed it full, you couldn’t lift the bag. I used this to carry a fleece, waterproof top and a towel, plus two smaller tackle boxes with my carp and float fishing bits onboard. That sounds like a lot of gear and it is. But, it enables me to transport everything I need in one piece of luggage when I spend a few days down in the south of England. For that alone, the rucksack gets a 10 out of 10!

On the subject of transportation, the luggage comes with a well-padded back, as well as padded shoulder straps and a thickly padded waist strap. So, carting it any distance doesn’t put a strain on the upper body.

I’m the first to admit that I rarely carry a load of gear to a venue, as I prefer to travel light, especially when fishing rivers. However, I’ve taken it on a few carp adventures while the rivers were closed, where I managed to fit in everything I needed, including food and drink, for a stress-free session.

I’ve yet to find out how the rucksack performs in the wet, and with the way the British weather is behaving this year I’m not sure when I will.

Still, if you are looking for a good-quality rucksack that’s well built and offers plenty of space for your gear, large or small, then the Prodigy Tackle Base Rucksack is well worth a good look.

Prodigy Tackle Base Rucksack