Monday, 29 October 2012

Fish of the month entry October.

Fish of the month entry October

Olly Lawrences Entry:

i caught this fish on a simple blowback rig with a cell pop up and a bag of pellt fished to a set of reeds on the far margin at a private lake and it weighed 16lb

Remember guys and girls to enter follow this LINK upload your picture with a description of the method and equipment used with a chance to win £50 in gift vouchers!!!!

Friday, 26 October 2012

Awesome Deal on The Trabucco Cyclone Rods!!

The New Delkim ES Indication Set

Following the success of the NiteLite Pro and DuoCarb, Delkim has added to its range of accessories with the launch of the exciting new ES Indication Set.
The ES Indication Set combines two new products, the ES NiteLite Pro and the ES DuoCarb which are designed to be used attached together in all conditions, but still allowing the ES NiteLite Pro to be used as a free hanging bobbin if required.
Field testing has shown that used in conjunction with the new Smart Clip the ES Indication Set gives total flexibility using any combination of slack, right through to tight lines. The combination of the ES NiteLite Pro/ES DuoCarb results in a complete visual bite indication system that is Extra Short - Extra Slim - Extra Sensitive - Extra Stable - Extra Stylish.
The ES NiteLite Pro is a new, extra short NiteLite Pro. It is a combined illuminating hanger, line clip, cable assembly (170mm) and bite alarm attachment all in one.
Available in each of the six Delkim colours, the internal LED replicates the Delkim Plus range of alarms' LED functions, flashing, latching and Night Marking, all without additional batteries. It is strong and hangs perfectly like a chain.
The main body of the ES NiteLite Pro has been modified slightly to allow the bobbin to stay on the line, even when tight and the ES DuoCarb is almost vertical. This allows the user to gain the maximum effect from the ES Indication Set.
The ES DuoCarb is a new extra short and slim, fixed length (102mm) DuoCarb Pivoting Hanger Support. It is designed specifically to be used with the ES NiteLite Pro.
With its unique carbon fibre rod design, the ES DuoCarb is extremely rigid and lightweight. It has dedicated quick release attachment at both ends for use with the ES NiteLite Pro, D-Lok and Delkim Plus range bite alarms.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Scunthorpe Relaunch Open Day

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Our Scunthorpe Store has recently had an extensive refit costing around £100,000. This included the shop being redecorated with new carpets being fitted a new computer system being installed and the store being completely redesigned in terms of layout.

General Manager Mark Wilkinson said: “After 23 years the Beechway store was looking tired and needed bring up to the standards we set ourselves as a company. We felt that customers in the Scunthorpe area deserved the same quality of store as our customers experience in Hull.
We’re absolutely delighted, even customers who have been using the store for 20 years have walked in and said ‘wow!’”

To celebrate our Scunthorpe store’s new look we are holding a re-opening event on Saturday November 3. “We have John Wilson, who was voted greatest angler of all time, and predator expert Mick Brown coming to open the store,” These super stars of the angling world will be cutting the ribbon at 9am and be available throughout the day to chat too, ask advice and sign books or rods!

With free parking and free entry aswell as special guests, special offers and free tea and coffee throughout the day you’d be mad to miss out! And don’t forget we are also starting our Christmas sale on the same day, with over a quarter of a million pounds worth of products reduced!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Clothing Tips for winter by Korum

Clothing Tips for Winter

Stay Warm Whilst Fishing

(as Blogged by Korum)

As an avid carp angler, I have often found myself out on the bank in some extreme winter conditions! Waking up to find even your sleeping bag is white-over only goes to confirm even more the importance of wearing the correct winter clothing. I've been caught out before through choosing the wrong outfit, but have learnt along the way what clothing combinations work, and which ones don't.
In the winter I also do a lot of river pike fishing, usually with lures, which means covering mile upon mile in a single day. This requires a different approach to winter clothing again, which I hope to elaborate on in this feature.
Choose Wisely

If you're fishing from a station like a Korum Chair or a seatbox, or even sat in a bivvy or shelter, then you'll need to consider your clothing options carefully. As you aren't moving around so much, staying warm is much more difficult.
My advice would be to layer-up, as you can always take layers off when there's a mild spell. You'll also want to remove layers as you travel to your swim with your kit, and as you set up your shelter and fishing station for the session. Keeping lots of layers on will cause you to sweat, creating moisture. When this moisture cools down, so will you, and you'll wonder why your numerous layers and winter jacket and trousers aren't doing the job.

Caption: Layers and headware are essential in keeping warm on cold nights like this.

Remember, if you're travelling to your swim or just setting up, take off a few layers, take off your winter hat, and pop it all back on again when your body starts cooling down.
For me, a winter trip's clothing is weather dependant. If it's seriously cold (or you feel the cold more) you'll want something different to if it's reasonably mild, but wet. Here's a brief rundown of what I suggest this winter:
Base layer - The Korum 2-piece Undersuit is ideal as a base layer. Not too thick, but still warm. I tend to wear a base layer that's a snug fit, as my initial combat from the elements.

Caption: A good base layer will last you years.

Second layer - Whilst a Microfleece is a more effective second layer than a hoodie, some anglers prefer hoodies for the extra protection around the neck area and ears. Both will be a good second layer. Try not to wear either too tight - the trapped air between your base layer and second layer will warm up quickly and keep you nice and comfortable.

Caption: Microfleece layers and waterproof outer layers are essential.

 Outer layers - A waterproof outer layer is essential, and the Korum 3-in-1 Suit and Thermal Suit both have very waterproof jackets. The jacket with the 3-in-1 suit is lightly lined and best for a roving angler who wants a wind and waterproof layer that packs down small when not required. The Thermal Suit, meanwhile, is well padded and more suitable if you're sitting still on a chair, bedchair or seatbox. Around your legs, a Bib & Brace can be really effective when combating wind due to the extra protection around the waist and lower back, whilst Trousers offer, again, a nice alternative for an active, roaming angler.

Caption: When choosing headware, think about the weather conditions.
Headwear - If you don't feel the cold too much around your ears, a light beanie hat will be okay, but the Korum Knitted Hat is a really effective way to combat the wind and cold air. If it's raining, the dedicated Korum Winter Hat is a better option, as it offers full-round protection and is waterproof.

Caption: Korum's Gary Knowles uses the Thermal Suit layers and fleeces to stay warm, with the Winter Hat.

Extras - The Korum Neck Warmer can make a massive difference on icier days with strong northerly or easterly winds, and the Microfibre Towel is a sensible option as dry hands are warm hands. We all know that feeling of freezing cold finger tips after handling a wet fish! We also sell Polaroid Sunglasses to help you spot fish too. These remove the glare from water, giving you a better view of what lies under the surface.

Caption: Added extras can make a massive difference to your enjoyment of fishing.

As you can see, the Korum clothing range offers a full variety of items to keep you protected from the elements. Remember, you can't catch fish sat at home, so get out there in the cooler months and catch one of the many obliging winter species we have in this country. Get out there!

Friday, 19 October 2012

TKS Poles Everything you ever wanted from a pole...

New Stillwater Module Luggage

Huge savings on everything from terminal & accessories right up to rods, poles and bivvies! Here's a few very special deals from our End of Season Sale available to buy now!

Competition with anglers mail!

Competition along side Anglers mail.

We've teamed up with Angler's Mail magazine to offer a top Stillwater Easy chair to one lucky winner. To enter, first like both the Chapmans Angling and Angler’s Mail Facebook pages, then click on this link and follow the instructions: Comp closes Tuesday AM – Good luck!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Nights are for zombies and extras in Michael Jacksons Thriller, and besides, my job drags me out on wet cold nights, albeit chasing miscreants in a 4x4.

That said it's that time of year when you can do a few hours into dark, when all is quiet and have a great chance of a whacker as they feed up for the cold times ahead.
An old dog like me needs a kick sometimes, and in my case it's young Pallatrax Star, Ryan Lippitt, who I have known and fished with for years, bar his short spell when he went and served for Queen and Country in Afghanistan.

My summer off the top fishing, and stalking had been replaced by more static bottom baits, and truthfully the Carp in the lake I fish were doing me!
I sought advice from the top carpy boys in the Avid team, Finchy, Nige Williams, Mat Woods, Adam Firth, Ryan, in fact all guys that knew a lot more about this type of carp fishing than me.
My rigs were rubbish I concluded, and the attention-to-detail missing, so myself and the mad keen Ryan decided to have a little Carpy campaign fishing together, but apart, on different areas of the lake.

The previous week Adam joined me on a commercial feature for Korum, catching smaller Carp and trying out and filming some new gear in action, at the same time bringing me down some Avid Carp and Korum bits, all guaranteed to help me nail a whacker.

My Carp gear consists of Korum 2 and half pound Carp Rods, real player’s rods that bend properly, and are more than sufficient for the job, they also double as my Pike rods on the rivers. The fabulous Korum KZR 6000 Mini Pit reels, loaded with some prototype 12lb line, incorporating a ten yard 20lb Fluorocarbon leader and to this I thread a length of Avid Carp thread and go tungsten tubing, with a 2.5oz K-Grip Lead, this runs onto a size 8 swivel, to which is tied the hooklink. A simple braid hooklink, about 7inches long with a knotless knot, and Korum Xpert Power size 8 Hook, using Korum Anti-Eject Sleeves on the eye to help the hook to find a hold when fish takes it. A piece of Avid Transfer PVA tape, doubled up, and holding 5 boilies is hooked onto the rig.

I rarely fish far out, and catapult or throw in a few pellets and hemp and tigers, from Sonubaits around the hookbait.

Well first trip out, on my new rigs, this was the result, a wonderful Big Common, and with young Ryan to share it with me and take some ace photos, we both went home happy men. Watch this space as the campaign continues, the old firm is back hauling!

Good luck all, keep it simple, and who knows what you might catch.

Friday, 12 October 2012

End of season SALE!!

Fish of the month entry October

Fish of the month entry October!

I caught this 27lb 2oz common on a 10mm cell topped with black rig foam glugged in cell juice on a K D rig in the pouring rain after waiting nearly 2 days finally she started feeding  about 1 o'clock in the morning Sunday 7th October at Tricklebrook lakes paddock wood.

Remember guys and girls to enter follow this LINK upload your picture with a description of the method and equipment used with a chance to win £50 in gift vouchers!!!!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Daiwa Infinity Sale Items

Infinty sale!!

Sale price £119.99 from £169.99!!

  • Width: 2600mm
  • Depth: 1800mm
  • Height: 1600mm
  • Nylon: 210D
  • Hydrostatic Head: 100%WP 

Product Description 

Lightweight powder coated aluminium frame, made from 210D PU waterproof material with 5m hydrostatic head, detachable front with roll up door and side window, velcro fastening removable heavy duty ground sheet, supplied with heavy duty bivvy pegs, room capacity for one man with a bed chair.

Sale Price £99.99 from £149.99!!

Product Description

The infinity bedchair has been made from aluminium and is super lightweight. Featuring 6 adjustable legs and tilting mud feet it is ideal to use on awkward banks especially when under an overnighter. Other features include extra padded pillow area and accessory side pocket.

Diawa Infinity Overnighter Bedchair

Sale Price £79.99 from £99.99!!

Product Decription

This hybrid design gives you the best of both worlds. For use outside or under cover.
  • Four cam lock telescopic legs
  • Tilting mud feet
  • Padded mattress with padded neoprene side panels and headrest
  • Lower leg reclining to convert into chair for sitting under overnighter shelter
  • Dimensions: 170cm (L) 68cm (W)

Daiwa Infinity Cool & Glug Carryall

Sale Price £29.99 from £44.99!!

Product Description

The perfect bait system offering an integrated coolbag and glug bottles combination.
  • Integrated coolbag and glug bottle combination
  • Foil protection cool bag
  • 6 glug bottles stored in zipped top compartment
  • 3 external zipped pockets
  • Detachable padded shoulder strap
  • Padded handle

Daiwa Infinity Quiver

Sale Price £15.99 from £24.99!!

Product Description

  • 2 external pockets                         
  • 22cm dia. main sleeve                     
  • Nylon collar with draw cord               
  • 4 rod capacity with 3 securing straps   
  • Padded shoulder strap and handle       

Daiwa Infinity Special Two Rod Holdall

Sale Price £39.99 from £59.99!!


Product Description

  • Rigid outer case for rod protection
  • Padded divider between rod compartments
  • Two way zip on main compartment
  • Two external pockets (see below)
  • Umbrella pocket 147mtr
  • Bank stick pocket 0.67mtr
  • Fits 12 or 13ft rods
  • Moulded rigid base





Daiwa Infinity Barrow Tackle Bag

Sale Price £24.99 from £39.99!!

Product Description

This extra large tackle bag with neoprene side carry handles is designed to fit perfect on the new Infinity Freeloader Barrow.
  • Easy clean nylon lined
  • Dimensions L64cm/W48cm/D28cm
  • Capacity 85 Litres