Avid Carps Perfect Timing

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With most of his sessions consisting of quick overnighters between work, Mark Wooley knew that he had to try and plan a longer session on his target water.
As he was packing away and heading to work, the fish were often crashing and rolling all over his baited area. Eventually, after a bit of strategical planning, he managed to pencil in a 48-hour session - perfect!
From what he had learnt on previous visits to the lake, Mark decided to give Chod rigs a try because they offered a brilliant presentation on top of the weed that litters the bottom of the lake. Plus they suited his boilie approach and allowed him to cast onto showing fish quickly and efficiently.

Mark's Chod-rig approach certainly worked because he hooked into a carp on the first evening of the session. The carp put up little resistance during the fight and Mark actually thought that he'd hooked one of the lake's smaller residents. After a boisterous scrap and a few lunges close in, Mark slid the fish over the spreader block. When he peered into the folds of the landing net, he quickly realised that he'd landed one of the venue's better fish. The sought-after carp, known as Orange Tail, tipped the scaled to 28lb 6oz and, although it was the only fish of the session, was a great boost for Mark's continuing campaign. Watch this space!
Mark used the new Avid Weighted Flying Chod beads, High Lite hookbaits and Pin Down Leader material to tempt the mirror.
This old warrior weighed 28lb 6oz. Mark's smile says it all!
If you're looking for a super-buoyant Chod hookbait, look no further!