Nights are for zombies and extras in Michael Jacksons Thriller, and besides, my job drags me out on wet cold nights, albeit chasing miscreants in a 4x4.

That said it's that time of year when you can do a few hours into dark, when all is quiet and have a great chance of a whacker as they feed up for the cold times ahead.
An old dog like me needs a kick sometimes, and in my case it's young Pallatrax Star, Ryan Lippitt, who I have known and fished with for years, bar his short spell when he went and served for Queen and Country in Afghanistan.

My summer off the top fishing, and stalking had been replaced by more static bottom baits, and truthfully the Carp in the lake I fish were doing me!
I sought advice from the top carpy boys in the Avid team, Finchy, Nige Williams, Mat Woods, Adam Firth, Ryan, in fact all guys that knew a lot more about this type of carp fishing than me.
My rigs were rubbish I concluded, and the attention-to-detail missing, so myself and the mad keen Ryan decided to have a little Carpy campaign fishing together, but apart, on different areas of the lake.

The previous week Adam joined me on a commercial feature for Korum, catching smaller Carp and trying out and filming some new gear in action, at the same time bringing me down some Avid Carp and Korum bits, all guaranteed to help me nail a whacker.

My Carp gear consists of Korum 2 and half pound Carp Rods, real player’s rods that bend properly, and are more than sufficient for the job, they also double as my Pike rods on the rivers. The fabulous Korum KZR 6000 Mini Pit reels, loaded with some prototype 12lb line, incorporating a ten yard 20lb Fluorocarbon leader and to this I thread a length of Avid Carp thread and go tungsten tubing, with a 2.5oz K-Grip Lead, this runs onto a size 8 swivel, to which is tied the hooklink. A simple braid hooklink, about 7inches long with a knotless knot, and Korum Xpert Power size 8 Hook, using Korum Anti-Eject Sleeves on the eye to help the hook to find a hold when fish takes it. A piece of Avid Transfer PVA tape, doubled up, and holding 5 boilies is hooked onto the rig.

I rarely fish far out, and catapult or throw in a few pellets and hemp and tigers, from Sonubaits around the hookbait.

Well first trip out, on my new rigs, this was the result, a wonderful Big Common, and with young Ryan to share it with me and take some ace photos, we both went home happy men. Watch this space as the campaign continues, the old firm is back hauling!

Good luck all, keep it simple, and who knows what you might catch.