Fish of the month entry October.

Fish of the month entry October.

Lewis Norths Entry:

2 night session at stables fishery I got my personal best at 34lb.6oz. Fully scaled mirror                                 

When I first got to the venue I had a look around the place to see if I could see any showing fish but I couldn't which was unusual so I though that the fish could of moved to the deeper parts of the water and be in the middle area, so that was that, I bivvied up in one of the middle pegs. Clipped rods ups to the middle area of the pond on the nice spots and casted solid bags out with crushed up cell and few whole 18mil cell boilies in as well and but about 50 scatterings of bait over the area as well, I didnt put much bait out because I heard that it wasn't fishing to good and not much coming out So I had my rods out and I was feeling confident, beded down for the night and woke up about 6-30 to the left hand rod with a single bleep which was a king fisher landing on my left rod. I thought to myself that Ive blanked and was gutted but soon later my left hand rod ripped off with a delkim tone about 7-45 and I was into the big one, the biggest in stables, hectic fight and finally  got it in, and got pics and weighed in at 34lb 6oz, what a result, new PBD.

Remember guys and girls to enter follow this LINK upload your picture with a description of the method and equipment used with a chance to win £50 in gift vouchers!!!!