Thursday, 29 November 2012

The New Sonik XTR Rods.

The New Sonik XTR Range of rods.

The XTR Sk4 rods:

New for 2013, the SK4XTR carp rods are manufactured using latest generation, low resin, high modulus carbon fibres to provide a blank that is slim, sensitive and very powerful. In addition, the butt section is overlaid with a 1K carbon weave to add extra power where needed to provide a rod that will comfortably cast 3-5oz leads to 150m and beyond. New cosmetics include concave, ventilated collars with red insert, matched to metallic red tippings, laser etched butt cap and a neat, Sonik custom line clip. 
▪    High-modulus carbon blanks incorporate a 1K carbon weave on the butt section.
▪    Ultra slim, abbreviated handles with Japanese shrink wrap on lower handle for comfortable grip.
▪    Gun smoke aluminium end cap, laser engraved with SONIK logo.
▪    Custom Sonik 20mm DNPS reel seat with soft touch paint finish.
▪    Gun smoke concave ventilated collars with red inserts.

Priced at £199.99

Buy 2 Rods and get 1 FREE plus grab this XTRH 3 rod sleeve also FREE (While stocks last)

The XTR SK3 Rods:

New improved versions of the best-selling originals, the SK3XTR carp rods have even better looks, performance and features than the originals. Matt-grey carbon blanks have a parabolic action which loads progressively to the tip with 10% extra power in the butt section. They are real all-rounders which are equally as comfortable casting long distances with loaded PVA bags as they are being used at short range for ‘in the margin’ approaches. Upgraded cosmetics and new size options including 12’ 3.25lb and 50mm options will further increase their appeal.

▪    Latest generation multi-modulus, low resin carbon blanks.

▪    Progressive action with extra power in the butt, forgiving tip for playing fish.
▪    Double leg SIC guides throughout for extra performance, strength and durability.
▪    Custom Sonik 18mm DPS reel seat – fits all big pit reels.
▪    Gunmetal concave front and rear collars.
▪    ‘Line-friendly’ custom Sonik line clip.
▪    Full, contoured Japanese shrink wrap handle – full cork version available on 12’ 2.75lb model.
▪    Available in 40 & 50mm butt ring versions for 3lb, 3.25lb and 3.5lb versions.

Priced at £129.99

Buy 2 40mm Rods and get 1 FREE plus grab this XTRH 3 rod sleeve also FREE (While stocks last)

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Three River Barbel in two hours!!!

Three river barbel records in two hours

Nigel Bryans with the first of his 16lb 8oz barbel

Fish Catches
26 November 2012 10:46

Nigel Bryans with his second 16lb 8oz barbelTWO HOURS was all specimen angler Nigel Bryans needed to smash the River Nene barbel record not once but three times with a trio of amazing fish totalling 49lb.

Bryans beat the venue’s previous best on his first cast when he landed a specimen weighing 16lb - a mere 1oz above Jamie Cartwright’s record fish caught last month on the east midlands river. He then broke his own record twice over when he followed this up with two monsters each weighing 16lb 8oz to round off an amazing session.

Nigel Bryans with his 16lb barbelFishing an unnamed stretch of the river in flooded conditions, the 49-year-old from Peterborough was using nothing more complicated than a hair-rigged luncheon meat hookbait on a running lead, with a size 10 Nash Fang hook and a 15lb Gardner hooklink. He fed no free offerings or loosefeed.
Nigel said: “I have caught a few fish from this section of river in the past so I thought I’d just cast out and give it a go. Within 15 minutes I was playing the first fish, the weight of which shocked me when I put it on the scales, but to then catch two even bigger fish so soon after was simply unbelievable.

I was going to pack up after the first fish as it was getting dark! It was my best session ever, and I’ve hardly slept a wink since, such was the adrenaline.”

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Huge Xmas Sale at Chapmans Angling

Choose from a fantastic selection of fishing gifts from under £10, £50, £100

Nigel's Lucky Cap

You may have noticed my absence from the blog pages. Unfortunately I came off my bike whilst cycling during the Olympics and managed to smash my hip and femur quite badly. I've had some great support from family and friends and can't thank them enough for their efforts. For someone as active as I usually am, it's been a hard time but I'm back on track now, though, and have enjoyed some fantastic fishing, despite not being able to walk at 100 percent!

I've fished a lot with friends at places where they can lend a hand and where I can get around on my crutches and have caught some massive fish. I even caught a thirty pound carp on an 11ft CS Series Feeder rod whilst fishing with fellow Korum angler, Shaun Hodges. I'm really glad that Shaun is now a fellow member of the team. We've fished together for many years and he's an outstanding angler. Welcome aboard, Shaun.
On my journey back to full fitness I've had plenty of salmon, grayling and roach trips on the Itchen to keep me happy – it's been great to still get my angling fix. You know me, I love fishing! I've also been out filming with Shaun for Hinder's Tackle, the shop he manages in Swindon. We discussed many products and baits on film with top anglers like England International Des Shipp, who had some interesting things to say about the Korum Dura-Method feeder.

As you can see by the pictures, I've not let this injury hold me back. I never do! And whilst Rivers can be tricky when you're not fully active, those trips to the Itchen and even a trip to the Kennet where I bagged a 10lb barbel have been enjoyable experiences nonetheless.

This week I made my first trip to the Wye since my accident and was rewarded with three cracking pike, topped by a brace of upper doubles at 17lb 7oz and 18lb 4oz.  Both caught on float-legered sardines using the fantastic Korum Snapper Dura-Bungs and trace kits, fished in slack water 10ft from the bank.

These pike fight brilliantly and after my first Wye 20 last winter, I'm eager to catch a few more. I may even give the new Snapper Drones a whirl, they really do look the part.

Still limping, walked miles, but River Wye pike really are well worth the effort! I think I'll wear my lucky I Heart Fishing cap again, too!

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Monday, 19 November 2012

Korda set to launch Underwater Part 7 carp fishing DVD

CARP FISHING gurus from Korda – notably Danny Fairbrass and Ali Hamidi – are set to release a much-awaited new DVD. Angler’s Mail has been hearing all about it from the Korda boys, and this is what they’ve just told us…

“Cast your mind back eight years. Remember those huge Wellington Country Park Carp, looming down the lens of the Korda underwater camera? It was pretty impressive, right? Well, get set to have your socks blown off by the next chapter in the Underwater Saga… Part 7, which is set for release in early November.

So why now after so many aborted attempts? Well, Ali Hamidi was central to resurrecting the acclaimed series. He managed to convince Danny Fairbrass to dust off the underwater camera kit and give it another go.

The duo set about planning an underwater assault on the carp of Linear Fisheries St Johns Lake. “We picked St Johns because we wanted to go to a lake that had very pressured carp in it.” Ali said.

St Johns also has some huge carp in it and it wasn’t long before they were making regular visits to the margin spot that the team had chosen.

One fish that was immediately recognisable was the fantastic Big Plated, but no one could have guessed that it would give Dan his first bite of the DVD! “Size wise, we knew there was a chance of a 40-pounder,” Ali explained. “Did we ever expect to catch one? I can’t say we did. Did we ever expect to catch the Big Plated? I can’t say we did, so it was probably the most shocking positive experience that I’ve had at my time at Korda!”

Although conditions weren’t always favourable, the fish kept coming and the tactical insight that the footage gives is quite unique, as Ali explains: “I learned so much; I think I came out of there probably 10 years wiser after that month in a bivvy. It’s no longer just Dan and Dan’s view; it’s now my view, Tom’s view and Damian Clarke is there for periods too. You get different people giving honest opinions about what’s happening.”

Will it improve you as an angler if you watch it? Well, Ali is sure that everyone will learn from the two-part series, saying: “I don’t think there’s been a single session since we stopped filming when I haven’t done something that I learned on that DVD. To someone who’s been carp fishing 22 years that has to be quite significant. It will make a big impact on you and I hope you enjoy it.”

The first part of the DVD focuses on the early part of the filming including, of course, the incredible footage of the Big Plated falling foul of Dan’s rig.

It gives us an up-close-and-personal view of the performance of Dan’s favourite tactics as the wary St Johns fish come in to feed in front of the cameras.

You’ll watch engrossed as the drama unfolds both out in the lake and inside the Trakker Colossus control centre pitched next to the lake. The reaction of the team as fish feed and ‘get away’ with it time and again gives the film another dimension and you’ll be on the edge of your seat with them!

How significant is the new instalment of the Underwater franchise? Well, Ali wasn’t pulling any punches: “As we filmed we were telling people that we were making history and by the time we’d finished the shoot, I really felt that we had made history. It will take a monumental effort to better what we’ve just done.”

The film that’s set to change the way that you fish is set for release in early November. It’s available from all Korda stockists and will cost £19.99.”

Original Post by Anglers Mail

To pre-Order your copy now please follow this link:

For any of the previous you might wanna catch up on follow this link:

Friday, 16 November 2012

Delkim Es Indication Set at Chapmans

Delkim ES Indication Set.

Following the success of the NiteLite Pro and DuoCarb, Delkim has added to its range of accessories with the launch of the exciting new ES Indication Set.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Chapmans Angling 2012 Christmas sale

Christmas Sale Catalogue out now!

Out now the Chapmans Angling 2012 Christmas catalogue 48 pages pages packed with great special offers and Christmas gift ideas. Ranging from hooks right through to poles all at clearance prices! A catalogue not to be missed. If it’s a gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself this catalogue has everything you will need to make any Anglers Christmas a happy one.
                        (click picture to view catalogue)

Monday, 12 November 2012

Precision Compression Technology

During a recent fishing trip on ‘Onyer Marks Too’ near Lochgilphed on the west coast of Scotland a LYNX Conger Rig (made using Precision Compression Technology) was, unintentionally, tested to the absolute limit.

Skipper, Matthew Burrett and keen angler Dave Robertson, were targeting big Common Skate. While doing this, as they had heard rumors of a few tope still in the vicinity, they decided to fish a lighter rig and set up for a potential hook up with a Tope.

The ‘Tope’ rod was the first to get a bite and after a 40 minute battle Dave landed a Skate of 163lbs. The catch was independently witnessed by a Scottish Government marine scientist’s. They were present in the area conducting research into the migratory movements of Common Skate.

In David’s own words ‘ The LYNX Conger trace with a 70lb. monofilament trace and a 6/0 hook safely hauled up and landed a 163lb. Skate from over 400 feet of water - which was a very convincing (albeit unintentional) demonstration of the strength and reliability of these rigs’

The very same rig also accounted for numerous Bull Huss, Tope, Spur Dog and Thornbacks on previous trips.

The following day, the same tactics were employed as the day before. Skate rigs were dropped to target Skate and a ‘Tope’ rod was also deployed again in exactly the same manner.

The ‘Tope’ rod was the first to set away again. Following a one-hour battle on the ‘Tope’ rod, a 193lb Skate was landed by Dave Robertson, on the same LYNX rig.

Skipper, Matthew Burrett commented ‘as you would expect, during the fight with the Skate, the 50lb class boat rods were completely maxed out. An unbelievable amount of pressure needs to be exerted on the fish to get it off the bottom. Fish of this size are completely brutal on tackle.

Matthew went on to add ‘These new LYNX rigs are incredibly strong! This can only be a benefit to as it will reduce fish lost by equipment failure, which often happens even with well known brands.

Image: Dave Robertson with a 193lb Skate landed aboard On Yer Marks on a LYNX Conger trace.

I really like the neatness of Precision Compression Technology, the finish and the bait presentation is massively improved due to the neat, revolutionary joining process. The neat design also means there are no sharp edges, this means reduced cuts to my hands which I often get as a fish struggles at the side of the boat.

Ultimately the reliability of them has now been proven beyond doubt. Landing a 163lb, and then a 193lb, Skate in two days (as well as other fish) on the same 70lb rig, is proof enough for anyone. These do exactly what it says on the tin’

Friday, 9 November 2012

Are Club Opens The Future

In an era where match attendances at many of our commercial fisheries are dwindling, The Oaks Lakes at Sessay seems to be booking the trend- thanks to a new series of matches aimed at club anglers.

In addition to the usual open matches, the venue is now hosting a separate series of matches aimed purely at club anglers. With turnouts of between 70 and 80, the series is proving  extremely popular.  Organiser, Mark England explained: “At this time of year, a lot of club anglers are at a loose end, as their summer series of matches come to an end. To many of them, the option of fishing open matches against venue experts is a daunting one- as it can be very difficult to compete- and the fishing is somewhat more serious than what they are used to at club level.

My series of matches gives anglers the chance to fish and compete against anglers of a similar standard, in a more relaxed atmosphere than they would find on an open. The field is vetted by the venue owner, to prevent anybody who is too good from coming in and taking the money.”

Venue owner, Tom Kay added: “I am delighted that Mark’s series of matches are proving so popular, as it just goes to prove that anglers are keen to fish, as long as they feel that they have a chance of competing. As the club season comes to an end, I generally have plenty of pegs available meaning that I can spread the anglers out so that they catch plenty of fish.

Pleasingly, there are also plenty of top anglers up for fishing my open matches as well-  so everyone is happy. I simply go through the list of names, and transfer anyone who is too good for the club open match on to the normal open.”

Full story on Match Fishing Magazine

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Relaunch of Chapmans Angling

Saturday the 3rd of november saw the eagerly awaited relaunch of chapmans angling in beechway, supporting chapmans for the day were angling greats john wilson, mick brown, ant glascoe jr.

A large crowd of people had gathered outside to witness the ribbon cutting at 9'oclock. To celebrate the occasion the shop was full of special one day only deals, which customers took advantage of.

As you would expect the shop was packed to the rafters and remained so for the rest of the day. Not only was there lots of special offers and free gifts to be had two lucky customers also won a raffle prize of tackle exceeding £100 each.

A great day had by all.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Christmas Sale and Relaunch Open Day at Chapmans

To celebrate the recent extensive refit of our Scunthorpe store, we are holding a very special Relaunch Open Day. With Special Guests, offers and more!