Nigel's Lucky Cap

You may have noticed my absence from the blog pages. Unfortunately I came off my bike whilst cycling during the Olympics and managed to smash my hip and femur quite badly. I've had some great support from family and friends and can't thank them enough for their efforts. For someone as active as I usually am, it's been a hard time but I'm back on track now, though, and have enjoyed some fantastic fishing, despite not being able to walk at 100 percent!

I've fished a lot with friends at places where they can lend a hand and where I can get around on my crutches and have caught some massive fish. I even caught a thirty pound carp on an 11ft CS Series Feeder rod whilst fishing with fellow Korum angler, Shaun Hodges. I'm really glad that Shaun is now a fellow member of the team. We've fished together for many years and he's an outstanding angler. Welcome aboard, Shaun.
On my journey back to full fitness I've had plenty of salmon, grayling and roach trips on the Itchen to keep me happy – it's been great to still get my angling fix. You know me, I love fishing! I've also been out filming with Shaun for Hinder's Tackle, the shop he manages in Swindon. We discussed many products and baits on film with top anglers like England International Des Shipp, who had some interesting things to say about the Korum Dura-Method feeder.

As you can see by the pictures, I've not let this injury hold me back. I never do! And whilst Rivers can be tricky when you're not fully active, those trips to the Itchen and even a trip to the Kennet where I bagged a 10lb barbel have been enjoyable experiences nonetheless.

This week I made my first trip to the Wye since my accident and was rewarded with three cracking pike, topped by a brace of upper doubles at 17lb 7oz and 18lb 4oz.  Both caught on float-legered sardines using the fantastic Korum Snapper Dura-Bungs and trace kits, fished in slack water 10ft from the bank.

These pike fight brilliantly and after my first Wye 20 last winter, I'm eager to catch a few more. I may even give the new Snapper Drones a whirl, they really do look the part.

Still limping, walked miles, but River Wye pike really are well worth the effort! I think I'll wear my lucky I Heart Fishing cap again, too!

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