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ProLogic DD Bait 20kg Bait Deal at Chapmans Angling

20kg bait deal the BEST bait deal of 2013 exclusive to Chapmans NOW ONLY £99.99 SAVING £135 FROM RRP

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Fox Black Label Indicator Slik Bobbin at Chapmans Angling


This interesting new design features the much-talked about Slik Clip, which is a dual purpose clip with a massive advantage over similar styles of bobbin. The Slik Clip is designed to all you to place your main line into the base of the clip, thus ‘fixing’ the clip onto your main line. This far increases the bobbins sensitivity and is especially effective when fishing with slack lines as it is impossible for your line to move even the slightest mm without the bobbin moving. Once you get a positive ‘pull’ on your line it will come free of the line clip and then become free running through middle section of the Slik Clip, which means should a bite turn into a drop back you will still have your bobbin attached to your line. The only time this bobbin will detach from your main line will be when you lift the rod off of the alarm. A further benefit of the Slik Clip is that tension is fully adjustable meaning you can change main line diameters without the clip losing its grip. Alternatively this clip can also be used the more traditional free-running way. In addition to the smart Slik Clip this bobbin also comes supplied with a 3ins Black Ball Chain, a Slim Head and a Hockey Stick.

This eye catching new range of bite indicators have been designed not only to complement our market-leading Black Label bankware range but to also help anglers improve their bite indication sensitivity. The beauty of the range is that you can buy a set bobbin for a relatively low price and then customise it to suit the differing angling situations that you will be faced with as no one bite indicator will be the most effective in all situations.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Savagear Night at Chapmans Angling Hull

Savagear Night at Chapmans Angling Hull
24th January 2013 6:00pm to 9:30pm

In association with: HDAA & Pike Anglers Club GB

With Special Guests:
Ant Glascoe Jnr, Marcus Elsmore, Rik Johnson, Matt Netherton


Live Lure Demo
with The Savage Gear Team
Tips & Advice
On Predator & Carp Techniques
Incredible Special Offers
From Our New Year Sale
Plus Extra Special Offers On Savage Gear & Prologic
and One Night Only Not To Be Missed DD Bait Deals!

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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Stillwater BPX Carp Rod And Extreme BP 12000 Reel

The Stillwater BPX carp rod is designed to cater for the angler who fishes on smaller lakes. The slim blank has been made from a high-modulas carbon fibre that gives the tip a lovely action when playing a carp.

There are two test curves available but I opted to use the 2.75lb instead of the 3lb. They are surprisingly powerful and bend beautifully from the tip to the butt, exerting a great amount of pressure. What makes these rods even more appealing is the £59.99 price tag, making them affordable to everyone.

The Extreme BP12000 reel impressed right from the first viewing. It looks like a reel with a price tag in excess of £200, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that such an incredible bit of kit costs £59.99. The long spool makes casting an absolute dream and the line lay is superb. The clutch is smooth and so to is the retrieve. So, not only is this a superb-looking reel, it performs superbly too.

Each reel is supplied with a shallow and deep spool, and a silver and a black folding handle too. For £120 you can get yourself a superb rod-and-reel combination and I would highly recommend using them together, or separate if it suits you better.

Stillwater BPX Carp Rod
Stillwater Extreme BP 12000 Reel

Reviewed By Advance Carp Fishing

Friday, 11 January 2013

The Abu 506 MkII Reel

  (as reviewed in TCF)
Now, I have to admit that I go back a bit, to the ‘glory days’ of pre-commercial river match fishing… and the joys of using a closed-face reel.

These were all the rage for trotting a stick float or a waggler but, having tried pretty much all of them through the years, it has to be said that not all were as good as they could have been!

The model that suited me and my fishing back then was the Abu 506M (pictured far left), and it was an unsophisticated joy to use. I treasured it, and still have it, so when I was asked to help with testing the 506 MkII (left), I was more than a little enthusiastic.

Designed to improve upon the best-selling Abu 706 closed-face reel launched in 2010, I honestly believe that this reel is now better than the very best, then and now.

If you want to cast a pellet waggler a long way for carp, or haul chub or barbel in on a feeder, then this is entirely the wrong reel to choose. However, if you want to put a stick float down a flowing-water swim with ease, and be in instant contact with the fish on the strike, then you really should look at the 506 MkII. It’ll also put a small waggler out on a stillwater too, and is brilliant when it’s windy, with chenille edgings making it almost impossible for line to get behind the drilled and ventilated spool.

The reel’s striking good looks update the original 506’s distinctive appearance, and while they don’t improve its performance it’s nice to look good on the bank!

Put around 50 metres of 0.16mm diameter line on one of the shallow spools – you’ll get much better performance, with less bedding in, than if you load it to the brim – attach the reel to a light match rod and sit on a smoothly flowing river swim. Press the positive and improved push-button release on the front of the reel and swing the float gently in. As it travels along in the current the line peels off the spool smoothly, then the orange tip buries, your finger traps the line against the housing and, with a turn of the handle, you’re in contact with the fish.

The improved gearing and ceramic-coated line pin make winding smooth and effortless, and if the fish wants to take line the Syncro drag is easy and efficient, although the optional anti-reverse provides the ability to back wind.

If you’ve never fished with a closed-face reel, or you thought their days were gone, think again. Supplied with a padded reel case and three spare spools, this reel raises the bar.
Abu 506 MkII Reel
RRP: £79.99

In stock and ready to order now!!

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Stillwater Special Offers at Chapmans Angling

post free on all orders over £25 until midnight tonight heres a selection of some of our most popular stillwater items order before midnight tonight to take advantage of our free postage offer on orders over £25

Maver In Pole Position For 2013!

(as blogged by pole fishing)

Exciting new poles set to hit the market.
Tackle giant Maver have released a new range of poles for 2013. Matt Godfrey, of Pole Fishing magazine visited the trade show, and explained:

“Two very impressive models have been introduced at the lower end of the range, both offering good spares packages with what are already superb products.

First up is the 14.5m Retribution SX Carp, which comes equipped with three Easy-Flow Slot Power Kits, as well as a mini extension and cupping kit. At full length, it’s hard to believe that this package sells for just £599.99!

Also new for 2013 is the Armageddon SX 16m pole. At £699.99, the spares package matches that of the Retribution, and the pole possesses further stiffness for fishing at the full distance. Both these poles have an elastic rating to a  No20, and the high strength certainly presents minimal hindrance on the quality of the pole.

The Competition range is also very impressive, with Maver developing an array of new poles to cover every price bracket. The range starts with a 9.5m Invincible Margin Pole, a superb hauling pole that will handle even the most intense crunching sessions.

Two new poles at the lower end of the competition range include the Redemption SX 13m and Elite Carp 13m and 14.5m packages. Both poles are designed with commercial fisheries in mind, and are supplied with three Easy-flow Power kits, as well as a mini extension and a holdall.

The Redemption holds extra strength for real bagging sessions, and sells for £499.99. Meanwhile, the Elite Carp offers additional stiffness for fishing up to features or hitting fast bites when fishing shallow, selling for £699.99 at 13m, and £799 at 14.5m.

The main range comprises of six poles in the Match This Competition SX Series, starting with the Series One at a price of £599.99, working up with increasing balance, stiffness and weight, to the Series Six, which sells for £2,250. These are all very-well balanced, feature high wall strength, and come with unbelievably generous packages!

Once again, I have been left very impressed with the consideration that Maver have put into their range- whatever your ability or price bracket there is something in the range for you!”


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Map TKS 101/801 Pole Range

(As reviewed by Match Fishing)

Alex Bones checks out the all-new range from MAP that’s got designs on ripping the pole market to pieces!

In the corner of a dimly lit office sat Mike Robinson, brand manager of MAP and the man charged with the task of keeping innovation in motion for the Redditch-based tackle giant.

Success seemed to follow success with its previous TKS 225 to 825 Competition and Professional models, but he sat head in hands wondering how an already impressive range could be bettered.

But from the mysterious depths of a creative mind sprang a well of innovation, leading to what we believe will be a booming success.
If you’ve ever handled the existing models, and you liked what you saw, then the new TKS 101 to 801 versions for 2012/2013 will have you, quite simply, head over heels!

My first experience of these models, that supersede the existing range, came at a recent trade show hosted by the company. While this doesn’t offer the chance to try each pole in ‘actual fishing circumstances’ it is the usual fashion in which we’re often introduced to new products at this time of year, as companies scramble to grab our attentions with their latest and greatest.

Sat on a seatbox I waited for Mike to supply me with the first of the new range – for him this was important as it signalled the acceptance or rejection from people fortunate enough to handle just about every piece of tackle available!

As he watched intently for a reaction with each pole he handed to me, my wry smiles and comments – something along the lines of “flip me these are flippin’ good” – saw him respond with a modest expression that told us he already knew he’d cracked something a bit special.

New mandrel designs exclusive to MAP have allowed him to alter the taper of the joints to give better rigidity and performance when compared like-for-like to the previous TKS range.

There’s no denying that I was eager to get my mitts around the flagship 801 model, pushing an RRP of £2,800, but starting at the 101 model – the cheapest of the range, retailing for £499.99 – I could already see the way was paved for an impressive display. “This one will sell for £349.99,” I exaggerated. Incredible value!

Waggling and testing the poles as much as I possibly could do in the circumstances there was no denying that these models have all the elements to be a booming success. For me, though, it was the 501, retailing for £1,300 (£899 SSP), that set the bar in its price range.

The higher the number, the more expensive the poles, and I became blasé about how good they really are! The 701 was superb, but the 801 almost defied gravity and bent upwards! That’s another exaggeration, but you get my point.

Now, while these are good – bloody good, in fact – it’s the spares package that sells it for me. As significant advances in carbon pole technology have waned over recent years, manufacturers have looked for other ways to secure consumer attentions and MAP has cracked it with its Top Kit Solution (TKS) system.

In brief (!) this comprises PTFE bushes fitted inside each top kit (3.5mm internal bushes in the match kits and 4.2mm in the power kits), identical-length power and match kits (all 2.7 metres long), reinforcement bands in areas particularly prone to stress – including a reinforced area to fit a puller bush, smooth-ship finish, big-bore kits, reinforced joints, joint-alignment system, ultra-rigid cupping kit with adaptor and cups, reinforced 0.5m extension, 12-month guarantee, holdall with internal tubes, true length (each pole is exactly the stated length with the kits already cut back) and you can choose the spares package to suit your needs!

Incidentally, the spares package for each model alters – for example, the 16m 801 is supplied with three spare pre-bushed match kits, six spare pre-bushed power kits, two short No4 joints, a cupping kit and mini extension plus the other items mentioned above!

This is right up there with the very best packages available and, remember, the poles are all brilliant in their respective price brackets as well! A 16m extension is available separately for the 301 and 401 for £109.99 and £120 respectively and there are three grades of competition match and power kits available for £39.99, £49.99 and £79.99 a pop.

Slick graphics and a brilliant product oozing features – what more could you want? MAP continues to impress.

13m TKS 101 £499.99
13m TKS 201 £599.99
14.5m TKS 301 £799.99
14.5m TKS 401 £999.99
16m TKS 501 £1,300
16m TKS 601 £1,999.99
16m TKS 701 £2,300
16m TKS 801 £2,800

Fish of the month WINNER December!

The WINNER of FOTM December is...............

Joe Hopcrafts Entry:

This stunning carp is known as the Greenings Ghostie and i caught it on the last evening during the 48hr final of the BYCAC held on Brasenose 2. It weighed 20lb 8oz and it fell to self rolled 10mm pop-up tipped with a rubber maggot. This was presented inside a solid PVA bag filled with micro pellets and salmon fry crumb. The finished rig was cast to a silty margin spot at 20yrds range, pre-baited with 20 spod-fulls of spod mix. This carp helped me to eventualy finish 5th overall in the competition, happy days

Well Done Joe inbox your address and we will get the vouchers in the post for you straight away.

Next months competition is now open so get your entries in here to be in with a chance of winning £50 in gift vouchers!!!!

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New Year Sale 2013 Continues at Chapmans

more items added to our huge new year sale with free postage save up to 80%. Over 2000+ products discounted and even more in store.