Maver In Pole Position For 2013!

(as blogged by pole fishing)

Exciting new poles set to hit the market.
Tackle giant Maver have released a new range of poles for 2013. Matt Godfrey, of Pole Fishing magazine visited the trade show, and explained:

“Two very impressive models have been introduced at the lower end of the range, both offering good spares packages with what are already superb products.

First up is the 14.5m Retribution SX Carp, which comes equipped with three Easy-Flow Slot Power Kits, as well as a mini extension and cupping kit. At full length, it’s hard to believe that this package sells for just £599.99!

Also new for 2013 is the Armageddon SX 16m pole. At £699.99, the spares package matches that of the Retribution, and the pole possesses further stiffness for fishing at the full distance. Both these poles have an elastic rating to a  No20, and the high strength certainly presents minimal hindrance on the quality of the pole.

The Competition range is also very impressive, with Maver developing an array of new poles to cover every price bracket. The range starts with a 9.5m Invincible Margin Pole, a superb hauling pole that will handle even the most intense crunching sessions.

Two new poles at the lower end of the competition range include the Redemption SX 13m and Elite Carp 13m and 14.5m packages. Both poles are designed with commercial fisheries in mind, and are supplied with three Easy-flow Power kits, as well as a mini extension and a holdall.

The Redemption holds extra strength for real bagging sessions, and sells for £499.99. Meanwhile, the Elite Carp offers additional stiffness for fishing up to features or hitting fast bites when fishing shallow, selling for £699.99 at 13m, and £799 at 14.5m.

The main range comprises of six poles in the Match This Competition SX Series, starting with the Series One at a price of £599.99, working up with increasing balance, stiffness and weight, to the Series Six, which sells for £2,250. These are all very-well balanced, feature high wall strength, and come with unbelievably generous packages!

Once again, I have been left very impressed with the consideration that Maver have put into their range- whatever your ability or price bracket there is something in the range for you!”