Stillwater BPX Carp Rod And Extreme BP 12000 Reel

The Stillwater BPX carp rod is designed to cater for the angler who fishes on smaller lakes. The slim blank has been made from a high-modulas carbon fibre that gives the tip a lovely action when playing a carp.

There are two test curves available but I opted to use the 2.75lb instead of the 3lb. They are surprisingly powerful and bend beautifully from the tip to the butt, exerting a great amount of pressure. What makes these rods even more appealing is the £59.99 price tag, making them affordable to everyone.

The Extreme BP12000 reel impressed right from the first viewing. It looks like a reel with a price tag in excess of £200, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that such an incredible bit of kit costs £59.99. The long spool makes casting an absolute dream and the line lay is superb. The clutch is smooth and so to is the retrieve. So, not only is this a superb-looking reel, it performs superbly too.

Each reel is supplied with a shallow and deep spool, and a silver and a black folding handle too. For £120 you can get yourself a superb rod-and-reel combination and I would highly recommend using them together, or separate if it suits you better.

Stillwater BPX Carp Rod
Stillwater Extreme BP 12000 Reel

Reviewed By Advance Carp Fishing


  1. Hi, I have 3 Stillwater Extreme BP 12000 reels, I'm happy with reels as a tool, but I'm a little disappointed with the build finish (chrome effect plastic ring each side of the reel poorly attached), even losing one while landing a fish. also components used inside could be better, main bearings are of a low quality they start to become noisy, surly a closed bearing of higher quality should be fitted, also changing to the spare spool is made fiddly because the ratchet spring is so thin it doesn't take long to deform and snap. I don't want to part with the reels because I really like them but finding spare parts is becoming an endless task. If anyone could help by pointing me in the right direction to source the spare parts I'll be so grateful.
    Darren Willerton


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