Friday, 22 February 2013

Shimano Marker Rod & Reel Combo

Includes the Aerocarp marker rod which has been specifically designed for UK waters, couple this with the Beastmaster XTA 7000 and you have the perfect rod and reel combination for all your marker work. A superb combo that carries a retail price of £169.98, available now for the very special price of just £99.99 whilst stocks last.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

2013 Spring Coarse Catalogue

52 pages packed with all the best gear for 2013. Your one stop shop for the upcoming season.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Worldwide Shipping at Chapmans

International Shipping Rates

We can ship to almost anywhere in the world, quotes for countries such as Russia, USA, Australia, China , South Africa etc are available on request. Email us for details. Or if you wish to place an order we will contact you with the postage price for approval before any payment is taken.
Please note, any orders that include rods/long items (over 1.5m) may be subject to a surcharge on top of the prices listed below. We will contact you via email if this is the case.
When shipping to some overseas destinations, please be aware that we only accept Paypal.


CHANNEL ISLANDS£8.9930KG3-5 working days
S. IRELAND£12.9930KG3-5 working days
REP. IRELAND£11.9930KG3-5 working days
BELGIUM£9.9930KG3-5 working days
LUXEMBOURG£9.9930KG3-5 working days
NETHERLANDS£9.9930KG3-5 working days
DENMARK£11.9930KG3-5 working days
FRANCE£11.9930KG3-5 working days
GERMANY£11.9930KG3-5 working days
CORSICA£21.9930KG3-5 working days
ITALY£19.9930KG3-5 working days
SPAIN£19.9930KG3-5 working days
GREECE£21.9930KG3-5 working days
PORTUGAL£21.9930KG3-5 working days
AUSTRIA£26.9930KG3-5 working days
FINLAND£26.9930KG3-5 working days
NORWAY£26.9930KG3-5 working days
POLAND£26.9930KG3-5 working days
SWEDEN£26.9930KG3-5 working days
SWITZERLAND£26.9930KG3-5 working days
LATVIA£54.9930KG3-5 working days
ROMANIA£54.9930KG3-5 working days
BULGARIA£30.9930KG3-5 working days

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Monday, 18 February 2013

An Evening with Fox at Chapmans Angling

7TH MARCH 2013 (6.30pm – 9.30pm)
in association with Carp Talk and Crafty Carper

Chapmans Angling Hull, 208-212 Hull Rd, Hessle HU13 9NH
Tel:- 01482 629911

An evening with Fox and Fox consultants Mark Pitchers and Phil Sainty. Come and enjoy a great night of all thing carp and specimen. Entry is FREE and as well as the usual chilled out informal environment at all Chapmans Angling open evenings you’ll be able to enjoy the following

  • Zig Fishing Tutorial, rigs, tactics and more.
  • First look, New product launches for Supa Brolly System , Supa Brolly overwrap and Zig aligners.
  • Fox Rig Clinic.
  • The UK’s biggest bait sale, top quality ready made boilies from only £2.50 / Kg + up to 80% off base mixes, flavors in store on the night.
  • Bait Making Demo
  • Raffle (Top prize Fox Supa Brolly + other prizes)
  • Hull DAA stand
  • Carp Talk and Crafty Carper stands and subscription special offers
  • Free tea, Coffee and biccies

Friday, 15 February 2013

Sonik SKS 42in Landing Net at Chapmans Angling

Manufactured with the same careful attention to detail as Sonik rods, the Sonik SKS Carp Net is designed to be lightweight, exceptionally strong and durable and makes the perfect match with Sonik SKS rods. The SKS 42in Landing Net really is exceptional value for money!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Unbeatable Stillwater Deals Exclusive to Chapmans Angling

Check out these incredible offers on Stillwater products! With match rods, reels, shelters and much more there's plenty of deals to choose from! Free gifts worth up to £59.99, Limited half price offers and three carp rods for the RRP of one! Plus a free holdall! You'd be mad to miss out.

How to set up new carp fishing product, the Fox Zig Aligna.

ZIG RIG fishing for carp has become one of the most popular methods, searching for fish off the bottom.
(as demonstrated by Anglers Mail)
Early in 2013, Fox International revealed their new creation, the Zig Aligna.
Like many creations is has been seen and explained for the first time in print in Angler’s Mail magazine – No.1 for product news and fishing tips.
The Zig Aligna is a combination of high starch artificial bait and clever attachment to the hook.
Fox have now for a numbers of years manufactured dedicated floats for adjustable zig rig fishing, through the original Zig Float and more recently the Halo Zig Float Kit.
Fox also helped to pioneer the development of the hooklinks designed especially for Zig Rig fishing through their Zig + Floater Hooklinks.
Easy, quick an cost-effective. Here is how Fox now suggest you form “the ultimate Zig Rig hookbait.”

Above are all of the components that you will require to tie the ultimate Zig Rig hookbait.

Cut your Zig + Floater Hooklink to your required length and attach a hook with a Grinner Knot.

Slide the Zig Aligna down the hooklink and position it over the eye of your hook, as illustrated.

Now take a length of HD Foam and place it into the back of the Loading Tool from the Zig Aligna Kit.

Place the thin end of the Loading Tool through the back of the loop on the back of the Zig Aligna, like so.

Work the tool through the loop, which will grip the foam as it, passes through, trapping the foam in place.

Remove the tool and then take a sharp pair of scissors and cut the foam to your required size and shape.

The finished hookbait will look like this – simple to create yet much more effective than existing methods

Friday, 8 February 2013

Nash Cybershot Throwing Stick at Chapmans Angling

this awesome throwing stick quite simply makes any other obsolete. it will stick out baits further and with more accuracy, with a speed that only our cobra quick sticks can compete with.

Win a centrepin worth £99.99 plus a 6 month subscription to AT!

Would you like to win a brand new centrepin reel worth £99.99 plus a 6 month subscription to AT for you or a friend??? 

The reel has a 4.25" diameter spool & weighs just 228 grams! It's beautifully made & is very similar to other pins costing in over £100!

To enter, fill in your details below & answer this question: How much does the reel weigh? 

For the answer, go to

Enter your answer HERE!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Fantastic February Continues

pre-order your copy of our 2013 coarse catalogue out next week!

The Nash Cyber Shot Throwing Stick!

(as reviewed by nash tackle)
This is not a normal throwing stick, no, it's unique and extremely in use. I could examine for the first time at the Vienna Fishing Show and was immediately impressed by the underlying concept.
The first few marbles flew in all directions, but from the second or third hand, I noticed that the baits really precise landed on my spot. He was, however, quite far away, but thanks to the accuracy and the low weight of the Cybershot, this was easy to reach. Also spots on shorter distances can be easily and accurately achieved.
At low and / or weedy waters my accuracy is very important, because if you want to fish for a plateau or even a small herb gap, I have to be sure that my baits end up in the right place.

Here are the advantages of the new Cybershot throwing stick
- Extremely lightweight material
- Very accurate in feeding
- Long distances possible
- Easy to fill with boilies 15 to 24 mm
- Good grip on the handle
- No fatigue, low weight with carbon rails
- The feeding of large quantities much easier
- The Cyber-shot is not open to the elements as some other, and thus can not break

As you can see, there are some advantages that speak for the Cyber-shot and it's become an integral part of my fishing.
Uses the pre-action, comes in a few weeks on the market ...

Order Yours HERE priced at £39.99!!!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Preston Innovations Absolute Station Seatbox

(as Reviewed by Match Fishing)
Joe Carass lifts the lid on the brand-new seatbox from Preston that has been two years in the making!

For two years Preston Innovations has being teasing us with minor details of a new seatbox. It has been a constant source of frustration for me, as I just wanted to see it! Well, now we have seen the Absolute Station and all I can say is… wow!

I am fortunate to be close friends with a number of Preston consultants and although never telling me the secrets of the Absolute Station, they kept me in the loop as to what to expect when the box finally arrived. However, I’d heard so many rumours that I have to be honest and say I didn’t know what to expect.

My chance came to see the box at a recent press day and as soon as we walked into the room all of us instantly flocked to the revolving table that the box was displayed on. The box is eye-catching, to say the very least, with a unique and extremely futuristic sweeping silver frame.

The frame itself not only looks great but it is incredibly functional and stable. There are six 30mm legs that are double adjustable, meaning that any awkward bank can be conquered, and will benefit any angler who likes to sit in the water. Even when the legs are fully extended the box remains solid.

But what about all my Off Box adaptors, I hear you ask? Well if you take the inserts out of any Off Box attachment it can be fitted straight onto the 30mm leg!

The footplate is a nice touch and features a raised bar at the front. At the design stage this was to ensure that the box sat low to the ground, but it has become a handy feature that you can rest your foot on when fishing the long pole – a great idea. The footplate slides neatly underneath the box but can also be removed, for any angler who likes to fish without it or to make fitting it into your prized motor easier.

When it comes to the main units, the box comes supplied as standard with a 40mm-deep side drawer that is perfectly designed to house the small Preston hooklength boxes plus any other accessories.

A clever concealed front drawer is accessed by simply pushing it, which then releases a magnetic catch, much like a kitchen-drawer unit. A shallow 26mm tray then completes the setup above the frame. Below this is a sliding unit and as standard it comes with a deep 100mm unit and another 26mm tray complete with carry handle.

All of the trays interchange and you can add trays to suit your style of fishing. As you can see it is quite a comprehensive setup.

Other nice touches on the box are the spirit-level bubbles dotted around the frame to ensure a perfectly level fishing station. One thing I really like is that wherever there is a cavity (under the lid, for example) there are clips so that hooklength boxes can be housed – no more wasted space! The box is also supplied with a bracket to fit onto the Space Station Shuttle, which ensures that the box can be transported with ease.

Fair enough, this seatbox is a little more expensive than previous Preston offerings but it is truly a world apart from the others. The attention to detail and build quality is superb and it is sure to be a huge hit for anyone in the market for a high-end seatbox.

RRP: £699.99


Monday, 4 February 2013

FREE Wychwood Solace Receiver Offer at Chapmans Angling

The new for 2013 super compact Solace alarm is packed full of features that deliver reliability, durability and incredible value for money.

NEW Fox Supa Brolly System

Due to the immense popularity of the original open fronted Supa Brolly concept we have been inundated with requests to produce a full system with removable front for those anglers that want their brolly to double up as a bivvy too. It therefore gives us great pleasure to introduce the new all singing, all dancing Supa Brolly System, which is not only packed with all of the same great features as the standard Supa Brolly but also lot more too...

• Front panel is fully removable using one heavy-duty 10mm zip 
• Two way heavy-duty door zip
• Solid and Mozzy Mesh door and side panels
• Multiple pegging points to enable you to adjust height to suit you
• Self-Tensioning System (STS) gives increased head room so you no longer bang your head on the spokes!
• Fully taped seams
• 8mm Fibre Glass Frame makes it very strong yet lightweight
• Extended side skirts provide extra protection from the elements
• 4 back Ribs touch ground, which greatly aids stability
• No bell cap at back – an area that on other makes of traditional umbrella has been prone to leakage over the years.
• Optional Fibreglass front support rib supplied, which can simply be slipped into place to give further stability and create an Apex peak at the front for better drainage when it rains
• Front drain pipe – diverts rain from dripping off the front of the brolly
• Short central pole allows for easy erection
• 4 storm caps 
• Rod retaining strap

Supplied with:
• Full zip-in (single 10mm heavy-duty zip) Mozzy Mesh front with reinforced pegging points and elasticated storm pole toggles
• Clear PVC door panel
• 2 x 24ins and 2 x 48ins storm poles
• looped locking collar, which is great for hanging items such as lamps and receivers
• Heavy-duty pegs
• Heavy-duty groundsheet 
• Heavy-duty, oversized carry bag with full length zip 
• Neoprene protective sock 


PRICED AT £279.99


Friday, 1 February 2013

Fantastic February at Chapmans Angling

free reels and great deals on rods and everything else in february