How to set up new carp fishing product, the Fox Zig Aligna.

ZIG RIG fishing for carp has become one of the most popular methods, searching for fish off the bottom.
(as demonstrated by Anglers Mail)
Early in 2013, Fox International revealed their new creation, the Zig Aligna.
Like many creations is has been seen and explained for the first time in print in Angler’s Mail magazine – No.1 for product news and fishing tips.
The Zig Aligna is a combination of high starch artificial bait and clever attachment to the hook.
Fox have now for a numbers of years manufactured dedicated floats for adjustable zig rig fishing, through the original Zig Float and more recently the Halo Zig Float Kit.
Fox also helped to pioneer the development of the hooklinks designed especially for Zig Rig fishing through their Zig + Floater Hooklinks.
Easy, quick an cost-effective. Here is how Fox now suggest you form “the ultimate Zig Rig hookbait.”

Above are all of the components that you will require to tie the ultimate Zig Rig hookbait.

Cut your Zig + Floater Hooklink to your required length and attach a hook with a Grinner Knot.

Slide the Zig Aligna down the hooklink and position it over the eye of your hook, as illustrated.

Now take a length of HD Foam and place it into the back of the Loading Tool from the Zig Aligna Kit.

Place the thin end of the Loading Tool through the back of the loop on the back of the Zig Aligna, like so.

Work the tool through the loop, which will grip the foam as it, passes through, trapping the foam in place.

Remove the tool and then take a sharp pair of scissors and cut the foam to your required size and shape.

The finished hookbait will look like this – simple to create yet much more effective than existing methods