Preston Innovations Absolute Station Seatbox

(as Reviewed by Match Fishing)
Joe Carass lifts the lid on the brand-new seatbox from Preston that has been two years in the making!

For two years Preston Innovations has being teasing us with minor details of a new seatbox. It has been a constant source of frustration for me, as I just wanted to see it! Well, now we have seen the Absolute Station and all I can say is… wow!

I am fortunate to be close friends with a number of Preston consultants and although never telling me the secrets of the Absolute Station, they kept me in the loop as to what to expect when the box finally arrived. However, I’d heard so many rumours that I have to be honest and say I didn’t know what to expect.

My chance came to see the box at a recent press day and as soon as we walked into the room all of us instantly flocked to the revolving table that the box was displayed on. The box is eye-catching, to say the very least, with a unique and extremely futuristic sweeping silver frame.

The frame itself not only looks great but it is incredibly functional and stable. There are six 30mm legs that are double adjustable, meaning that any awkward bank can be conquered, and will benefit any angler who likes to sit in the water. Even when the legs are fully extended the box remains solid.

But what about all my Off Box adaptors, I hear you ask? Well if you take the inserts out of any Off Box attachment it can be fitted straight onto the 30mm leg!

The footplate is a nice touch and features a raised bar at the front. At the design stage this was to ensure that the box sat low to the ground, but it has become a handy feature that you can rest your foot on when fishing the long pole – a great idea. The footplate slides neatly underneath the box but can also be removed, for any angler who likes to fish without it or to make fitting it into your prized motor easier.

When it comes to the main units, the box comes supplied as standard with a 40mm-deep side drawer that is perfectly designed to house the small Preston hooklength boxes plus any other accessories.

A clever concealed front drawer is accessed by simply pushing it, which then releases a magnetic catch, much like a kitchen-drawer unit. A shallow 26mm tray then completes the setup above the frame. Below this is a sliding unit and as standard it comes with a deep 100mm unit and another 26mm tray complete with carry handle.

All of the trays interchange and you can add trays to suit your style of fishing. As you can see it is quite a comprehensive setup.

Other nice touches on the box are the spirit-level bubbles dotted around the frame to ensure a perfectly level fishing station. One thing I really like is that wherever there is a cavity (under the lid, for example) there are clips so that hooklength boxes can be housed – no more wasted space! The box is also supplied with a bracket to fit onto the Space Station Shuttle, which ensures that the box can be transported with ease.

Fair enough, this seatbox is a little more expensive than previous Preston offerings but it is truly a world apart from the others. The attention to detail and build quality is superb and it is sure to be a huge hit for anyone in the market for a high-end seatbox.

RRP: £699.99