The Nash Cyber Shot Throwing Stick!

(as reviewed by nash tackle)
This is not a normal throwing stick, no, it's unique and extremely in use. I could examine for the first time at the Vienna Fishing Show and was immediately impressed by the underlying concept.
The first few marbles flew in all directions, but from the second or third hand, I noticed that the baits really precise landed on my spot. He was, however, quite far away, but thanks to the accuracy and the low weight of the Cybershot, this was easy to reach. Also spots on shorter distances can be easily and accurately achieved.
At low and / or weedy waters my accuracy is very important, because if you want to fish for a plateau or even a small herb gap, I have to be sure that my baits end up in the right place.

Here are the advantages of the new Cybershot throwing stick
- Extremely lightweight material
- Very accurate in feeding
- Long distances possible
- Easy to fill with boilies 15 to 24 mm
- Good grip on the handle
- No fatigue, low weight with carbon rails
- The feeding of large quantities much easier
- The Cyber-shot is not open to the elements as some other, and thus can not break

As you can see, there are some advantages that speak for the Cyber-shot and it's become an integral part of my fishing.
Uses the pre-action, comes in a few weeks on the market ...

Order Yours HERE priced at £39.99!!!