Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Stillwater Clearz Float Set & Box

Stillwater Clearz Float Set & Box

This is a complete set of floats for stillwater fishing and will cover you for fishing up in the water or on the bottom for carp, roach and skimmers, at long range or even down the edge. The clear floats are ideal for heavily fished commercial waters where the carp can spook away from normal floats.

With a RRP of £44.99 you'd be a fool to miss the opportunity to grab this set at only £17.99!!!

This weekend only at our Bank Holiday Bonanza!

Monday, 29 April 2013

Mustad Alan Scotthorne barbless hooks to nylon

May Bank Holiday Bonanza
Mustad Alan Scotthorne barbless hooks to nylon, perfect for all commercial fisheries were £1.99 ech, this weekend buy any 10 pack’s (that’s 80 hooks to nylon) only £5!!!!!!!!!!! Perfect timing to get stocked up for summer

Nash Sonar Urban Banx 4 has Arrived

Urban Banx 4 review Urban Carp Fishing at Northlands Park in Basildon. Join Alan Blair as he travels to the spiritual home of Essex, Basildon, where he does 24 hours on Northlands Park Lake to see if he can get some bites on a cold February night and day. Did he catch? Let's just say he was happy with the result!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Win a Stillwater FDC Seatbox

Would you like to win a Stillwater FDC seatbox, RRP £79.99? Chapmans Angling have teamed up with Angling Times to bring you this fantastic competition! To enter simply go to the link below and answer the simple question.

Free kits with selected Maver Match Poles

April is traditionally the start of the open match and club calendar. To kick start your season, why not take advantage of the factory fitted Maver promotional kits at Chapmans Angling. Maver match have always set the bar when it comes to kit packages. Why buy an inferior pole and suffer an inferior kit package.

Buy any of the listed Maver poles below and you will receive two additional 'Easy Flow' high active power kits, which will be bushed and fitted with a high quality Sic slot for modern day elastic system. Chapmans Angling will also supply five 'Easy Flow' elastic cone bungs, five beads and extractor rod. Furthermore, all of the standard kit package including the promotional kits will be factory fitted with the highest quality PTFE bushes so you've got the complete package ready to go.

to see the maver poles

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Monday, 22 April 2013

Spring 2013 Nash e-zine is now available

The new Spring 2013 Nash e-zine is now  available to read below.

Read up on the latest tips and tricks for Spring and find out what the boys in the office have been getting up to since the last instalment.

In this issue Nash are also giving 5 lucky readers a chance to win the latest Nash Purple hat and T-Shirt combo! And don’t forget to sign up to the mailing list to keep up to date with all the lastest from Nash!

Friday, 19 April 2013

New Browning Combo Deals

The weather is warming up and now's the time to get out on the bank! Mice eaten your nets over the winter? Fancy a new rod & reel combo for your local commercial? Take a look at these incredible offers we have from Browning! Limited stocks at these prices so you best hurry! 

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Super Spring Specials at Chapmans Angling

the sun is starting to shine and now is the time to dust off your gear and get out on the bank and we have some unbeatable bait deals to get you geared up for the new season

The New Map TKS 501

(As reviewed by Pole Fishing Magazine)

Jon Arthur's verdict on MAP's latest mid-range offering – the TKS 501
Hat's off to the guys at MAP because I know how hard they've been working on the new TKS range. There's a real passion and enthusiasm about the products they are bringing out at the moment and it's refreshing to see. I have witnessed first-hand how they operate and I know they aren't simply picking things out of a trade catalogue and slapping their logos on them. Far from it, they look at everything from the ground up before redesigning and tweaking every last detail.  This is immediately apparent with the TKS family.

A quick look at the packages on offer and I can see that half the battle has already been won. They've obviously looked at what the competition has put on the table before showing their own hand. Cosmetically, the range really does look fantastic, too. They are easily MAP's best-looking poles to date, with their subtle honeycomb graphics and all the key details and features nicely emphasised.  I really hoped that all this hard exterior wasn't veiling a softer underbelly in the performance stakes. There was only one way to find out, so I armed myself with a TKS 501 and paid my local Packington Somers fishery a visit.

I chose a peg on Molands because it's a great mixed lake with plenty of width and everything from carp to roach, plus lots of skimmers, crucians and tench to keep you guessing. Unpacking the ample holdall, you immediately see what you're getting for your £899. Everything is nicely tubed. The pole packs into three – 13 metres plus the two butts – and I'm really surprised how slim the butt sections are. Normally at this price I'd expect to see a wider-diameter butt to compensate for any loss of rigidity but this was not the case. What's more, there is virtually no flex or give in any of the sections. The walls are all really solid with no ovaling under your elbow on the strike. I would have no doubts using the pole for carp crunching and hit-and-hold situations.

Along with the match kit in the pole, the 501 is supplied with two more Match Kits and two Power Kits plus a mini-extension and cupping kit. There's no need to glue or chop anything because the top kits are all pre-bushed, while the cupping kit is pre-threaded and ready to go with a choice of two screw-on cups. As I hoped, everything is exactly the same length and I wish all manufacturers would start to realise what a bonus this is. Being pre-bushed also gets you fishing quicker and cuts out the tedious job of choosing the right PTFE bushes and nervously cutting them all back yourself.  Both the Power and Match kits are 2.7 metres and just two sections long. I am so glad they have done away with those scrawny little No1s that most of us chuck away. Each also has a reinforced wrap towards the base of the No2 where they could be converted into side-puller kits if needed.

I got to fish with the pole for a full five hours and couldn't believe how good it was. I started off with two 13m swims, potting in tiny nuggets of groundbait and dead maggots, and was soon into a run of handsome F1s, tench to 2lb, 1lb-plus skimmers and even the odd big crucian carp. After two hours I popped two more sections on and started a new swim over potted-in casters. Another muscular tench and a good run of big F1s immediately followed. Even though this isn't a top-of-the-range pole I had no problems whatsoever holding it at 16 metres. I wouldn't say that it was featherlight at this length but it was still comfortable to hold all day and really nicely balanced.

There was no discernible sag and the recovery on the strike was good thanks to the extra-stiff Match Kit I had elasticated.  If I had to be really picky, perhaps one more top kit wouldn't have gone amiss, but I doubt MAP could possibly cram any more into the package and still give you a great-performing pole for less than £900. It is easily on a par with anything else in that price bracket. In fact, it is possibly the best pole I've ever handled for less than £900!

I ended up having one of the nicest day's fishing I can remember, with a proper mixed net from 10oz roach to 2lb tench. More importantly, I was left extremely impressed with the TKS 501. Great looks, great package and a great pole to fish with. I'm not sure how the boys at MAP have done it but I'm so glad they have!


OUR PRICE: £899 And In Stock Ready To Order

Package: 16m pole plus two spare pre-bushed Match Kits, two spare pre-bushed Power Kits, Ultra Rigid Cupping Kit and cups, mini-extension, tubes, deluxe pole holdall

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Lynx Single Hook And Twin Treble Traces

(as reviewed by TCF)
Wire traces are a personal thing, from the wire you use to whether you crimp or twizzle, and making them is all part of the fun.

There’s a new name that might change that, though. The new range of LYNX traces uses new technology to produce a unit that retains 100 per cent of the wire’s original breaking strain. This is achieved through a process called Precision Compression Technology (PCT) that compresses a metal tube onto the wire at the required locations – at the hook or swivel.

This isn’t crimping, which can compromise the breaking strain of the wire. PCT has controlled tolerances that see each trace produced with the same 100 per cent breaking strain result – something I well believe after seeing them tested myself.

Out on the bank then I had no qualms about using a LYNX trace. The 19-strand wire and chemically sharpened hooks they’re constructed from are both high quality. I fished both single-hook and twin-treble traces, catching on the twin with 30lb wire with no worries at all. My fishing partner caught on a single-hook trace, and was also impresed.

My only concern is that even with the 100 per cent line strength through the trace, you still have to connect that trace to the main line via a knot still giving you a weak spot. Having said that, though, speaking to LYNX it seems the company has mooted that a connection kit to solve that problem is in the pipeline, so watch this space.

LYNX Single Hook And Twin Treble Traces From £2.49

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Our best 50/50 Bait Deal has been extended

Take advantage of our incredible and exclusive 50/50 deal! Spend over £50 on anything either online or in our stores and we'll give you free bait with an RRP value of £50! There are two packs available, one for carp anglers that includes a mixture of boilies and one for coarse anglers which includes groundbait, flavours and sprays. 

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Our Best 50/50 Dait Deal Ever

April 13th & 14th

50/50 Bait Deal


Pack 1 - CARP
Mixture of Ready made Boilies, 30mm, 24mm, 20mm
Pack 2 - COARSE
Mixture of Groundbait, Sprays & Flavours

also available in both our Stores all Weekend!
*When ordering online, pack can be selected during final stages of checkout process

* Choose from Pack 1 - Carp or Pack 2 - Coarse RRP value £50 Only one pack per customer

Monday, 8 April 2013

Greys AirCurve Carp Rod at Chapmans

The AirCurve Carp Rod test has taken over three years to develop and is the first Greys rod review to utilise our new Toreon® nano composite material technology. Toreon® composite engineering provides a uniform dispersion of nano particles throughout the resin that binds the carbon fibres together. This results in a stronger and lighter material but in no way restricts the action that can be achieved. Working alongside our team of angling consultants our composite engineers have developed what we believe to be the best Carp rod on the market.

Designed first and foremost as a performance fishing rod, the action has been developed to provide the perfect balance between fish playing capability combined with exceptional casting performance. The four models in the range cover any Carp fishing situation you're ever likely to encounter.


Friday, 5 April 2013

Prologic Ringlock Mega Deals

The Innovative designer buzzer bar kit, carry bag included - Customize your own Rod setup, to perfection. This kit makes the perfect rock solid set up which in turn makes bite indication more reliable. 4-Rod and 3-Rod versions available. 

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Prologic Open Weekend at Chapmans Angling

Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th April


A fantastic fun packed weekend
with guest appearances, great offers and much more!





21-27 Beechway, Ashby, Scunthorpe, North Lincs, DN16 2HF
Tel: 01724 862 585

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Nash Deliverance Ball Maker at Chapmans Angling

Nash Deliverance Ball Maker

Deal for using alongside the NashBaits Fish Frenzy Sticky Pellets, Scalded Pellets, Method Mix or as you can see liquidised bread. In fact the only thing that will stop the multitude of uses with the Ball Maker is your imagination!
Nash Tackles Alan Blair putting the soon to be released Ball Maker through it's paces. Ideal for using alongside the NashBaits Fish Frenzy Sticky Pellets, Scalded Pellets, Method Mix or as you can see liquidised bread. In fact the only thing that will stop the multitude of uses with the Ball Maker is your imagination! You can see the Ball Maker being put through it's paces on the brand new Nash Tackle Evolution DVD.
Available in 2 sizes: 20mm and 40mm

at Chapmans Angling

The Nufish Double Brolly Clamp

This unique umbrella arm has been designed with 2 brackets in one to give twice the support of a normal bracket.
Also incorporating two threaded screw to secure the brolly spike in use.
Complete with Nufish multi-knuckles.

Instock and ready to order and priced at ONLY £9.99!!

To Order Click Here