Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Shimano Beastmaster Margin Pole at Chapmans Angling


Quite simply the best margin pole available for under £200 the Beastmaster 8.5m features Shimanos ultra sound sanding system for easy shipping and reinforced point system for optimum strength and power.

Bargain Marukyu Krill (SFA 400 & SFA 410)

Special price of only £6.99 for the SFA 410 and £8.25 for the SFA 400 surely this is too good to miss!!

(write up by match fishing)
With Marukyu starting to take the bait market by storm, Joe Carass decided to take a look at one of its most popular products… krill!

Marukyu is still a fairly new name on the UK bait market. The baits are clearly very good but, never one to follow fads, I must admit to being fairly sceptical about them at first.

I mean, I have always been of the opinion that as long as the bait we use is fresh and good quality and the fish are in front of you, then you will catch them!

My opinion has changed somewhat of late, however, after going on several features with Jamie Masson, and also noticing the continuing list of results that Andy Kinder has been getting. With both of these top anglers using Marukyu products I felt I really needed to take a closer look.

If one product from Marukyu has really taken off then it has to be the krill baits. Now, for anyone who hasn’t seen or heard of krill before it is a type of sea crustacean that is incredibly high in protein and other goodness, that carp in particular find irresistible. Marukyu was quick to realise just how effective krill was for fishing baits and developed two products that make the most of this awesome fish catcher!

The first product in the range, and one that has become hugely popular, is SFA 400. This is a very fine pink powder – the pink colour is derived from the krill’s natural coloration – that comes in 400g bags. Although this is not a huge amount, it is very potent stuff and you don’t need much on whatever bait you wish to flavour. The powder has a very strong smell but because it is a natural ingredient you can’t really overdo it on your bait, as you can with some artificial additives.

But what can you use SFA 400 on? Well, some of you may have heard of the krilled-maggot method that has literally taken The Glebe fishery apart. Anglers are killing several pints of maggots, dusting them with the krill powder and then freezing them. This draws the flavour into the maggots and they have become one of the best carp catchers around. Krill-coated meat has also been a winner and to do this you simply need to dust some powder straight on to your meat.

The krill powder is also something that I hold close to my heart because I recently won the Kamasan British Open while using it. On that day I used micros around the Method, but instead of using Horlicks to bind my pellets I dusted my pellets with krill powder and EFG 100 to make a very sticky but very attractive mix. It worked an absolute treat and I can vouch for the effectiveness of the SFA 400 krill powder.

The other product in the krill range is the SFA 410. This is a concentrated krill extract in liquid form – very strong smelling and very attractive to the fish! This bait has many uses but ideally it should be added to the water that you mix groundbait or paste with. It is also great for soaking corn in and works well when added to a pellet pump for preparing expander pellets.

So the effectiveness of these baits is no longer in doubt! They have been catching loads of fish and are becoming increasingly popular now that anglers are realising their effectiveness. The one downside to the products is their price, however the quality of the ingredients used necessitates the high price tag!

Despite my initial reservations about Marukyu and its products, I am now totally sold on the ones that I have used! And I urge you to give these two krill products a go because you won’t be disappointed!

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Friday, 24 May 2013

3 of the BEST from Stillwater

Just arrived! Three of our most popular Stillwater items are now back in stock! Our best selling and critically acclaimed Mirrox carp rods, the awesome Shifta match barrow and the ever popular deluxe recliner. All three are in stock now and available on very special prices for a limited time! Get yours now.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Order Your FREE Fox DVD


order your free fox dvd AND receive new summer specialist catalogue. order your new specialist catalogue now! 52 pages packed with the best carp gear for summer 2013.

Monday, 20 May 2013

New Catalogues Out Now

new summer 2013 catalogues packed with all the best gear for summer 2013

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Fox Supa Brolly System Now in Stock

The AWESOME Fox Supa Brolly system is now back in stock! The standard Supa Brolly was so popular the Fox were inundated with requests to produce a full system with removable front for those anglers that want their brolly to double up as a bivvy too.

Rovex Green Braid at chapmans


Rovex Tergo Braid is an affordable multi-purpose Dyneema blended braid suitable for various fishing styles. Its made using a special fibre-twisting process for better sensitivity and is also strong. Rovex Tergo braid is green and available in 150m or 250m spools.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Preston X3 Seat Box back in stock at chapmans

the x3 limited edition seatboxis now available again for a limited time. last year we literally sold out within days of this awesome box package being available! order yours now to avoid disappointment!

The Rovex Mad May Line Offer!!

Rovex Tergo Braid is an affordable multi-purpose Dyneema blended braid suitable for various fishing styles. It's made using a special fibre-twisting process for better sensitivity and is also strong. Rovex Tergo braid is green and available in 150m or 250m spools.

150m spools RRP £10.99 OUR PRICE £5.99!!

250m spools RRP £15.99 OUR PRICE £8.99!!

At prices just under 50% off the RRP can you afford not to miss this???

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Friday, 10 May 2013

Stillwater BPX 12ft Carp Rods HOT BUY

Quite how three carbon carp rods can be bought for under £100 is beyond me, but Chapmans Angling have managed it with their Stillwater BPX range.

These rods cost a mere £39.99 each, with a three-rod bundle costing just £99.99. And that’s with a £29.99 three-rod holdall thrown in! 
For that price you don’t expect a premier built rod, but you’ll be impressed. The BPX rods have the looks of a high-end rod, along with the current fashion for minimal livery and fuss.

The slim, high modulus blank, coupled with a stylish matt black finish and abbreviated handle, also goes some ways to making you think that you are handling something costing a lot more, helped along by a laser etched butt cap and quality SiC guides.

A progressive through action offers suitable casting abilities, combined with the fish playing action that will minimise the chances of hook pulls at close-quarters. There are two 12ft models to choose from, a 2.75lb for general carping applications and a 3lb design for heavier loads.

Matt Sparkes, Anglers Mail.
First Impressions: 10/10

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Garbolino Maxim Pole Deals


Buy any of the below Maxim poles and get recieve a FREE days Coaching with an expert tuitor from the the Garbolino Angling Academy PLUS also recieve a FREE Stillwater Pro Pole Roller worth 59.99.

Peanut Worms now at Chapmans Angling

It's been a long time since we have seen anything as exciting introduced to the UK sea fishing live bait market here at Chapmans Angling Hull Store, and we are sure the live Peanut Worm is about to become a very popular bait among sea anglers!

A hot new live bait for sea anglers - the Peanut Worm!
What are Peanut Worms I hear you ask? Sipunculans, or Peanut Worms, are a type of Lugworm, and are found throughout most of the world's oceans. There are an estimated 300 to 500 species of Peanut Worms, however, many of them are small and as they tend to be found in tough environments, such as the insides of rocks, and as such these small species are not of much interest to the angler. However the much larger Sipunculus nudus, found in all oceans from intertidal zones to 900 m depth, is the best known species of Peanut Worm and the one sought by sea anglers. Common and easily collected along the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts of Europe, it has been studied for many decades by developmental biologists, physiologists, and biochemists. The surface of its trunk has a checked appearance resulting from the intersection of the longitudinal and circular muscles, and has an iridescent pink or sepia colour. They are found all around the coast of the British Isles and are sub tidal - living from the low water mark down to depths of hundreds of metres.

So what makes Peanut Worms such a potent bait? Peanut Worms are the vacuums of the ocean, they suck up bacteria and algae which creates a natural chemical reaction that generates a shiny sparkling skin in the day and a faint phosphorescent glow at night. More importantly the Peanut Worm is loaded with amino acids that attract fish like bees to nectar. They have two rectangular muscles which create an attractive movement and which also makes them a much tougher bait that lives longer once baited. This allows a longer period of time, compared to other similar baits like Ragworm or Lug, for fish to track down the worm before the angler has to re-bait.
Peanut worms are available in four sizes!
In France, Italy, Spain and other European countries they don't have the fish stocks that we do in the UK, and as such Peanut Worms are the bait of choice due to their ability to attract fish. French and Italian anglers call these worms 'Bibi' and in Spain they are known as 'Tita'. Here in the UK very few anglers have heard of Peanut Worms and those that have, have found them unobtainable, as a result anglers have had to settle for less. Now for the first time Chapmans Abgling can supply live Peanut Worms in absolutely perfect condition to your door step.

Our Peanut Worms are supplied live which means that degradation to skin and loss of juices is minimal unlike many "fresh" or frozen baits. This allows them to stay on the hook better and provide movement and body juices which are extremely attractive to fish like Bass, Cod, Pollack, Flounder and many more saltwater species. The best way to rig live Peanut worms is by threading them on to a Bait Needle from head to tail to preserve the juices, and always use a suitably sized Aberdeen style hook. Large Peanut Worms can be cut lengthwise with scissors and used just like you would with fish or squid strips.
Live Peanut Worms - delivered to your door!


Friday, 3 May 2013

Stillwater Carp Shifta Barrow

Stillwater Carp Shifta Barrow

Carp barrows are a must-have item of kit for all carp and specimen anglers these days and this new Carp Shifta Barrow from Stillwater ticks all the boxes in terms of quality and value. Already selling in large numbers through tackle shops, Go Fishing users can get this huge, new barrow for almost half price, with £70 off the current RRP.

It features a massive load platform measuring 110cm by 80cm (approx. 3ft 8ins x 2ft 8ins) with both front and two folding side bars allowing you to securely load the barrow to its limits with tackle and bait bags, a bivvy/shelter, luggage, holdalls and rod sleeves.

The side bars are slightly higher than most barrows on the market to aid control of your kit when it's loaded. The front bar also features a long 'V' dip and quick release bungee strap to help locate your holdall Strong handles and a huge, single, front wheel make it easy to manoeuvre the barrow over any terrain too. The Carp Shifta can be disassembled in a couple of minutes to pack away neatly in the back of your car with removable handles and wheel plus fold down side supports making it almost flat for transport. Finished in a dark green powder-coating.

Insane Bank Holiday Bonanza Price of £59.99 for this weekend only!!!

Very limited stocks so be quick as they wont last long at that price!

Stillwater Wireless Bite Alarm & Receiver Set

Stillwater Wireless Bite Alarm & Receiver Set

Our best selling alarm set by some margin, this incredible value wireless alarm set comes with three feature packed alarms (red, yellow and blue) and wireless receiver. High quality, reliable alarms at a superb price. Batteries are included.

Alarms Features

  • 3 Alarms (Red, Yellow, Blue)
  • Compact, stylish ergonomic design
  • Push button controls
  • State of the art sealed electronics for 100% weather proofing & total reliability
  • 8 sensitivity settings
  • 8 tone settings
  • 20 second latching light
  • Intermitant night mode
  • Two LED illumination
  • Dual recess for beta lights
  • Rubberised soft touch finish

Another Crazy Bank Holiday Bonanza Price of only £49.99!!

For this weekend only surely too good to miss!!!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Stillwater SP3 Pro Seatbox

Stillwater SP3 Pro Seatbox

The new SP3 Pro Seatbox is without doubt the best value match or general coarse fishing box on the market. 

The box comes complete with a solid square leg frame system with adjustable non-marking legs. It features three front drawers (one deep, two shallow) which feature foam filled sides to protect your gear and help keep it in place. Also included is a deluxe footplate which folds up and locks in place for transportation and a large sidetray with detachable sliding bait bowl. There is also a winder/accessory tray under the comfortable padded pole seat. The box (and footplate) all feature telescopic leg which on many other boxes are an optional (and expensive) extra! A great seatbox package that really ticks all the boxes.

  • Padded Pole Seat
  • 3 Front Drawers
  • Pole Winder Tray
  • Shallow base (3in)
  • Fold up Footplate
  • Six telescopic legs with swivelling mudfeet
  • Non-Marking legs
  • Large side tray with detachable sliding bait bowl
  • Padded clip on carry strap

Another great product for the Bank Holiday Bonanza!!

Special Price of only £99.99!!!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Stillwater Carp Cabin 1 Man

Stillwater Carp Cabin 1 Man

The Stillwater Carp Cabin offers the ultimate in flexibility, stability and protection. The pram hood style construction offers the dedicated carp angler something that can only be described as the ultimate bivvy. The bivvy features and extended skirt that is particularly useful on uneven ground, or when you need to travel light and use without the tough heavy duty ground sheet. Tension strap is supplied as standard for use without a ground sheet. The Carp Cabin is simplicity itself to set up, the tough lightweight aluminium poles which means more time fishing. With a bit of practice it can be erected under 2 mins.

Another Bank Holiday Bonanza Price of £89.99!!!! 

For this weekend only!