Peanut Worms now at Chapmans Angling

It's been a long time since we have seen anything as exciting introduced to the UK sea fishing live bait market here at Chapmans Angling Hull Store, and we are sure the live Peanut Worm is about to become a very popular bait among sea anglers!

A hot new live bait for sea anglers - the Peanut Worm!
What are Peanut Worms I hear you ask? Sipunculans, or Peanut Worms, are a type of Lugworm, and are found throughout most of the world's oceans. There are an estimated 300 to 500 species of Peanut Worms, however, many of them are small and as they tend to be found in tough environments, such as the insides of rocks, and as such these small species are not of much interest to the angler. However the much larger Sipunculus nudus, found in all oceans from intertidal zones to 900 m depth, is the best known species of Peanut Worm and the one sought by sea anglers. Common and easily collected along the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts of Europe, it has been studied for many decades by developmental biologists, physiologists, and biochemists. The surface of its trunk has a checked appearance resulting from the intersection of the longitudinal and circular muscles, and has an iridescent pink or sepia colour. They are found all around the coast of the British Isles and are sub tidal - living from the low water mark down to depths of hundreds of metres.

So what makes Peanut Worms such a potent bait? Peanut Worms are the vacuums of the ocean, they suck up bacteria and algae which creates a natural chemical reaction that generates a shiny sparkling skin in the day and a faint phosphorescent glow at night. More importantly the Peanut Worm is loaded with amino acids that attract fish like bees to nectar. They have two rectangular muscles which create an attractive movement and which also makes them a much tougher bait that lives longer once baited. This allows a longer period of time, compared to other similar baits like Ragworm or Lug, for fish to track down the worm before the angler has to re-bait.
Peanut worms are available in four sizes!
In France, Italy, Spain and other European countries they don't have the fish stocks that we do in the UK, and as such Peanut Worms are the bait of choice due to their ability to attract fish. French and Italian anglers call these worms 'Bibi' and in Spain they are known as 'Tita'. Here in the UK very few anglers have heard of Peanut Worms and those that have, have found them unobtainable, as a result anglers have had to settle for less. Now for the first time Chapmans Abgling can supply live Peanut Worms in absolutely perfect condition to your door step.

Our Peanut Worms are supplied live which means that degradation to skin and loss of juices is minimal unlike many "fresh" or frozen baits. This allows them to stay on the hook better and provide movement and body juices which are extremely attractive to fish like Bass, Cod, Pollack, Flounder and many more saltwater species. The best way to rig live Peanut worms is by threading them on to a Bait Needle from head to tail to preserve the juices, and always use a suitably sized Aberdeen style hook. Large Peanut Worms can be cut lengthwise with scissors and used just like you would with fish or squid strips.
Live Peanut Worms - delivered to your door!