30 Plus Centium DFX Carp Rods at Chapmans Angling

30 Plus Centium DFX Carp Rods reviewed by Ben Middleton at Angling Times

Every so often a new development on the carp scene changes the way we think.It was, until now, always assumed that you needed to splash out at least £200 to get yourself a decent carp distance casting rod. The new Centium DFX rods have, however,changed my thinking completely. These fantastic rods are super slim, have features like an original Fuji reel seat and yet can be picked up for under £120… incredible!It is no wonder that Mark Sawyer described them as “the best value distance rods – by a mile”. The really amazing thing though is that they still retain really good fish playing characteristics.

I have been using the 3lb models to great success and have already landed fish to over the 30lb mark with consummate ease.I really can recommend that you check out this range. There are four test curves to choose from and the 3.75lb has a one foot marker band, meaning you could use it for marker or spomb work. The true RRP’s start at £149.99 but by shopping around you can get these wonder tools for less than £120. They have 50mm butt rings and an anti-frap tip guide and are made using new 100-weave carbon core technology.