Friday, 30 August 2013

Fox FX11 Reel at Chapmans Angling

Fox FX11 Reel at Chapmans Angling
In recent years Fox International’s reputation for producing carp fishing reels that are not only eye-catching but also highly functional and reliable has grown from strength to strength. The advantage that Fox have over most other reel manufacturers is that they actually design their reels from scratch and can therefore produce a product specifically for carp fishing, unfortunately many reels still on the market are designed for sea fishing and then marketed to the carp angler with a few aesthetic tweaks. Following the great success of Fox’s magnesium 12000XT and graphite 12000S and FS reels they were regularly inundated with requests for a smaller sized reel, that would balance better with rods of 2.75 and 3lb test curve. Many anglers love the look of a 12000 reel but really didn’t need something that big and so after two years of research and development the company are now ready to launch the stunning, matt black, understated FX11, which can be described as a scaled-down big pit reel. Fox were keen, however, to make their downsized big pit reel an all-rounder and thanks to the super-slow oscillation giving impeccable line lay you can comfortably put the FX11 onto your higher test curve casting rods and put rigs well over 150yds should you need to. In addition to the super-slow oscillation the FX11 also features a Quick Clutch on the front of the spool, allowing you to go from tight enough to cast to loose-enough to get a run with just one and half turns of the clutch – if you make it any less than this you will lose clutch definition.
Features include:
  • Super-slow oscillation
  • 95cm of line retrieved per handle turn
  • Hardwearing, graphite body, with minimalist matt black styling and discreet silver trims
  • Rotor brake
  • Anti-backlash system
  • Micro line lay adjustment
  • Rotor line guard
  • Quick Clutch
  • Front clutch grit guard
  • Slim black handle
  • 2 Range Casting Line Clips – one black, one silver
  • CNS System
  • Rotor Balanced Profile
  • Twist free roller
  • Mesh-Tech gearing system
  • Pro cast lip on spool

August's Best Selling Deals

After our recent special offer Marksman rods sold out in a matter of days we have managed to secure some of the incredible Marksman XT rods at 40% off! The Marksman XT's offer the very best in rod manufacturing, beautiful blanks, superior build quality and only the best fittings these rods are an absolute dream to fish with.

Only: £159.99

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Thursday, 29 August 2013

FX Low Rider Barrow

New in the Fox FX Low Rider Barrow

 Now Only: £139.99

• Low loading bed creating low centre of gravity for extra stability
• Frame detaches in half for compact storage & transporting to & from the lake
• Purpose designed Fox bucket storage areas, supplied with 2 x 16 litre Fox buckets
• Quick release wheel system
• Braced handles to eliminate wobble
• Barrow strap frame attachment points and 2 x Universal Barrow Straps included
• Robust, hi-tensile steel frame
• Ergonomically shaped handles
• Swivelling mud feet with spiked bases for extra stability

Ministers urged to ban domestic use of hazardous chemical

Following the identification of the pesticide chlorpyrifos as the cause of last month's pollution of a 15km section of the upper Kennet between Marlborough and Hungerford, the Angling Trust has written to Environment minister Richard Benyon calling for the chemical to be withdrawn from domestic use. It has been estimated that as little as half a cupful poured down a local drain and entering the river via the Marlborough Sewage treatment works resulted in the almost complete wipe-out of macro invertebrates in the affected stretch.

Chlorpyrifos is regularly used on lawns and golf courses and to tackle insects on crops and some soft fruits.

It is the same pollutant that wiped out a large section of the River Roding in 1985, the River Wey in 2002 and 2003 and led to a significant fish kill on the Sussex Ouse in 2001. It was banned in Singapore in 2009 for use in termite control in soil and the United States phased out chlorpyrifos for use in buildings and residential homes and pre-construction sites from 2001 due to public health and environmental concerns. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has moved to limit the use of the chemical near salmon rivers because of possible damage to fish and has been petitioned to introduce a total ban following reports that it can cause damage to human health.

There is concern amongst the suppliers that a current review of the pesticide by the UK's Chemical Regulations Directorate could lead to the government imposing tougher restrictions on its sale and use. The industry-funded 'Say No To Drift' campaign states that: "Continued availability of chlorpyrifos is under threat due to more stringent EU environmental standards to further protect the aquatic environment and meet regulatory requirements."

Angling Trust Campaigns Chief's Martin Salter letter to the minister refers to the easy availability of chlorpyrifos saying: "It took me no more than a couple of minutes to find where to order it online with a next-day delivery for around £33 and there were several other suppliers advertising for domestic customers online. Interestingly, whilst reference is made to compliance with HSE codes for the use of this chemical by professionals no such obligation appears to apply to domestic users."

Martin goes on to say: "Experience from other countries as well as the catalogue of environmental disasters caused by chlorpyrifos, of which the upper Kennet is but the latest, must surely tell us that the current controls are simply not fit for purpose. In fact the Angling Trust wants to know why a lethal chemical like chlorpyrifos is allowed to be used anywhere near a river or watercourse. Apparently the 15km wipe-out of invertebrates between Marlborough and Hungerford may have been caused by as little as a couple of spoonfuls and was almost certainly the result of an irresponsible domestic disposal. We hope you will agree that the the sooner we follow the lead of Singapore and America and ban the domestic use of chlorpyrifos the better off our rivers will be."

He added: "As you know at this stage we are not campaigning for an outright ban, but for chlorpyrifos to be removed from general sale and for its use to be restricted to trained professionals only and operating under new and more stringent conditions that include restrictions on its use anywhere near watercourses of any size.

"Finally, we are worried that the problems with the disposal of chlorpyrifos might just be the tip of a chemical iceberg with garden sheds and other storage places housing a range of substances that could prove lethal to aquatic life. In the past there have been a number of initiatives advising people how they can dispose of all unused chemicals and empty containers responsibly. We feel it is time that these arrangements are reviewed."

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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Korda Underwater 8

Korda Underwater 8 


Well, the most anticipated release of the summer is here, and you’re going to LOVE it. Underwater 8 is in your tackle shops this week, and it’s set to eclipse even its predecessor… Underwater 7. 

For the very first time on an Underwater film, Danny Fairbrass surrenders the rod, letting first Tom Dove, and then Ali Hamidi, take the reins and test their tactics in front of the underwater cameras. Needless to say, this development results in some of the most absorbing and compelling footage ever filmed in the carp-fishing arena. The famous residents of St Johns play their part too and we renew our acquaintances with the likes of Gums, The Box Common and the Big and Small Plated mirrors.

 The lads try their favourite tactics and to say that the results were eye-opening would be doing the whole production a disservice! Every missed chance and ejected rig is captured on film as Tom and Ali try to out-think their wary quarry, tweaking and developing their presentations to hook more carp. They learned loads while filming this epic and you can tap into that yourself when you get your copy.
Just like Underwater 7, part 8 climaxes with the capture of yet another of the St Johns A-Team, on a rig whose performance surprised the whole team!
Pick up your copy of Underwater 8 and change your fishing forever…

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Fox FX Flatliter

Fox FX Flatliter


FX Flatliter
Bed & Bag System
When Fox launched their Flatliner bedchair in 2011, it took the carp fishing world by storm and overnight changed the face for bedchair design forever. The beauty of the Flatliner design was that it had Cam Wheels that could be rotated 180-degrees so that they were completely out of the way when not required during a fishing situation, this was an age-old problem and it had been eradicated! Since the launch of the Flatliner more and more anglers have grown to appreciate the benefits of not having the cams in the way and in fact many anglers now don’t even require the cams as they use a bedchair only for its bed functionality and not to also be used as a chair. With this in mind and taking into consideration the sheer number of anglers requesting a more compact, stripped back, lightweight sleeping option, Fox set about developing a new concept in bedchair design or should we say ‘bed’ design and the result is this stunning Flatliter concept that comes as a full system with a detachable sleeping bag.


• Double Hinged Bracket at both head and foot end, eliminating need for cams
• Heavy-duty tension strap with glass-filled nylon clip to secure bed closed for transportation
• Folds away extremely compact with sleeping bag system still attached to bed frame
• Bed and Bag combined weighs just 12kg!
• One-piece lumbar support on middle and head section gives a much firmer mattress and prevents sagging
• Unique leg design with single legs at both head and foot end for increased stability, this means you only have 6 legs rather than 8 but still have full support at both ends, this also vastly reduces the weight of the system
• ‘Twist Lok’ mechanism for infinite leg adjustment as used on Flatliner bedchair
• Large mud feet
• Bed has a soft-touch high density fleece covered mattress
• Sleeping bag is rated a 3-4 season and has both internal and external zip baffles
• Bag has an easy glide polyester inner lining
• Heavy-duty 10mm snag-free, crash zips on sleeping bag
• 20% of the bags filling is below you and the other 80% is above you to prevent heat loss, very much like your bed at home where you have a thin sheet layer beneath and the bulk of the quilt cover above you
• The bag attaches to the bed via two large elasticated hoods at both end then large Velcro lengths down both sides to ensure it doesn’t move around on the bed
• Dimensions: 210cm x 90cm x 40cm, Max Height 55cm
• Folded dimensions: 82cm x 90cm x 28cm

Friday, 23 August 2013

Korda Underwater DVD Part 8 "OUT NOW"

The awesome new DVD from Korda. The NEW Underwater 8 unlocking the day ticket code is in stock at chapmans angling. Order your copy today in our Hull or Scunthorpe store or Online at for only £19.99. Be one of the first to own this amazing DVD from the Korda underwater range.

What Korda has to say:
"The HD footage is so much better than what we have seen before and as we are on St. Johns (on the Linear complex in Oxford), one of the most famous day ticket venues in the UK, we are demonstrating a fishing situation that many people can relate too. Not to mention you will get to see the biggest fish in the lake get hooked and played in as it happened!?"

Incredible WB Clarke Deals

                               NEW WB CLARKE AT CHAPMANS

Waterman Super Match 8 Tube Rod Holdall. Full length zip & external zipped umbrella pocket, Measures 5.75ft. Waterman Super Match Carryall zipped end pocket & buckled keepnet side pocket.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Fox FlatLiter Bed & Bag System at Chapmans Angling

Fox FlatLiter Bed & Bag System

It’s finally here,due to the sheer numbers of anglers requesting a more compact, stripped back, lightweight sleeping option, Fox set about developing a new concept in bedchair design or should we say 'bed' design and the result is the stunning Flatliter concept that comes as a full system with a
detachable sleeping bag.


Now Only

Friday, 16 August 2013

Korda Underwater DVD Part 8

The awesome new DVD from Korda. The NEW Underwater 8 unlocking the day ticket code is in stock at chapmans angling. Order your copy today in our Hull or Scunthorpe store or Online at for only £19.99. Be one of the first to own this amazing DVD from the Korda underwater range.

What Korda has to say:
"The HD footage is so much better than what we have seen before and as we are on St. Johns (on the Linear complex in Oxford), one of the most famous day ticket venues in the UK, we are demonstrating a fishing situation that many people can relate too. Not to mention you will get to see the biggest fish in the lake get hooked and played in as it happened!?"

Maver Elite Pole Package Plus FREE Elite Seatbox

FREE Stillwater Pro Elite Seat Box RRP: £399.99 with every Maver Elite Carp 14.5m Pole Package! Exclusive to Chapmans Angling. ONLY 10 AVAILABLE so grab yours NOW before they are all gone.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Greys Prodigy TX Rods with FREE Greys GFS Reel


Buy selected greys tx rods and recieve a FREE greys gfs reel worth up to £54.99. Grab yours now at chapmans angling

Prodigy TX Specialist Float Rods are aimed at anglers who like a challenge, whether launching out big wagglers on commercials, or targeting specimen sized fish on smaller rivers and streams.
This lightweight, high modulus carbon float rod can be
held all day without becoming a burden.

TX Specialist Float 11ft . . . . . . . £79.99
TX Specialist Float 12ft . . . . . . . £89.99
TX Specialist Float 13ft . . . . . . . £99.99

TX Specimen Rods are lightweight but powerful rods that can be applied to a wealth of applications. All four rods feature a superb anti-lock fish playing action and the four test curves available
will cover everything from free lining and floater fishing
to trotting and legering.

11ft Specimen 1lb . . . . . . . £99.99
12ft Specimen 1.25lb . . . . £99.99
12ft Specimen 1.5lb . . . . . £99.99
12ft Specimen 1.75lb . . . . £99.99
TX Twin Tip 12ft . . . . . . . . . £129.99

Prodigy Barbel Rods have been updated with higher
performance actions to meet exacting modern requirements. They feature a specimen top section for really. Demanding work, backed up with a carrier section
that comes with 1.5oz, 2.5oz and 3.5oz quivertips. 

12ft Barbel  2lb . . . . . . . . . . . £119.99
12ft Barbel 1.75lb . . . . . . . . . £119.99

The Maver Elite MEGA DEAL!!!

The Elite carp was released mid 2012 and was our fastest selling Maver pole of the year. Maver themselves described this pole as 'producing the impossible' with its combination of being lightweight, ultra stiff and perfectly balanced whilst also having immense strength.


4 x 'Easy Flow' power kits (inc. kit inside the pole)
Cupping kit and cup
Mini extension
Holdall and tubes
Clean caps
Instructional DVD

And When you buy this pole at £799 you get the 

The new flagship seatbox in the Stillwater range, the Pro Elite Deluxe offers all the flexibility and features now demanded by the modern day match angler. The Pro Elite features four front drawers with accessory storage under the seat as well as a removable base unit with winder tray. It comes supplied with long telescopic legs, sliding footplate, adjustable pole support and much much more. Without doubt the best value seatbox package on the market.

To Order yours now CLICK HERE!

Monday, 12 August 2013

Nu-Fish Restabox

Nu-Fish Restabox

Designed with comfort,  practicality & transportability as the main features the RESTABOX is the perfect solution for anglers of all styles whether its comfort whilst feeder fishing or upright posture when pole & float fishing, the RESTABOX with its cushioned adjustable backrest provides the ideal platform to fish in comfort.

Adjustable Backrest (Quick Recliner)
550Mm Ajustable Legs
Sits Higher From The Ground Allowing More Mobility
High Density Cushioned Seat & Backrest
Wide Frame - Leg Stability
Bigger Leg Spacing for more Stabily on Uneven Ground
Lightweight - 7Kg

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Hardy Marksman XT Rod Sale

Incredible Marksman XT rods at 40% off or better! The last Marksmans sold out in a matter of days so don't delay, order your's today!

Monday, 5 August 2013

Summer Pole Packages from Preston Innovations

Now's the time to get your hands on that Preston pole you've been looking at! All of the awesome GIS and GXR poles now come with a huge array of top kits & accessories thanks to this limited time
promotion, and don't forgot we now offer finance!

MAP Matchtek Clearance at Chapmans Angling

MAP Matchtek Clearance


An awesome range of rods that are pencil thin, extremely light and have anti-lock blanks. All rods in the range feature top quality guides, cork handle and screw reel seat. Top quality competition match rods at a snip of the normal price.

Matchtek 13Ft Float £99.99 £59.99
Matchtek 14Ft Float £99.99 £59.99
Matchtek 15Ft Float £109.99 £64.99
Matchtek 11Ft Feeder £99.99 £59.99
Matchtek 12Ft Feeder £99.99 £59.99
Matchtek 13Ft Heavy Feeder £109.99 £64.99

Superb top quality match luggage specifically designed for the modern match angler. All items in the range look superb, are extremely tough and hard wearing, and are perfectly designed.


Matchtek 6-9 Tube Holdall £64.99 £34.99
 Matchtek Accessory Bag £29.99 £17.99
            Matchtek Carryall £39.99 £23.99

Outstanding value for money match holdall that will take 10+ tubes. At 1.9m in length it will comfortably house all 16m poles and also 12ft 2 piece rods. Features a long external pocket for net handles and an umbrella and a short external pocket for metalware and accessories. Features full length zip.

FREE Matrix Azur Carryall 55lt carryall
Worth £45.99

ONLY £54.99
RRP: £64.99

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Daiwa Crossfire 3000 3iB Reel Half Price

Daiwa Crossfire 3000 3iB Reel

Cracking reel from Daiwa, the Crossfire is ultra smooth & powerful. It is perfect for all types of float & feeder fishing aswell as spinning. Features include Twistbuster, ABS Spool, Infinite anti-reverse and one touch folding handle. Supplied with spare spool. Is reel is bound to have some good reviews so check it out now at chapmans

Front Drag
ABS Spool
Infinite Anti-Reverse
One touch folding handle
Spare Spool

Now Only: £24.99