Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Fox FX Flatliter

Fox FX Flatliter


FX Flatliter
Bed & Bag System
When Fox launched their Flatliner bedchair in 2011, it took the carp fishing world by storm and overnight changed the face for bedchair design forever. The beauty of the Flatliner design was that it had Cam Wheels that could be rotated 180-degrees so that they were completely out of the way when not required during a fishing situation, this was an age-old problem and it had been eradicated! Since the launch of the Flatliner more and more anglers have grown to appreciate the benefits of not having the cams in the way and in fact many anglers now don’t even require the cams as they use a bedchair only for its bed functionality and not to also be used as a chair. With this in mind and taking into consideration the sheer number of anglers requesting a more compact, stripped back, lightweight sleeping option, Fox set about developing a new concept in bedchair design or should we say ‘bed’ design and the result is this stunning Flatliter concept that comes as a full system with a detachable sleeping bag.


• Double Hinged Bracket at both head and foot end, eliminating need for cams
• Heavy-duty tension strap with glass-filled nylon clip to secure bed closed for transportation
• Folds away extremely compact with sleeping bag system still attached to bed frame
• Bed and Bag combined weighs just 12kg!
• One-piece lumbar support on middle and head section gives a much firmer mattress and prevents sagging
• Unique leg design with single legs at both head and foot end for increased stability, this means you only have 6 legs rather than 8 but still have full support at both ends, this also vastly reduces the weight of the system
• ‘Twist Lok’ mechanism for infinite leg adjustment as used on Flatliner bedchair
• Large mud feet
• Bed has a soft-touch high density fleece covered mattress
• Sleeping bag is rated a 3-4 season and has both internal and external zip baffles
• Bag has an easy glide polyester inner lining
• Heavy-duty 10mm snag-free, crash zips on sleeping bag
• 20% of the bags filling is below you and the other 80% is above you to prevent heat loss, very much like your bed at home where you have a thin sheet layer beneath and the bulk of the quilt cover above you
• The bag attaches to the bed via two large elasticated hoods at both end then large Velcro lengths down both sides to ensure it doesn’t move around on the bed
• Dimensions: 210cm x 90cm x 40cm, Max Height 55cm
• Folded dimensions: 82cm x 90cm x 28cm

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