Thursday, 26 September 2013

Latest MAP Gear

Complimenting their already popular Paraoblix range of luggage is the new EVA Bait Luggage. Constructed from the easily cleanable EVA plastic, the bowls and compartments provide the perfect solution to bait storage and use. Just about every combination of different baits can be conveniently included in a neat and compact arrangement – and easily cleaned when not in use.

MAP have also further developed their already popular range of pole rollers, with the release of a Double Flat V model. The company believes it has come up with the perfect answer for when anglers need to “double ship". With many other rollers when you do this you roll off the sections that are already resting on the roller.This clever design stops that happening and keeps the two sections apart. Boosting the same proven leg system as the single roller and with the established folding and extending leg system and protective caps, this is expected to be a big seller over coming months.

Following on from the company's massively successful hook box, they have improved the design and released a new version. The latest model is water resistant, boasts a clear UV protective lid and unique adjustable sliding pins with
measures on the slider. The bottom layer even it has its own built in magnetic hook storage tray. And if that wasn’t enough, it also has room for scissors, loop tyers - it’s like a mini work station!

Map Dual Hook Length Box
• Unique Adjustable Sliding Pins
• Built in Magnetic Hook Tray
• Water Resistant
• Clear UV Protective Lid
• Printed Measure Sliders

Map Large EVA Bait System Set
• Designed to fit on most side trays
• Will keep bait dry in wet weather
• Easy clean EVA material
• Perfect for pellets, hook baits etc.
• Can be used to transport bait
• 1 x large outer with clear zipped lid
• 3 x small bait compartments
• 1 x medium bait compartment

Map Double Pole Roller
• Designed for ‘double shipping’
• Unique, central rollers prevent the pole sections hitting one another
• Protective caps prevent any damage to the pole when shipping
• Three way extendable legs
• Supplied in quality

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

New Fox FX 11 Reel Now In Stock

The awesome new fox fx11 reel is now in stock at chapmans angling! the fox engineers have produced an incredible reel capable of casting 150yds in the right hands. it features a compact body and a long cone spool for maximum distance.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Middy Baggin Machine Rods at Chapmans Angling


Designed especially for commercial venues these brand new rods from Middy take on the infamous Baggin Machine name, and they do not disappoint! In our opinion these are two of the best value rods we have ever seen.

These rods are slim and feature full MTDI carbon making them extremely strong.
They feature a cork-EVA handle with an
ergonomically designed reel seat and fully lined F guides. Available in Waggler & Feeder models that are main line rated to 10lb.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Maver Redemption SX 13m Pole Review

Pile on the power with this 13m pole
Maver Redemption SX is all club anglers need

Maver has a fine record of making sought-after poles away from it’s very popular competition Match This range. Names such as Jurassic Carp, Totality and Medusa all boast an illustrious sales heritage. This new Maver Redemption SX 13m Pole may not reach the dizzy heights of its iconic predecessors, but it certainly reflects European carbon technology at its best.

Italian manufacturer Reglass has constructed a stunningly powerful nine section pole which has been built to Maver’s exacting standards, so it’s perfect for use on UK commercial carp fisheries.

Being equipped with a stout section wall strength to cope with elastics up to No20 and beyond would normally make a pole very weighty in hand. It would also impart the top-heavy feel that makes so many power models cumbersome and slow to fish with. But thanks to a clever combination of carbon cloths, placed together on a fast-tapering mandrel, the Redemption SX weighs only 915g at its full length, and has a surprising degree of rigidity. That leads to a reasonably quick (post-strike) recovery time, so you can ship it out on a short line without tangling your rig. It doesn’t resemble a banana in its profile, nor will it wobble around uncontrollably like a jelly on a plate once you strike into a fish.

For the price it’s an almost ‘must-have’ pole for the club match or pleasure angler who regularly visits commercial carp venues. Perfectly suited to margin and close quarters paste tactics, it comes with a generous spares package to avoid having to buy extra top kits for those days when you need a few extra rigs setting up.

Review by
Mark Sawyer, Angling Times

Maver Redemption SX 13m Pole
Plus FREE Pro Seatbox:

RRP: £666.65

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Sonik Tournos 8000 Reel

Sonik rods have become one of the most respected and popular carp rod ranges on the market, and when Sonik announced they were to introduce the Tournosreel we were inundated with interest. Now it's finally here & it is even better than you could have hoped for.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Exclusive Pole Deals at Chapmans Angling

Grab yourself a FREE seatbox with the below pole deals. These deals are very limited stocks so grab yours now before they are all gone. Also take advantage of our BUY NOW PAY LATER finance deals available on both poles below. Contact us or visit us in store for more info.

The 13m Redemption pole is built for strength but has a beautifully balanced action and tremendous rigidity. It is supplied with all of the modern and innovative features common to the Match This range and can be used for either commercial carp fishing or more general angling. With the easy flow power kits in place 20+ elastics can be used with confidence.

Pole Package:
• 3 x easy flow power kits
• Cupping kit and cups
• Mini extension
• Pole Holdall
• Clean caps
• Instructional DVD

WORTH £219.99

RRP: £666.65

The Elite carp was released mid 2012 and was our fastest selling Maver pole of the year. Maver themselves described this pole as
'producing the impossible' with its combination of being lightweight, ultra stiff and perfectly balanced whilst also having immense strength.

• 4 x 'Easy Flow' power kits (inc. kit inside the pole)
• Cupping kit and cup
• Mini extension
• Holdall and tubes
• Clean caps
• Instructional DVD

WORTH £399.99

RRP: £2100

Friday, 13 September 2013

McNett Gruntline at chapmans

Gruntline is a braided, highly elasticated natural rubber cord that stretches up to 2 metres and holds up to 9kg!

Easily attaches to trees, bivvies, boats, barrows, packs, belts, vests, pods, and much more. With it's many versatile and adaptable uses, Gruntline is especially useful for the carp angler - virtually indispensable!

Perfect for hanging up boilie sacks, fishing tackle, cutlery,
cooking equipment, clothing, rubbish bags etc

Hang tackle equipment, scales, lamps, forceps, receiver, etc  
Ideal as tie downs for barrows and boats  
Perfect for securing heavy items  
Lightweight and compact  
Attach between two points using the heavy duty clips/end  loops  
Braided design secures and hangs items from line without the  need for pegs or fasteners  
Stretches to 2m and holds up to 9kg  
Great for hanging inside your bivvy, for lighting, receiver and  other important items
Can hold multiple items at once, securely and safely


Thursday, 12 September 2013

Stillwater Bank Pad 6 Leg Bedchair Deal of the Week

at chapmans angling

When being comfortable is key to the enjoyment of your session then why not indulge yourself with the Bank Pad 6 leg Bedchair, its removable extra fleece mattress ensures that you get the level of comfort required at a great low price to enable you to relax and fish to the max during your stay on the bank. The ultra modern look and feel of the bedchair coupled with a six leg design, with adjustable pivetting mud feet which gives greater stability, strength and luxury normally only associated with bedchairs at almost five times this incredible price.

Detachable foam-filled deluxe mattress
Durable lightweight frame
Wide padding to cover hand wheels
Generous 84cm x 205cm dimensions
Six adjustable legs
Tilting mudfeet
Integral zip-out pillow
Weighs just 11.6kg
Dimensions - Length 84cm,Width 205cm (Aprox)

RRP: £159.99

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

New 2013 Autumn Catalogue Out Now

Grab your copy of the new Autumn 2013 Coarse Catalogue in store and online today. Also check out our 2013 end of season sale Online in store now.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The New Micron M-Series Alarms.

The New Micron M-Series Alarm Sets 

Micron MR+ Alarms Rod Presentation Set

The Mr+ features a weatherproof sealed case along with top quality digital circuitry. It also features Fox's unique D-Tec Sensing System, and CNC Machined 'Tru Run' roller wheel, which is found on the company's top-end N-series of alarms. You will find a power out socket at the rear of the alarm, which allows illuminated swingers to be plugged whilst it also features low battery drain (requires 2 x AAA batteries), a Piezo speaker and adjustable volume control. Due to the built-in I-Com Transmitter Technology the Mr+ has its own dedicated receiver that too features a weatherproof sealed case and top quality digital circuitry along with low battery drain (takes 3 x AA batteries). This Mr+ Receiver is very easy to sync with the alarm heads and in testing has worked in range in excess of 200m, however, Fox never condone being this far away from your rods, but what this does mean is that you have a very strong signal strength should you have heavy foliage between yourself and your rods.

Prices Starting from only £59.99!! 
To order yours CLICK HERE

Micron MXR+ Rod Presentation Set Alarms

The MXr+ alarms share many features in common with the Mr+ such as weatherproof sealed case, top quality digital circuitry, low battery drain, D-Tec Sensing System, CNC machined 'Tru Run' roller wheel, adjustable volume and a power out socket but in addition you will also find adjustable Tone and a Dual Step Sensitivity control, allowing you to make the alarm more or less sensitive depending on the situation you are faced with. The Mxr+ alarms also feature a top quality Cone Speaker for enhanced sound quality. As with the receiver on the Mr+ Fox have achieved ranges in excess of 200m in testing but are keen to re-iterate that they do not condone anglers being so far away from their rods. This signal strength is purely in place to ensure that no matter what the weather conditions or terrain of your swim you will get a clear signal transmitted back to your receiver at all times when in and around your swim.

Prices Start from only £79.99!!
To order your single alarm or even a set please CLICK HERE!

Friday, 6 September 2013

2013 End of Season Sale

2013 End of Season Sale
Sale now on! sale starts online today! or visit us in store on saturday at 9am. 1000’s of products priced to clear! don’t miss it!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Trakker Snooze-Lite Sleeping Bag Deal Of the week

The Trakker Snooze-Lite Sleeping Bag

The Snooze-Lite is a lightweight sleeping bag featuring a soft polyester inner for optimum comfort during muggy conditions. It can be folded easily in to a bedchair or packs away very neatly into a small compression sack for easy stowage.
Product Features
  • Highly breathable material
  • Quick release zips on two sides, with webbing to prevent snagging
  • Secure, elasticated bedchair fi xings
  • Compact compression sack

Was £44.99 now at our deal of the week price of £19.99!!

To order yours now click HERE!

Monday, 2 September 2013

Fish of the month competition winner!!!

Fish of the month competition winner!!!

And our winner for Augusts fish of the month is...............

Sarah Bond's Entry:

my first proper night fishing session i blanked all night then just as we were about to leave in the morning my rod screams of and produces this nice mirror a new pb for me caught on the illusion bottom bait from five star baits.

Well done Sarah the £50 in vouchers will be on there way to you as soon as you inbox us your address.

To Enter this months fish of the month please click