McNett Gruntline at chapmans

Gruntline is a braided, highly elasticated natural rubber cord that stretches up to 2 metres and holds up to 9kg!

Easily attaches to trees, bivvies, boats, barrows, packs, belts, vests, pods, and much more. With it's many versatile and adaptable uses, Gruntline is especially useful for the carp angler - virtually indispensable!

Perfect for hanging up boilie sacks, fishing tackle, cutlery,
cooking equipment, clothing, rubbish bags etc

Hang tackle equipment, scales, lamps, forceps, receiver, etc  
Ideal as tie downs for barrows and boats  
Perfect for securing heavy items  
Lightweight and compact  
Attach between two points using the heavy duty clips/end  loops  
Braided design secures and hangs items from line without the  need for pegs or fasteners  
Stretches to 2m and holds up to 9kg  
Great for hanging inside your bivvy, for lighting, receiver and  other important items
Can hold multiple items at once, securely and safely