Frenzee FMR 3000 Reel

Get In A Frenzee! Joe Carass gets to grips with the Frenzee FMR 3000 reel.
Reels don’t seem to have changed much in the last few years. For sure they have got better and also much cheaper, but fundamentally they all revolve around the same principles.

I suppose the biggest shift was when modern commercial anglers started using front-drag reels instead of the previously popular rear-drag offerings. As we now know, front drags offer the smoothest playing style available. 

Now, with the release of its new FMR reels, Frenzee has developed something that could take the market by storm. 

Anglers tend to be split into two camps when it comes to playing fish, they either back wind or they play fish off the drag. The FMR reel caters for both groups while also giving the back-winding anglers a massive advantage. But how is this?

It is thanks to the new and patented PBS, or Precision Braking System. This is a clever new system that allows the back wind to be manually tensioned, much like a drag. We all know the tangles and disasters that can happen when the back wind is on. If you’re not careful you could end up with a horrendous bird’s nest around the spool! 

Primarily, though, PBS has been developed as a fish-playing tool and can be used as a free-spool setup when fishing the bomb, as line can leave the spool in a controlled manner. But it’s when playing fish that these reels really excel. I am a big fan of playing fish off the drag thanks to the control it offers. However, thanks to PBS, playing fish with the back wind is now just as controlled. 

For anglers who don’t need the benefits of PBS then the FMR is still a cracking bit of kit. The front drag is excellent and the 5:1 retrieve has a nice amount of cranking power – perfect for those commercial carp. 

The Knowledge

What is It?
A new concept in reel design, with a manually tensioned back wind known as PBS. 

Who’s It For?
Anyone looking for a quality reel. 

What’s It Like?
Despite our initial reservations, the PBS system works like a dream. These FMR reels are well worth a look. 

Precision Braking System
This allows the reel’s backwind to be tensioned perfectly to make fish playing easy. This is not a gimmick and works extremely well. 

Nice Case
The FMR reels come supplied in a rather fetching orange case. Although perfect for storing the reel, we reckon it would make a fantastic accessory bag…

Eye-Catching Looks
As far as reels go, the FMRs look really good. Their black and orange colour scheme certainly catches the eye.