Gripaid Gripeeze Fishing Gloves Take the Strain

It's a common problem for some anglers to grip their rod securely due to an arthritic condition, hand injury or disability.  Potentially some anglers may even chose not to go fishing due to the pain and discomfort associated with holding the fishing rod for lengthy periods of time.  There are many type of fishing gloves on the market that protect the hands from cold, injury and wear and tear, however Gripaid, have come up with a very innovative solution that takes the strain out of fishing with their new Gripeeze Fishing Gloves.

They are made from Neoprene and a unique strapping system that prevents straining therefore allowing you to fish comfortably.  The straps are completely adjustable so you can wear them to your preference, giving you the ability to adjust the tension of the grip on your carp rod, feeder & float rod or fishing pole.  They are also fingerless, giving the angler more feel and the ability to sense movement in the rod or fishing line.  The Palms feature Poly Dot Gripping for additional security, warmth and water resistance, therefore protecting any damaged areas of the hand from the elements.

So if you are are unable to go fishing because of weak muscles in the hand or arm, are recovering from injury or generally don't feel you have the strength to fish for hours, then these fantastic fishing gloves from Gripaid will take the strain out of fishing and allow you to enjoy fishing without aches and pain!

Sold as a pair of gloves.
Available in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large & XXL ,with left or right hand strapping

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